Big Boi Disses Rappers' Performances, Discusses A$AP Ferg Appropriating His Flow

Big Boi discusses new rapper's stage presence and bitting styles.

Atlanta, Georgia native Big Boi recently served as a brand ambassador for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. After he hopped off stage, Complex News sat down with the one half of OutKast and talked about what's been up.

After discussing his recent performance with Andre 3000 at Coachella, Big Boi took a little shot at rappers who rap over their own vocals during live performances.

"This new thing going on with rappers these days, how do you allow them to rap over the words?" Big Boi said. "Like, what part of the game is that. Ya'll don't care? It's crazy, I don't understand that. If you an emcee, rapping over the words, like, nigga we hear you in the background [laughs]."

Sir Lucious was also asked about his influence on rappers, particularly A$AP Ferg, who the interviewer relayed bit his style on his verse on A$AP Rocky's "Ghetto Symphony" via Long.Live.A$AP.

"It's cool man 'cause everybody's influenced by somebody," Big Boi replied. "It's a lot of artists out there that I hear bits and pieces of Three Stacks, Daddy Fat Sax but we were influenced by people just like new artists are influenced by us. It's just where you going to take it, that's what it's all about. Originality is key, you can be most influenced by somebody but then you got to take it and you got to grow."

Finally, Big Boi was asked whether he thought he was slept on or not, to which he replied he believes some people don't understand the content of his lyrics and says he's perfectly fine with that.

Big Boi and Andre 3000 have been on tour for their OutKast reunion in an all festival line-up.

Watch the full interview below:




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  • 1000W

    Nice headline jerk off....yellow journalism...pfft

  • Anonymous

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  • smh

    People are always trying to drum up beef. I'm glad he answered the question about people biting his style, like a grown ass man.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ you clearly missed that nigga's point

    • lol

      LOL FORREAL. For example, this autistic nigga at the bottom of the comments: ""Discusses A$AP Ferg Appropriating His Flow" smh I thought he was gonna diss the shit out of Ferg, turns out he actually praised dude lol HHDX and it's yellow journalism" I fucking hate dusty ass niggas that are fueled by nothing but bitter assness. Shits so lame. HHDX is primarily 34 year old hispanics who still wear Wuwear and think they hot as fuck cause they ride around listening to Immortal Technique and Papoose lol.

  • HateMeidc

    Techs got the best live show in hip-hop. You dont have to be a fan of him to appreciate what he does with a live set, even bustas said so of him. The problem with most of em today is they want their show to be a fuckin kick back. If you dont put any emotion into it, of course you need the backing vocals to make it seem like your even trying, I think bigs missing some people in the live scene though, Dizzy Wright and Flatbush put on great shows, just to name a couple up and comers in the game. I went to RTB last year and saw people like krit, asap mob, big sean, e-40, juicy, I mean the list goes fucking on, but I'd say 70% of the live shows I witnessed were nutsackily done imo. The most dissapointing were sadly krits, kid cudis ( he laughed when he messed up on his shit, and there were backing vocals) and mostly black hippys, jay had one verse - ab had like 2 verse - schoolboy 2-3 veres, and then kendrick did swimming pools like 3 times and then went for an hour.... Sorry to bitch lol but bigs got a point, most of the game cant perform at all

  • Anonymous

    nah, busta is better at live performance. I think his genesis tour set is the best live act of any rapper ever.


    big gucci doesnt lip synq big gucci spits real nigga shit.

  • lip-synching nigga

    fucking faggot Anonymous mofos

  • Anonymous

    Lol this nigga talking like he the Busta Rhymes of live performances, don't think I forgot that lip-synching you did on that show last year nigga lol

    • Anonymous

      nah, busta is better at live performance. I think his genesis tour set is the best live act of any rapper ever

    • Chris

      "that lip-synching you did on that show last year nigga lol"...Way to be specific. I have seen Busta live twice in NY and Charlotte and recently just saw Kast for the first time Tampa at Guava Fest. Busta is not on his level. PERIOD.

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  • Anonymous

    ain't no reach, a lot of people watch & laugh at these lazy asses who won't rehearse a show on a TV track they out here lip-screaming instead of lip-synching, sh*t's disgusting

  • tha OG

    Big boi is right why would you rap over your on vocals????

    • Anonymous

      Because actually remembering the words to your stupid ass song would take too much time & effort. And that would mean that you somewhat give a fuck.

  • Anonymous

    This headline is a bit of a reach!

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