A-Trak Says Young Thug Sounds "Otherworldly," Praises Rapper

A-Trak describes Young Thug as both a weirdo and someone who is "very talented."

Canadian-born DJ and producer A-Trak has been in the headlines recently, most notably for his work with Cam'Ron on their most recent upcoming EP, Federal Reserve.

A-Trak has also been in studio with Young Thug, someone else who has been making a lot of headlines and when recently asked by Vlad TV about why "there is such a buzz" over the Atlanta rapper, A-Trak replied that it's because he's different.

"I think Young Thug's buzz, he earned it, it's well-deserved," A-Trak said. "I think he's such an alien the way that he sounds and records. He just sounds very otherworldly. His voice is crazy and he switches his flow many times in a song. I don't really have to explain it, the guy is just a different kind of dude. he looks different, everything about him is different. He's dope, everything is really catchy. If he was just a weirdo, it wouldn't work by itself but the fact that he has songs like 'Danny Glover' and 'Stoner,' that's what makes it bubble to the level that it's at."

A-Trak continued about Thugga, saying that he's a fan of him because he enjoys music that is abnormal. He also made the distinction between just being weird and being weird and talented.

"I'm a fan of left-field shit, I'm a fan of weird shit, stuff that goes off the beaten path but the quality has to be there too," he said. "It can't just be weird for the sake of being weird. At the end of the day the music has to be good. 'Danny Glover' is a great song so Thug's a weirdo and I'm super happy to have him on the record. He came into a session and did three songs in one night. He's really talented, he's the real deal."

A-Trak recently released an EP with producer Lex Lugar called Low Pros EP1, which contained two songs that featured Young Thug.

Watch the full interview segment below:


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