Shaniqua Tompkins Says 50 Cent Was Physically Abusive, Hasn't Seen His Son In Two Years

"He was hitting me in one moment and he's angry but the next minute he's in my lap crying like a baby," Shaniqua Tompkins says.

Responding to press regarding 50 Cent not attending their son Marquise’s graduation earlier this month, Shaniqua Tompkins sat down with V-103 and responded to the rapper’s claims. Detailing their previous relationship, Tompkins said that 50 Cent hit her in front of her daughter and claimed that the rapper hasn’t seen their son Marquise for two years.

Starting with the issue of Marquise’s graduation, Tompkins alluded that 50 should have been there regardless of an invitation.

“I didn’t know a parent needs an invitation to a graduation,” Tompkins said. “I think you make time for what you want to make time for. I mean, you know your son is in the twelfth grade. You know that children—depending on the state—they graduate May, June-ish. You’re busy but that’s why you have...assistants. The assistant can call the school. He’s always talking money, money, money. So you could fly on your private jet with your big gold chains.

“I’m not mad,” she added. “We all want the finer things in life but I left him. I knew when I left him that I was leaving a lifestyle. So it’s not like he left me. I left him...He is privy to the same information that I am privy to as a parent. You can call the school. You can ask, say, ‘I’m a parent of a senior.’ Or have your assistant call. I’m not being condescending. Have your assistant call. It was no tickets. It was on the lawn of the school. People that I did invite, they stood on the side to watch the graduation. You could have been there. That’s your choice. That is your choice. And being that you say you pay tuition, which he doesn’t, you should of had a first-class ticket then. You pay tuition right? But he doesn’t. He pays child support. He doesn’t pay tuition, he promised me he would, and then he changed his mind. I told him I wanted Marquise to change schools because I feel like the school that he was going to was getting a little rough. He’s in private school.”

Shaniqua Tompkins Says 50 Cent Hit Her 

With her daughter in the studio during the interview, Tompkins also alleged that 50 Cent abused her upon finding out about an affair. During her explanation, Tompkins attributed the rapper’s consistent anger towards her on his own “abandonment issues.”

“I think me leaving him, it reinforced all those abandonment issues that he suffered as a child,” she said. “It’s unfortunate. He never knew his Dad. His Mom died when he was 9 but he never lived with his mom. He likes to create his own reality. His grandmother told me extensively—when I had Marquise she sat me down. She said, ‘He was always here with me.’ So I think it reinforced those abandonment issues and I think that’s why he’s so angry. But I feel like you’re really not angry with me you're angry with your mom. Not me. I think that’s what it is.”

Describing the end of their relationship, Tompkins admitted to cheating on the rapper.

“Yes, I did,” she said. “So I started going out. I met someone. I started going out. He didn’t find out about it I think he just asked, ‘Where’s your mom?’ He’s always home, he’s in Connecticut recording with LL Cool J at the time. He came home and I wasn’t there. So when I got in, he called me first, but I know how he is so I said, ‘I’m not gonna come home until you calm down.’

“When I got home he just lost it,” she continued. “He lost it completely. Just lost it and even when my daughter walked in the room, he still was hitting me. I hate to sound like a battered woman but, it just bothers me, he really lost it. He just broke down and cried. That’s why I said it was so scary. He was hitting me in one moment and he’s angry but the next minute he’s in my lap crying like a baby. It’s a lot of issues there.”

Detailing their latest conversation, Tompkins said that 50 Cent never "takes responsibility for his actions."

“I spoke with him," she said. "We spoke for a couple of hours on the phone. When you feel like you can’t get through to a person, I feel like I know how to set boundaries. I’m not gonna waste my time. He’s always going in what happened in the relationship. Marquise is never the main focus. It’s, ‘What you did to me. You left me. You did this. You did that.’ He never takes responsibility for his actions.”

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  • lola

    You cheated on him ho. And you expect him to be nice to you?? You are lucky he is paying child support.

  • Anonymous

    "He was hitting me in one moment and he's angry but the next minute he's in my lap crying like a baby" Crying like a baby....smh These rap niggars too fake with it. First u rap about guns n teflon vests next u beat up a helpless woman then "CRY LIKE A BABY" didnt see this one coming.

  • Anonymous

    The Fiddy fanboys love the fact that their hero beats women and disses his friends and son, what a grimy piece of filth.

  • Anonymous

    The ironic thing is she got on them SMS audio joints. #smsaudio

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why she didnt go to the police or press charges? Doesn't add up!

  • Anonymous

    So basically the bitch nigga hasn't seen his son in two years and got exposed for verbally abusing his son before he got arrested for domestic violence towards another mother of his child who also left him....... A repeated pattern of dysfunctional behavior towards women and children will be this niggas undying legacy.

  • Anonymous

    "gold digger scorned baby mommas with no job dont get to dictate credibility" As long as she can confirm Marquise came out of her womb she can dictate traffic flow every morning on her way to the hair salon.

  • Lying Kneegrows

    The thing that gets me is that all these rappers claim to fuck the "baddest bitches" and then you find out their girls, wives, and baby-mamas are some ugly ass women. T.I, Ja Rule, and now 50 all got some ugly, plain, or mediocre bitches.. this rap shit is make believe.

    • @ anon2

      they always seem to can't critically think simple sh*t like that, lol we gotta whole lot of no child left behind adults in society with 5th grade reading levels and zero critical thinking skills

    • Anonymous

      he fucked this bitch 18 years ago, long before he was 50 cent, she probably looked half decent for a hood nigga back in the mid 90's

    • Anonymous

      Them niggas wasn't fucking no top notch ho's when they were broke that's why their baby mamas ain't shit but now they really fuck the baddest bitches

  • Anonymous

    "Shaniqua" CLOSE THREAD

  • A.D.B.

    Another Dead Beat Dad...fuckin sad.

  • Anonymous

    Man, she needs a good beating

  • Manly

    I just printed out a picture of her & took a dookie & smeared some of it all over her face. Sure do wish I was beating her right now.

  • Anonymous

    I want to beat her face just watching that video

  • Anonymous

    Haha, sounds like this bitch needs to be beat a little more, she's pretty dumb

  • Anonymous

    Anyone named 'Shaniqu' needs a swift kick in the cunt; likewise white meat like "Ashley" and "Dylan" and "Piper." Stay black, Curtis!

  • Anonymous

    Curtis Jackson baby mama i aint asking for a cent.... Dont worry Shaniqua.Rozay got a 100 room mansion in Atlanta now. He gonna takecare of u and 25Cent aka Marquise. lol #MMGLOOKINGOUTFORTHEKIDS

  • Anonymous

    I man should never put his hands on a woman. No excuses. But I also thought it was interesting how many times she kept saying, " I left him."

  • Anonymous

    This is one of Curtis greatest HITS LOOOOL Stupid ass wife beater.

  • insanemacbeth

    a neXt no-good black woman. what's new? :-/

  • realish

    funny how 50 stans say shaniqua is lying. but were the same ones agreeing with rick ross baby momma drama. delusional. this is the same exact situation. except ross baby mom didnt call ross cb4 lol

  • Chi-Ill

    Shaniqua Tompkins, Your free ride is about o come to an end!!!

  • POPE

    She has to realize these same radio folks ask 50 questions about his child's mother. She should blame them as well.

  • Anonymous

    Just in time for 50's new album

  • POPE

    I'm about to watch this whole video, but what bothers me if he was beating on you why didn't you talk about it then? get him arrested then? take pictures? that's what women do when they get beat on! they at least take pictures smh. sloppy sloppy sloppy.

  • Anonymous

    she reminds me of d.wade's b*tch..

  • Anonymous

    fucking hoe you cheated on that nigga at least shut the fuck up bicth

  • Anonymous

    Funny how she talking shit while she got on clothes he paid for... why she trying to fuck his money up? Thats gonna fuck her money up too no?

    • Anonymous

      Kanye Ex did the same thing this bitch isdoing. trying to portray the other one as the bad one and try to win some pride from some that believe you. These bitches aint loyal. This bitch reinforced the lonely attitude of fif. Im still buying the next Cd though I could care less... In 4 years we wont be hearing this bitch.

  • Anonymous

    My daddy always told me never trust a black girl named Shaniqua.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this bitch lives close to the fire department cause he house about to get burned down again, nah mean? Bitches don't be biting the hand that feeds you.

  • Anonymous


  • kingz_court

    Beats By Dre. >>>>>>>> Beats By 50.

    • Anonymous

      SMS audio are actually the superior headset if you're into quality sound and not trendy fashion accessories.

  • Anonymous

    I always knew 50 is a coward. Goin against Gucci and you will be beatdown 50.


    COME ON FATHERS No surprised. Men who grow up with a broken home tend to follow this same pathway. MAN UP BUT BRUH you know you wrong!!!!

  • CapnNOTSaveEm

    Fuck this hoe

  • Tapeworm

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  • ssaa

    Women like her give black women a bad fucking name. Like we aint see pics of him chillin with his seeds just recently? fucking dumb hood rat bitch with a big ass

  • Coder

    She has 50 Cent's SMS Audio head phones on. Still working for 50 Cent.

  • Anonymous

    Shaniqua, right? I feel at a certain age, you should change the name your ill-advised/ignorant/drug addict parents gave you.

  • Anonymous

    punk ass nigga 50

  • COCA


  • Bitches aint shit

    Fif should get some of his goons to suffocate this worthless cunt with a plastic bag.

  • Anonymous

    she will regret this in 3 years when shes homeless

  • Anonymous

    Awwww "BooBoo" adorable. Aint Curtis just the cutest thing ever. He cried after beating up his woman..Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Anonymous

    A great big bitter ball of negativity

  • gr

    This woman is shamefully sad. The kid is about to be 18. The money is about to stop. Now here she is; in all her splendor.

  • Dont Be Jaded

    Notice when she speaks on her "job" she speaks about a reality show that she was invited to be on because she used to be with 50. Since 2000 she hasn't worked, but you notice she didn't reply to that comment. Don't be so quick to believe what she says. Ask yourself why she is on the radio doing an interview so many years having been with 50. There was no reason for her to interview with anyone right now. Notice when she speaks about "lifestyle" she says I drove this, I lived in this, I got this allowance. Child support is meant to support the child, not a confessed cheater who left the father of her child. She chose to leave and has the audacity to try to make 50 look like a deadbeat because he didn't want to support her. He paid child support and she lived off of it. Her son is 18 now and has graduated high school. She knows she won't get any more child support checks now, and BAM...she is on the radio. Read between the lines people. She is looking for a deal. Don't Be Jaded. Go home now, nothing to see here.

    • Anonymous

      he can cheat because hes the breadwinner 3 mores years of child support and its a wrap. guarantee she takes him to court to try and get a big payout after that.

    • Anonymous

      He cheated too.

    • P

      ^^^^ Co-Sign ^^^ Notice the jealousy when she says "you can fly on your private jet with your big gold chains" Bitch you cheated. Now the Child Support is coming to an end in three year Time to go get a job. Go work at Subway and make me a Sandwich. Extra onions and Chipotle Bitch! End of story.

  • Anonymous

    Another female whose only claim to the attnetion she is getting is that a rich nigga piped her decades before he was ballin

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent didn't say Shaniqua Tompkins was verbally abusive talking to TMZ and spilling state secrets cuz he ain't no damn snitch like a female is a given to be.

  • guerilla jones

    shes the real deal,its obvious 50 is a lonely cat.Hes never with chicks(whens the last time ugly ass vivica fox?) he made his money but doesn't see that his time in the spot light is over,HES the one that keeps bringing up Banks and Yayo,HES the one talking about OTHER people successful relationships(Beyonce/Jay z)Hes the one saying BEATS was scared of HIS success,Hes the one spouting off at the mouth at every turn,but everything i heard from the new album is just mediocre,to awful.We know shes real because if she was lying he would have his lawyers jump on her.

    • Anonymous

      "Hes never with chicks" Just saw him riding around NY in the lambo with a bad bitch... "HES the one that keeps bringing up Banks and Yayo,HES the one talking about OTHER people successful relationships" Actually those questions are usually asked during interviews and he answers truthfully.

    • PATHH88

      yip, gotta agree on that shit

  • Twinsity

    I still wouldn't be missing my sons graduation

  • Anonymous

    Fif needs to get his Goons to kidnap this ungrateful, worthless cunt and suffocate her.

  • Meaty

    Yo why she stay with him for so long if he was so abusive? Why she ain't have no problems until he lowered her child support? LOL

  • Slow Gotti

    Why is a bitch with no job or career or any real claim to fame other than spreading her legs 18 years ago doing radio interviews slandering the man who providers her only form of income? Them clothes she got on... who you think paid for that? Bitches be trippin.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahaha,,, bitch u lying!! Hahahaha,,we don't believe you need more ppl!! Smfh!! Like if 50's grandma would go say that shit! Bitch knows 50's grandma is not in a any position to be going round radio station and shit to defend her grandson! These bitches!! So fickin sad!! So it took u 17 fuckin years to come out and say that all this time u two been arguing over this issue about Marcus !!!??? Like bitch please!! STFU!! Smfh!! You hater are gonna buy this bullshit cos u hate 50 understandably so but this hoe is fucking lying her ass off to get a buck! Hahahaha,,,women!!! Tut tut tut tut!!!

  • Anonymous

    What does she think this is going to do for her "career"? Bitch knows that child support running out 3 years from now? If she was smart she would shut the fuck up and not try to fuck his money up because thats hes the nigga who feeds her, Marquise and even her daughter from another man. 50 paid for her schooling, bought her a car and that girl ain't even his daughter! why they ain't say shit about how nice they living because of fif?

  • Anonymous

    Crazy how she say all this shit about him now once the money slows up.. yet she was with him for 10+ years and didn't seem to care then?

  • Anonymous

    This bitch would have nothing without 50. same goes for that BITCHMADE kid Marquise. how you gonna go to private school and stunt on instagram with all your fly clothes like you bought that shit when you never worked a fucking hour of your life for one thing you have?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    if shes lieing shes a better actor then 50

  • Anonymous

    50 was ethered by a hood rat lol Credibility shot. Career shot. Friends shot. It's over Curtis. Move on.

  • Phiuck her

    Lying ugly slut tramp

  • Anonymous

    "Shaniqua Told Me" haha fuck 50

  • mmmmmmh

    We dont believe you Hoe, you need more people

  • Anonymous

    This bitch seems like she'll say anything to put 50 in a bad light even though he's the reason she hasn't worked since 2000

  • Ross

    Fuck 50 but this hoes cant be trusted

  • Thot

    Bitch proud of cheating, how old is whore??

  • Dulce

    Bla Bla Bla.... But his child support money has helped me a lot. Stupid bitch like this wont say it though!!

  • hank hill

    Seems like 50 has some issues. But this hoe should be using that child support for the private school in the first place, she wants more money on top of it. She admits to cheating and expects a 'get out of jail' card for having a kid with the nigga. Fuck this hoe and fuck 50.

  • Tman

    Nice try bitch, now i will buy his album.

  • gmoney

    She seems chill and genuine - I like her! I'd trust her answers before 50's.

  • hoeeeeeee


  • Anonymous

    Okay lets be serious..if one or two people drop out from your crew, it could be just bad luck on finding friends, but when almost everyone falls out and talks the same shit about you, its probably true man. 50 needs help, like I need money..seriously.

  • Not Impressed

    It's funny how Curtis has been trying to portray her as this bitter woman who hasn't moved on with her life when it's clearly the other way around. She's the one who's ignoring his calls and she's the one who broke up with him in the first place. I don't blame her. I've met people like this (usually women lol) who grow up without parents and they act the same way. They sabotage all their relationships and push people away because they don't want you to do it to them first. And as soon as you point out that they're acting funny, they use that as the reason they have issues with you, when the real issue is within themselves. It's sad to see a 40 year old man like this, he should really see a shrink or something before he fucks up his life even further. I'm not impressed

    • Anonymous

      brah have you seen her? Curtis hasnt gave a fuck about this bitch since before he blew! She is clearly a delusional gold digging witch, what kinda baby momma with no job does radio interviews slandering her only income?

    • Anonymous

      how is it clear to you when you don't know them?

  • Beetch

    Fucking gold digging beeetch . Now the money not coming she does interviews trash talking

  • Anonymous

    Yo,,hahaha,,ain't this about a bitch! Nice try! Only a sucker is gonna believe this bullshit! Bitch just trying to get a career to get chips from when that child support stops in 3yrs time! Bitch get the fuck outta here with punk ass lies,,,like who does that anyway beat and cry over u!! What kind of nigga fifty is! So ye keep trying cos you have got followers,,,50's haters are going to believe this but I can tell u this you ll have to shoot that nigga 15 times to stop him cos this bullshit is not gonna do it man!! Nice try anyway bitch!!!

    • Anonymous

      lol, but again, something ain't right with this because she's the one drumming up this abuse story yet is saying the "abusive and estranged" parent should have easy access to a child in a private school and even an assistant can get that info if that was the case many kids would be disappearing from schools, trips, and events

  • Anonymous

    i aint never known a shaniqua that was anything other than a hoodrat. if u fuck a girl named shaniqua, u gonna hav problems cuh believe dat

  • white women are the right women

    Don't date a black woman named Shaniqua Tompkins. That simple.

  • Anonymous

    50's a fat pig.

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    • Anonymous

      Haha,,ye he is isn't he everyone knows that but now you know but you spelled that wrong it's officer Ricky,,that's his name! hahaha, u pussy ass motherfucker! Eat a dick!

  • Anonymous

    She is just tryin to get all this publicity of him cos her child support cheques are gonna stop comin in soon. Thirsty bitch

  • Anonymous

    I wasn't there to know if he put hands on her but I do know that school stuff she's saying is inaccurate you can't just claim parent and get access like that

  • Anonymous

    Woman beating scumbag.

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