Wiz Khalifa Arrested For Drug Possession In Texas

Wiz Khalifa was arrested for possession of marijuana in El Paso, Texas.

Wiz Khalifa was arrested for possession of marijuana in El Paso, Texas today (May 25), according to the rapper’s tweets and DDOTOMEN.

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania artist tweeted “Free Trap Wiz” and a “Jail selfie” today. 

The Taylor Gang rapper also says he wants to drop his forthcoming 28 Grams mixtape, but he won’t do it while incarcerated. He announced the mixtape earlier this month.

"They're tryna figure out how many grams I had. How ironic,” he also writes.

DDOTOMEN says that Wiz Khalifa was en route to the Neon Desert Music Festival in El Paso, Texas when he was apprehended.

Wiz Khalifa’s tweets from today are as follows.

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  • Come On

    This guys is dirtbag look how he dresses, The old Whiz back in the day was cool I don't know what statement he's trying to make. he's music is still good at times I just can't stand the sight of him. He makes black people look dirty.

  • Anonymous

    This nicca need to eat a sammich, he lookin real anorexic and shit.

    • Yup

      Get that ham n govmt cheese special in bookings haha but for real hopefulyy he gets out and makes it to summer jam in nj on sunday

  • Gogglygoogoo

    He always dressed weird that aint nothing new thats his style but how in the f does he still have his phone if hes in jail, hes not really in a jail cell hes in a office or some shit

  • ewports

    Lol are those white short shorts? I aint haitin on how he wanna dress, just mad funny. Of all days to wear those its the day you get locked up hahaha Anyways, this some bull. He got his phone and hoodie in there pampered like a bitch. still props on flippin it into a promo for the album "free trap wiz"? nigga please. U deluded, u a wack bitch, like this promo for ur music, aint nobody care that u bout to drop a dookie, album number 3, still rhymin like a rookie. but hopefully there will at leastl be some sick singles on that shit.

  • Anonymous

    this guy is wack...he only made 2 good songs

  • Anonymous

    i wish i got to have my phone in jail

  • Anonymous

    Drop that tape Wiz we need to heard that Godfather 50 joint that you were tweeting about. Said Curtis had a fire ass verse.

  • Anonymous

    Publicity stunt!

  • Anonymous

    Putting people in boxes for trying to alter there own consciousness makes me sick. Non-violent, victimless crimes = not actual crimes.

  • Anonymous

    is he wearing his underwear or short shorts in that last pic?

  • Anonymous

    A rapper arrested for drug possession. How shocking.

  • Big Sean the GAYEST


  • Anonymous

    Jail Selfie oh ma god this nigga is sooooo lame!!! fuckin soft ass pussy whipped nigga

  • Anonymous

    Free Trap Wiz? SMH These rappers get dumber every day.

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  • Daniel

    I can't believe they still arrest people for this.

  • Anonymous

    Texas lets you keep your cell in jail???

  • Anonymous

    He's living that great life. There's some downsides of course like the police catching feelings but Wiz is eatin well.

  • Anonymous

    Yes cause most jails let you have your phone to take selfiies and leave you with multiple layers of sweaters and what not...nope your going in t shirt and jeans . Cell phone? Yaaaaa right. He probably went in a cell for like 5 minutes to take pictures and get his name out there, what a joke lol

  • Anonymous

    Bust of the year for sure. I bet a lot of great detectives spent many long hours leading up to this surprising arrest.

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