Romeo Says His Family's Beef Is Real

Romeo says he thinks the drama in his family is real.

No Limit headman Master P is reportedly shopping a reality show. Recent family strains could definitely be a part of the show's plot and recently TMZ caught up with P's son Romeo to see if the family beef is real.

"You got to talk to my dad about it," Romeo said as he was talking with the TMZ reporter. "Maybe, maybe not. I think so, though. I think right now it's a time in our life where my dad been very private and now people need to know the truth about certain things and he's more open."

When asked if they were actually shopping a reality show and if the family drama was actually true, Romeo replied that there's always drama in every family.

"I haven't talked to him yet," he said. "He's working. I'm working, but we'll see. The drama's always real. That's what people don't understand. Everyone has their own drama. You've got to overcome it, though."

Master P filed for divorce last October. He was married to his wife, Sonya Miller, for 24 years and according to TMZ, the two have irreconcilable differences. The couple had been reportedly separated for some time and Sonya Miller had requested child support from Master P in 2011, even though they were still legally married at the time.

In March, it was reported that Sonya was on welfare and claimed P was worth $200 million–a fortune she claimed she helped build.

Late last month Romeo said that his mother “Gotta be a better parent" and that if she was a better mother, "She could have everything."

Watch the video below:



  • Anonymous

    either you fools create a reality show on oxygen channel or keep your fuckin business out the streets. acting like some attention thirsty broads. I respect P and the whole No Limit empire but stop acting like a broad mane

  • no one cares

    Am I the only one to notice this is no longer a "real" hip hop blog. I wonder what happened? Who was fired? This is turning into a pop blogg tho

  • Anonymous

    This uncle tom STAYS with snow bunnies. smh

  • Anonymous

    How the hell do you "think" the drama is real

  • Anonymous

    Hope everything gets worked out. Romeo seems like a real respectful dude, they raised him well

  • Me

    That boy daddy taught him well on how to handle suckas, great work P...

  • Anonymous

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