Benzino Ousted From Plane, Calls Someone "Racist Bastard" In Profanity-Laced Outburst

A video clip of Benzino being forced off a plane is released.

A video clip of Benzino being kicked off a place has been released by TMZ. In the video, Benzino appears to be yelling at someone.

"You're an idiot," Benzino reportedly says. "You're a fuckin' idiot. You fuckin' racist bastard. You're a racist bastard. Motherfucker. You're a racist motherfucker. Fuck you." 

It is unclear who Benzino is speaking to and it is unknown what he's referring to. Near the end of the video, it appears Benzino says, "Everybody on the plane says it wasn't our fault." 

According to TMZ, Benzino was kicked off plane in Chicago, Illinois. A reason has not been given as of press time. 

A video clip of this outburst is below. 




  • Benzino Goon Squad

    Where benzino been when all these new niggas were coming up. He needs to come back and make all these fake ass kendrick type niggas feel unwelcome in this game. everybody knows white rappers are just leeching off this culture that we built for ourselves. dont even get me started on the gays!!!!

  • real-talk

    Benzino Goon Squad = Delusional for thinking hes near the level of g rap or scarface, let alone claiming hes a "hood legend". i've heard his "lyrics", thats how i and others know hes trash. "Benzino is as good as ICP. HORRIBLE!"

    • Anonymous

      What accomplishments? The source? Getting ethered by Em? Getting a gun put in his mouth by the OG Bumpy Knuckles for acting hard? Lol stfu queerass fanboy

    • Benzino Goon Squad

      I think dx has a bias against benzino, much like complex has on wale. they only post about the getting shot at moms funeral type shit, they scared to post his accomplishments.They dont wanna see benzino running these streets but its inevitable. DX= rap game north korea foreal

  • tard

    your meant to be a hiphop news site. You should be the source, not tmz. you are killing your credibility.

  • Benzino Goon Squad

    Obviously someone on the plane said or did something offensive. It's ridiculous how many people hate on Benzino. Very few people have done more for hip-hop and the Black community than Benzino. He's a hip-hop legend. He also warned all of you dumb fucks well over a decade ago that Eminem and Dr. Dre were trying to Whiten hip-hop with nonsensical pop music because all they cared about was money, not the culture. Benzino has always been real, maybe too real at times. Real street niggas bump real classic street music like Kool G Rap, Scarface and Benzino. No authentic hood nigga listens to Eminem. Benzino's new album will put hip-hop on blast. Niggas are fiending for another Benzino hood classic. #BGS2014 #Eminemisthewhitedevil

    • Anonymous

      lol you really reaching with the whole "hood legend" claim, let alone saying hes anywhere near g rap or scarface.

    • Anonymous

      Benzino is as good as ICP. HORRIBLE!

    • Benzino Goon Squad

      Yes, Benzino is a legend, much like G Rap and Scarface. I don't think any of you fuck boys actually listen to lyrics and I definitely know that none of you are in these streets grinding. Benzino is hood legend, period. Fuck Eminem and fuck the haters who listen to pop music and follow trends. #BGS2014 #Eminemisthewhitedevil

    • big JAH

      C'mon man, u really gonna put Benzino in the same breath as G Rap and Face? All the hate Zino has received is a result of his own actions. No one I know listens to him, and no one I know would ever consider him a legend...NO ONE. As far as the video goes, I'm not really surprised, he was definitely heated over something, hard to say exactly what, he tried to play the race card, that seems pretty desperate, and that probably sums up Benzino right now; its the only way he can get any notoriety, getting shot by your cousin at your mother's funeral? C'mon son!

    • real-talk

      i bet you more hood niggas fuck with eminem than benzino seeing how nobody in the hood knows who the fuck benzino's wack ass is! eminem's first 2 albums>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> anything benzino released. hes done nothing for hip hop except turn the source mag into a joke, making bias articles and reviews, including giving himself and his crew 5 mics in the review...when the albums themselves were trash! lol that benzino actually have fanboys. fuck outta here with your corny ass

    • bNt

      lol at this butt hurt benzino fan. Nobody cares what you think

    • Anonymous

      Yeah you're right, black people never overreact.................................................................

  • VcB

    Eminem - Nail in the coffin

  • j

    Remember when he put a pre infinte freestyle track on cd with every source magazine 1 month claiming em dropped an n-bomb? He likes to pull that card

  • Anonymous

    Shut up you Italian-looking goof

  • Anonymous

    every time a black person doesnt get their way the race card gets thrown out, fuckin loser.

  • anonymous

    being an out of control cussword using brute is much worse than a racist. that's enough to get you booted off the plane.

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