Jay Z To Postpone Deposition In Roc-A-Fella Logo Lawsuit

Jay Z says the lawsuit deposition must be delayed as he prepares for his "On The Run Tour" with Beyonce.

Jay Z's lawyers say the rapper won't be ready to dispute a lawsuit over the Roc-A-Fella logo until he's finished with his On The Run Tour.

According to legal documents, Jay Z's lawyers say that the suit is trivial, according to TMZ. The lawyers say Jay is "one of the most prolific and hardest-working businessmen and recording artists in the world" and that the rapper's tour, which is set to also feature his wife Beyonce as a co-headliner, is "a non-stop effort." 

As reported in March 2014, Dwayne Walker, fashion designer and creator of the Roc-A-Fella logo, says he wants $7 million for the creation of the logo.

In March 2014, Gregory Berry, Walker’s attorney, spoke about delays with regards to this lawsuit.

“For over 18 months Jay Z and the other defendants have done everything they can to avoid swearing under oath to the events that led to the creation of the logo," Berry said at the time. 

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  • Anonymous

    "For over 18 months Jay Z and the other defendants have done everything they can to avoid swearing" good. swearing and cuss words is bad and ethically illegal

  • Anonymous

    The next big thing is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxQvCKcJIx0

  • dentadamboy

    Jay-Z doesn't have the money to pay this. Beyonc has cut him off so he won't be able to afford much until after this tour. People would respect Jay much more if he was host about his financial status.

  • nixnox

    pay up J...cheap bastard.

  • Anonymous

    20 years later? You want money now? That logo was created in like 1995-1996... Dude Die.

    • dwads

      everybody has that tendency it aint just him or his seed. it's a human race thing like breathing air and drinking water

    • Anonymous

      "According to Walker, who created the Roc-A-Fella logo in 1995 and still owns the copyright, Jay Z, Dash and Kareem Burke promised to give him $3500 and 2% of revenues for ten years after the first year of the logos use. He says he did receive the $3500, but was never given 2% of revenues. Its reported that Walker is owed $7 million in unpaid royalties." ^ now go pray your seed doesn't inherit your f*ckboy tendencies of talking sh*t before you know what's going on

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