Eminem's Albums Ranked From Worst To Best By HotNewHipHop

Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP" takes the crown as the rapper's #1 album, according to the publication.

Eminem's albums were ranked in a list by HotNewHipHop

The publication ranks The Marshall Mathers LP at #1 on the list. Of this effort, HNHH says, "MMLP was, at its core, a spit in the critics' faces mixed with some personal therapy, and Eminem has made it clear in retrospective interviews that he didn’t intend to have this much of an effect. But even if it’s accidental, genius is genius." 

The Marshall Mathers LP was followed on the list by The Slim Shady LP at #2, The Eminem Show at #3, Relapse at #4, and Infinite at #5. Encore took the #6 slot, The Marshall Mathers LP 2 landed at #7 and Recovery came in last place, according to HotNewHipHop.

To view the entire HotNewHipHop list and its explanation, click here.

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  • Yssup Kidz

    Relapse way up at #4? GTFOH. Album was trash.

  • Ben

    1. SSLP 2. Infinite 3. The eminem show 4. MMLP 5. MMLP2 6. Relapse 7. Recovery 8. Encore

  • Anonymous

    1.) MMLP- I know its what everyone says, but I think its just the best 2.) TES- My old #1. Was Replaced by MMLP because MMLP didn't have one bad track on the album. I wasn't a fan of Say Goodbye to Hollywood on TES. 3.) Relapse- Man oh man am I gonna get flak for this. Just go on Rap Genius for a second while listening to the songs with some good headphones. If you don't change your mind, I don't know what to say. 4.) SSLP- These Top 4 Albums are on their own tier IMO. SSLP just happens to be the fourth one. I understand at the time it was a milestone, but I think these three were just better. 5.) Encore- People give a lot of hate to Encore. The main reason is that it has a ton of terrible tracks. But it has a ton of good tracks too. And they sound different. They are unique. 6.) MMLP2- I went from loving this album- to hating it- to saying... "ehhh". While there are one or two killer tracks (Rap God & Rhyme or Reason) the entire album sounds like they put a beat to Eminem's rapping instead of Eminem rapping to a beat. It just sounded funky. 7.) Recovery gets put down here because it lacks what Encore and MMLP2 have. Variety. While the rhyme schemes are good, it just all sounds the same. Compared to most other rappers, still superior though. 8.) Infinite- I don't care how 'great' the rhymes are. It sounds like crap. Sorry. SHADY XV????


    Haha this article has to be THE MOST inaccurate rating for his albums...maybe the writers of this article were on the same drugs that Eminem was on when he was recording Encore? Yeah I'd say so. Seriously, what the hell were you thinking? APOLOGIZE to all of your fan base that supports Eminem as this is a huge insult(and just completely off base in general). Thanks.

  • Helvetia King

    The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Recovery The Marshall Mathers LP The Eminem Show Relapse The Slim Shady LP Encore Infinite

  • Anonymous

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  • Dre

    I gives a damn what ANYBODY gotta say. Relapse was Eminem's coldest piece of work. It was brutally honest, at most times downright horrific and bleak. Em himself said he was not 100% during the recordings of Relapse. Crazy how even when not 100%, nobody's fuckin' wit' em.

  • Dvillan

    Encore had to be Em's worst--he was truly fucked up on pills and other shit during the recording of that joint, but how could you rate Recovery as the worst? Change in direction on production but still tight with mad replay value. MMLP obviously was the right choice for #1, but I'll bet most everyone else who may comment on this will say Encore was the worst

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Tha Carter III > Marshall Mathers LP Tha Carter II > Eminem Show Tha Carter > Slim Shady LP Tha Carter IV > Marshall Mathers LP 2 I Am Not a Human Being II > Recovery 500 Degreez > Relapse Tha Block Is Hot > Infinite I Am Not a Human Being > Encore

  • The real slim shady

    NO your wrong. Mm2 was better than encore,that was a salad sand which with two slices of shit

  • andrew

    Recovery>Encore,Relapse,Infinite..stop frontin

  • Andre.CO

    Em is his own worst enemy in two ways. If he would just take off the 2-3 shitty tracks off his recent albums, the entire album would be good. But for some reason, he's getting bad advice on what songs to leave on or off the album. And he's also his own worst enemy cuz of how good his first few albums were. MMLP and SSLP are hands down, shut the door, classics in hip hop. Eminem Show is like Black Album or It Was Written to me, GREAT GREAT albums, probably classic. But if not classic,t he closest thing to it. Encore wasn't too bad, it just had a lot of meh tracks, and a few terrible ones. Still had some great songs on there though, the rhymes were often a little too simple on this one though due to the drugs. I'd give it 6/10. Relapse had great rhyme schemes, he just ruined the album with accents. Sometimes they worked (3am, Same Song and Dance, Stay Wide Awake) but he really overdid it with them. It's still lyrically strong enough to be above Encore. 7/10. Recovery was pretty strong lyrically, and he dropped those damn accents, but the production was lacking on at least half the album. A few weaker songs, but nothing near as bad as the worst on ENC/REL. Still production hindered the album from being better.............. 7.5/10 MMLP2 was the best album hands down since Eminem Show. His passion was for real back like it hadn't been in a long time, lyrics were complex as fuck, even the production suited the album well. Only thing was he left some head scratchers on the album like Survival/Berzerk/The Monster. Still the rest of the album was pretty fucking dope. 8/10.

  • Andre.CO

    Marshall Mathers LP Eminem Show Slim Shady LP Marshall Mathers LP 2 Recovery Relapse Infinite Encore

  • Anonymous

    basically Em has one Classic = MMLP. and and alot of shitty albums. Infinite is Em trying to Nas so not sure it counts. As for theother albums - please. SSLP was 4 star maybe but the rrest were 2/3 stars max

    • Anonymous

      ^ white much?

    • Because The Internet

      Your delusional. Em is the Rap God. No artist in the game can compete with the man's lyrics, flow, or creativity. There's a reason why Em is the highest selling hip hop artist of all time.

  • Anonymous

    white t wearing ass cac, go drown in a river

  • imho

    Eminem show- classic, most focused, great topics, not weird mmlp2- classic, great songs infinite- off the verses and word play alone, production isn't great but what do u expect when ur broke in 1995 with cassette tapes lol sslp- really good album relapse- masterpiece conceptually, accent gives the album more of an horror vibe. recovery- decent album, few songs to heavy, cries about his fame in almost every song, really repetitive album encore- pretty wack minus a few songs, again a few wack songs heavy. mmlp2- garbage, something weird about a 40 yr old guy still rapping like he was 20. almost all songs had some type of rnb shit in it, a lot of country and just straight up garbage beats/ mainly unlistenable.

    • Anonymous

      ^ Eminemen Show was corny as hell tho. MMLP = Classic SSLP = 4 stars The Rest = Trash

    • Anonymous

      MMLP was a classic and his best work, but he should have just left it as it stood rather than tarnishing the legacy with a second installment. #1 MMLP #2 SSL and #3 Eminem Show the rest were mediocre albums to be honest.

    • Paisan

      trippin bro... Relapse lyrically was a masterpiece but that accent literally ruins the album and gives it no replay value except for Deja Vu and Beautiful. and MMLP2 was better lyrically then Encore, Relapse, and Recovery. yea some of the beats arent that great but he still murders basically every song. Encore was terrible and the first 4 albums are all fantastic hands down.

  • Anonymous

    1.SSLP 2.MMLP 3.The Eminem Show 4.Relapse 5.Infinite 6.MMLP2 7.Recovery 8.Encore

  • Anonymous

    slim shady lp eminem show mmlp encore _ rest =shit

  • ma dukes

    Song of the Year goes to Doe B and King South for the song "Members Only"!!!! Best Song close to ever...no doubt, the bass is boomin, nearly wrecked my four 18 inch subs, plus the flow is top notch by Doe B

  • Anonymous

    While we talking about whiteboys...be on the lookout for that new single by Paul Wall and Lil Wyte called "Niggaz On My Nuts" and tell that fag drake to take the dick out his mouf

  • drake runs rap

    take care> thank me later>>>>>>>>> all of eminems albums. Drake makes true hiphop eminem makes pop.

  • miley

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  • Anonymous

    mmlp slim shady lp eminem show mmlp 2 recovery relapse encore

  • Anonymous

    Illmatic > All these albums

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Pink like lemonade

  • Eminem

    1. Marshall Mathers LP 2. Slim Shady LP 3. Eminem Show 4. Recovery 5. Marshall Mathers LP 2 6. Relapse 7. Encore

  • Anonymous

    The Marshall Mathers LP

  • Anonymous

    MMLP TES SSLP MMLP2 Relapse Recovery Encore

  • sam snead

    1. MMLP 2. Eminem Show 3. SSLP 4. Infinite 5. Encore 6. Recovery 7. Relapse 8. MMLP 2 Half way into Encore he made a weird turn and has never been the same

  • MB

    These article ratings are horrible - encore is definitely the worst album. Slim Shady LP - best overall album and best songs - 'If I had' Marshall Mathers LP Hell the sequel The Eminem Show Recovery Marshall Mathers LP 2 Relapse Encore Infinite - can't mix this one in with the ratings because the production was shitty - call this a practice album

  • vince

    rankings are in good order. i definitely feel eminem improved as an overall artist from slim shady to marshall mathers. it was a blessing being a kid when emimen came out. he changed rap for real. eminem show was a classic but not as good as the first two so its in the right spot. encore wss garbage and i feel relapse was a little underrated so i like it. relaspe wasnt great but it was at least a return of the old classic flow on some dre beats.

  • Anonymous

    1. Metro Thuggin (with Metro Boomin) 2. I Came from Nothing[30] 3. I Came from Nothing 2[31] 4. I Came from Nothing 3[28] 5. 1017 Thug[27] 6. Black Portland (with Bloody Jay)[32] 7. Young Thugga Mane La Flare (with Gucci Mane)[33]

  • drake runs rap


  • drake runs rap

    M&M is nothing but overrate trash. He got by on hilarious punchlines and threatened to kill his own mother. Fuck him. Feminiem isn't fit to polish Drake's shoes. Auntie Em should be kissing the ground that Drake walks on. Did y'all forget that Drake revived Em's career on "Forever"? He was irrelevant for years till Drake threw his ass a bone. Pay homage to a legend.

  • em

    why people rate encore so badly. amazing songs: mockinbird,like toy soldier, mosh, yellow brick road,love you more and we as americans (bonus tracks) good songs: never enough, spend some time, ricky tricky (bonus song) ok songs: encore, crazy in love, rain man, evil deeds, just lose it awful songs:puke, ass like that, one shot two shot worst of his career: my 1st single, big weenie IS IT REALLY THAT AWFUL?

    • sam snead

      yellow brick road was a good song on the album

    • Curious George

      I'll explain it and it's pretty simple. sslp made him famous but he wasn't respected he was just another white dude trying to be funny but there were signs of talent. Then he really made an imprint and gained respect on Dr. Dre's 2001 album and the up in smoke tour. He was along side of snoop dre cube and other legends and that was when people started to really become fascinated by him. mmlp was loud, rough, and personal. He also used better rhyme schemes than any other main stream rapper had used prior to that album. Then the Eminem show came out and it was perfect. Flawless. Every song had meaning and every rhyme was at least 3 syllables long. Again something that had never been done before. Then the 8 mile movie made him larger than life. He was elvis, he was michael jackson, he was tupac, he was bieber. He got too big for any human being to ever be able to keep up with. He got bad on drugs and signed 50 and got lazy. He seemed to consistently out do his previous album each time. People expected a masterpiece and when encore leaked a week early it was an awkward listen. The compound syllable rhymes weren't there often. The content wasn't there for the most part. It felt like he had sold out and the passion was gone.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Mockingbird was shit and bonus tracks aren't counted in the rating of the album unless you specifically state deluxe edition. And all those "ok songs" besides the title track are terrible.

  • fortm

    Slim Shady LP Infinite Marshall Mathers LP The Eminem Show Relapse Marshall Mathers LP 2 Encore Recovery

    • Anonymous

      for me the eminem show the marshal mathers lp recovery the marshal mathers lp 2 relapse sslp encore

  • TrueDetective

    Recovery his worst album ? dafuq it belongs right after his first three albums

  • Anonymous

    MMLP SSLP TES H: TS (Bad Meets Evil) MMLP2 Infinite Recovery Relapse Encore

  • ETK

    I get that people especially Eminem stans still have their titties shaking over his old albums, but what the fuck is the deal with MMLP2 being at no.7, that album wasn't that bad and it was miles above Recovery, Encore and Relapse IMO... should at least be no.4 the lyrical content was more than substantial in MMLP2, just like his old albums. Sure I would've done without some beats like Survival but his old albums had that mainstream bullshit too.. this is nothin but dumb nostalgia, cause everybody here was 7-15 years old when The Way I Am and Without Me was bumpin on the radio 5 hours a day Eminem's mainstream level wasn't that different than what it is today, real talk

  • Anonymous


  • drake runs rap

    feminem can't touch drake. all his albums are straight ass juice.

    • Anonymous

      Many rappers fucked Rihanna, are an ambassador of an NBA team, star in commercials, and were on TV shows.

    • Anonymous

      drake is a gay man. he makes music for gay men. you must be a gay man. cock smoker deluxe music.

    • drake runs rap

      what are you talking about? drake is the greatest entertainer since michael jackson. in fact, he's the second coming of jesus himself. name another rapper who's: -smashing rihanna -is an ambassador for an NBA team -starred in a Kodak commercial -won fame on a teen drama

    • nixnox

      Drake doesn't run shit, he is a soft ass r&b rapper..nothing more, nothing less

  • Anonymous

    Infinite,Relapse and Recovery are beneath MMLP 2

  • Def Tone

    mmlp tes sslp infinite relapse encore recovery

  • ryl

    I can't believe y'all put relapse after recovery

  • Anonymous

    1. MMLP (always entertaining, variety, lyrics, everything was just incredible) 2. SSLP (crazy lyrically/great production/storytelling) 3. TES (excellent across the board but not as fresh as the first 2 albums) 4. MMLP2 (excellent lyrically, some really funny tracks, solid production/hooks for the most part, but it had Stronger Than I was) 5. Infinite (One of the best albums lyrically ever, sounds OK) 6. Recovery (solid lyrically, nice subject matter, too safe though) 7. Relapse (Unbelievable lyrically, musically not so much... solid listen but some of the tracks suck and the accents can get annoying) 8. Encore (shit)

  • wads

    very startling contrast between wrinkly eminem in the thumbnail and airburshed eminem on the article page. those pics are only apart about 2-4 years DAMN! lol

  • Rob

    Not everyone will like every album he brings, me personally loved MMLP2 it all depends on what you expected and I more or less just go with the flow so I wasn't disappointed

  • J-100

    1. Marshall Mathers LP 2. Eminem Show 3. Slim Shady LP 4. Recovery 5. Relapse 6. Marshall Mathers LP 2 7. Encore

  • capthatskank

    .. its often overlooked as its not a solo album but Devils Night was as close as it ever got to hearing MMLP type Eminem again. Alot of great Em verses on that.

  • Anonymous

    He had 2 great albums. Slim shady lp and Marshall lp That's it. Downhill after Eminem show.

  • Anonymous

    Classic 1. Slim shady lp Great 2. Marshall matters lp Good. 3. Eminem show O.k 4. Infinite Average. 5. Encore Shit 6. Relapse Terrible 7. Marshall matters lp Disgusting 8. Recovery

  • Anonymous

    Infinite The Eminem Show The MMLP The SSLP & EP Recovery Relapse The MMLP 2 Encore And Encore isn't totally a bullshit album. It has some really good songs and some of my all-time favorites by Em.

    • Anonymous

      Most of Encore was bullshit. Like Toy Soldiers, Yellow Brick Road, and the title track don't make up for that.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but come on, these guys think encore > mmlp2? Encore was probably his worst album. Nice to see Relapse getting some love, of course there's a noticeable amount things that are wrong with it, but it seems like people are calling it wack just because they hear others say the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    MMLP Eminem Show SSLP SSEP MMLP2 Recovery Relapse Infinite EEncore

  • jack johnson

    SSLP MMLP Infinite The Eminem Show Encore Relapse Recovery MMLP2

  • Anonymous

    MMLP Eminem Show SSLP MMLP2 Infinite . . . . Encore Recovery Relapse

    • Anonymous

      Relapse wasn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be, it had issues but it was far better than Encore. I did not like Recovery at all, but it was also better than Encore.

  • alex

    mmlp eminem show slim shady lp mmlp2 relapse recovery infinite

  • boo

    best songs from this album infinte-its okay sslp-rock bottom mmlp-kim tes-sing for the moment encore-yellow brick road relapse-de ja vu recovery-going through changes mmlp2-bad guy

  • Anonymous

    1: SSLP 2: MMLP 3: Relapse 4: Recovery 5: MMLP2 6: Eminem Show 7: Encore ITS BLASPHEMY! Someone call me an idiot for not liking Eminem show. QUICK!

  • boo

    eminem show sslp infinite mmlp encore (with its bonus tracks, love you more, we as americans) mmlp2 relapse recovery

    • boo

      its your opinion, i just like it coz its a bit inspirational album. the dude said "i wanna atleast leave a half a million for my baby girl" (when he dies) and now he can leave millions for her

    • Anonymous

      Really, you think infinite is better than mmlp? A lot of people rate infinite higher than it deserves, people overstate it's worth.

  • Anonymous

    1. Infinite 2. The Rest

  • YaBoi

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    • anon

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  • jwkren

    1. MMLP 10/10 2. SSLP 10/10 3. TES 9/10 4. Relapse 8/10 5. Infinite 7/10 6. MMLP2 6.5/10 7. Encore 4/10 9. Recovery 0.5/10

  • Anonymous

    Fuck lists *about to make my own list *doesn't bother

  • Anonymous

    relapse at #4 and recovery last? yep this list lost all credibility. gtfo outta here with this nonsense

  • Anonymous

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  • yerrr

    I can't believe people really sleep in slim shady so much. That album is fking incredible, mad lyrics, slow flow, play flow, mad stories, high on drug shady was prob my best. MMLP Eminem was angry lyrical EM lol

  • THAJZA88


    • Anonymous

      good list. i wud say Eminem Show MMLP SSLp RECOVERY INFINITE MMLP2 ENCORE RELAPSE infinite had ill rhymes and word play but as a conceptual album with production and choruses factored in, its not on the same level as the ones before it

  • Adam

    Wow afterchecking all these posts I am pretty appalled at how average these fans are. Hardly anyone is giving props to Infinte and most likely never heard it. It's em at his rawest emceeing, very lyrical.

  • Adam

    Infinite is my favorite album by him, just raw emceeing being lyrical as fuck.

  • Gorilla Grod

    All I know is The Marshall Mathers LP was that work! As much as I sometimes get tired of the cock sucking, that album was the bid'ness! I would never try to take that from Eminem.

  • Shady305

    Relapse is a super slept on album. That shit got so much heat for his weird accent's, but it fit the overall vibe of the album perfectly. The shit is genius!

  • Anonymous

    I wouldnt put encore in front of recovery. But I'm happy they have the top four the same as I do.

  • wrjkgrenjg

    shit I'm surprised they got it right. Usually media makes shit lists. Recovery in last is all I wanted but instead they have the same list as me

  • Anonymous

    this list is bullshit

  • Anonymous

    1. The Eminem Show 2. The Marshall Mathers LP 3. The Slim Shady LP 4. Relapse 5. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 6. Recovery 7. Encore 8. Infinite

    • Anonymous

      infinite had the least conceptual tracks out of all his albums. it had the worst production and the choruses werent as good either. just cuz the albums word play was off the chains doesnt make it the best album

    • Anonymous

      thats why he posted anonymous

    • adam h

      Everyone knows your not a real hip hop fan if you put infinite last.

  • Anonymous

    thats one stupid ass list...



  • Will $teel

    their list is all fucked up. only thing they got right was recovery near the bottom. 1. SSLP 2. MMLP 3. Eminem Show 4. Relapse 5. Encore 6. Recovery 7. MMLP2

    • Anonymous

      lol, you think someone is a 'fake fan' because he didn't mention one album

    • Will $teel

      I was in 3rd when the SSLP dropped ya clown. Otherwise i wouldnt have said that lyric. Besides my favorite em tracks of all time was on SSEP. Murder Murder (insane concept), Low Down Dirty, No Ones Iller. If u think infinite is better than that u must b a wack ass drake fan

    • Anonymous

      infinite is dope. 3rd grade doesn't mean shit for all i know you're in the 8th grade now. slim shady ep is raw but to rank it over slim shady lp isn't right. dre made those songs so much better

    • Will $teel

      im a fake fan bcuz I love slim shady not his eminem persona? LMAO u stans r ridiculous. Ive been listenin 2 em since I was in the 3rd fuckin grade literally "hidin tapes from my parents like bad report cards." Em HIMSELF said Infinite is more of a demo n doesnt consider it an album so y should I? All time favorite SLIM SHADY EP. Then Slim Shady LP. Get off my dick

    • adam

      Doesn't even mention infinite = fake fan

  • youngsta

    drake's take care beats any eminem album.

  • Cealix

    I will never understand pro and anti Eminem heads. When Encore and Relapse came out, people were calling them garbage because it didn't sound like "Eminem" anymore. I put his name in quotes because he's the most versatile rapper there is right now, so to say he doesn't sound like he used to is strange to me. When Recovery came out, it got A LOT of praise by not only critics and fans, but even major rap artist were enjoying it as well outside of Aftermath. But a year later it's....garbage? What I've noticed is that whenever someone's favorite underground and/or under popular artist releases an album (say....Hopsin or Illmaculate), they're albums are INSTANTLY a classic and everybody else's opinion is null and void.

  • mike

    1.MMLP 2.Eminem Show 3.Recovery (the only classic album since him being sober) 4.SSLP 5.MMLP2 6.Infinite 7.Encore 8.Relapse

    • block c

      im not afraid and no love are the 2 biggest faggot ass songs Eminem ever made recovery is a fuckin embarrassing terrible album gtfoh kid

  • Alex

    EminemShow MMLP SSLP MMLP2 Encore Recovery Relapse

  • Anonymous

    Was expecting you corny ass hhdx niggas to say some dumb shit like "eminem doesn't have a worst album, all them are great"

  • dwizzi

    SSLP MMLP The eminem show 8 Mile Everything else was just a dent to his legacy. A real shame he continued making music

  • lKn

    1. MMLP 2. The Eminem Show 3.SSLP 4.Relapse 5.MMLP2 6.Recovery 7.Encore

  • Anonymous

    Beat not beast ya fags

  • King

    Ya all need to shut tf lol if u not from t he early 90's don't comment Eminem had the best cds out MMLP Eminem show are both classics relapse was weak and still went plat mmlp2 and recovery are more personal just like infinite and sslp was encore was ight but more commercial u can't hate the guy for speaking on facts in his life u can't hate the guy cus he's white and is a successful cross over artist hate the guy u listen to lol ya some fake ass music lovers who promote the garbage that's on the radio push real artist like Lupe Fiasco B.o.B Drake Kanye Jay Z Nas 50 even sounds better then ya rappers like future Gucci Maine and Lil Wayne who fell off bring truth to music stop focusing on the beast listen to the words

  • AnnemarieHManiscalco

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  • 24

    Eminem Show Marshall Mathers LP Slim Shady LP Devils Night Infinite Relapse D12 World Redemption (it's not a sequel in my ears thats why the change in title) Welcome 2 Hell Recovery Encore

  • jaceshadoe

    My Opinion: 1. The Eminem Show 2. MMLP 3. Infinite 4. Slim Shady LP 5. Recovery 6. Relapse 7. MMLP 2 8. Encore How can you put Encore above Recovery or MMLP 2???

  • MrYepp

    MMLP2 is dope most of the time! yall can go listen to Migos or Young thug... 1.MMlP 2.Eminem Show 3.MMLP2 4.SSLP

  • Wow really

    1. Slim Shady LP 2. Marshall Mathers LP 3. Eminem Show 4. Relapse 5. why are we even talking about the others?

    • Anonymous

      yes, wow really, you are a pussy

    • Wow really

      So I'm wrong saying he only dropped 4 good cds? I won't even say 4 since Relapse squeezed by. But my bad for dropping my opinion in an opinionated article's comment section. These trolls get worse and worse

    • juks

      your opinion...but why are we even talking about you or what you care about!

  • BOY

    1. Tha Carter 3 2. Tha Carter 5 3. Tha Carter 2 4. Tha Carter 4 5. Rebirth Lil Wayne is the KIGN of HIP HOP! Tha Carter V >>>>> GKMC

  • Anonymous

    Love how Stans think Infinite was good.... that was wack as album at the time and still is every song sounded the same. Just trash.

  • Ovais Malik

    I fully agree with top 3 although it was closer than most think as The Eminem Show had introspective classics like White America, Till I collapse and Sing for the moment. However with the other albums on this list... I'm pretty sure both The MMLP 2 and recovery had way more listen-able tracks than Encore. Seriously how can you justify big weenie, Ass like that and rain man? Not too mention the MMLP 2 had better wordplay and flows but then again you could argue Encore edged it in terms of content.

  • Relapse has some the best beats he ever

    MMLP / SSLP are his best and Recovery / Encore are his worse the rest you can mix n match depends on the listener. Devils Night should be included that album is fuckin insane

  • Not Impressed

    Infinite: Garbage Slim Shady LP: Meh Marshall Mathers LP: Passable The Eminem Show: Good Encore: Bullshit Relapse: Bullshit covered in vomit Recovery: Hot Garbage MMLP2: Bullshit Eminem really needs to retire. His ratio of good albums to shitty ones is not looking great. It's clear he has nothing to rap about anymore anyway. I'm not impressed

  • YEP

    IMO Recovery should be in the top 3 but if i had to put them in order they all would be at number 1...Can't compare albums

  • A-Game

    1. MMLP 2. SSLP 3. Eminem Show 4. MMLP 2 5. Recovery 6. Relapse 7. Encore

  • w h o k n o w s

    1. MMLP 2. Eminem Show 3. Infinite 4. SSLP 5. Recovery 6. Relapse 7. MMLP2 8. Encore

  • Anonymous

    eminem show mmlp infinite encore relapse recovery mmlp2

  • int

    What a fucking mess list. Relapse and Encore above MMLP2. Cringeworthy..

  • Anonymous

    Stupid list. The Eminem Show is a classic, his best album, one of the best ALBUMS (not just hiphop) of all time Encore had some of his best work like Mosh and Toy Soldiers but some of his worst like Puke 1. The Eminem Show 2. MMLP 3. Encore (some songs are his absolute musical peak) 4. SSLP 5. Relapse/Infinite 6. MMLP2 7. Recovery

  • Anoynmous

    hey girls i look exactly like eminem in real life but without all the moeny and success -- any pretty ladies want to fuck?

  • speakonit1

    one of the best diss records of all time just dropped last week and DX acts like it doesn't even exist. google "deathwish featherz" FLOCKA GOT BODIED R I P

  • OUCH!

    Eminem show #3, Relapse #4? Fck this list. they know NOTHING!

  • sslp my fav but mmlp is better

    shit I agree relapse is so slept on

  • Anonymous

    Curtain call was his most important album O.o

  • Anonymous

    Wtf no curtain call?

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree..

  • Anonymous

    All those who say Slim Shady fell off after Eminem show are ALL wrong. Eminem has always been wack. Fell off what, a damn two inch sidewalk??

    • int

      You should have several seats my friend

    • wads

      encore musically was wack but he was still hot from eminem show and 8 mileso that's why it seems like it was good to most delusional ppl

    • Anonymous

      u forgot. eminem himself has said he was completley fucked on pills during encore and couldn't write a serious song that was actually about anything

    • Anonymous

      I've never heard anyone say that... Em fell off after he Relapse.. Revocery and MMLP2 was wack.

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