Wiz Khalifa Details Unrealized Adele Collaboration, "Blacc Hollywood" Sound

Wiz Khalifa on "Blacc Hollywood": "[It's] gon(TM) be sonically something that people kinda expect."

Wiz Khalifa says Blacc Hollywood is not set to be a change of pace from the sound he's given fans in the past. 

“Blacc Hollywood in general is gon’ be sonically something that people kinda expect, but it’s like they want it, so it’s gonna be a good thing for me to deliver,” the rapper says in an interview with Rap-Up.

Blacc Hollywood, which is slated to be released this summer, is not set to feature Adele.

“That didn't make the album," Khalifa says. "Nah, it was like an idea...Maybe we’ll get to do a remix or something.”

Before Blacc Hollywood drops, Khalifa is releasing his 28 Grams mixtape and going on the Under The Influence Of Music Tour with Jeezy, Tyga, IamSu!, Ty Dolla $ign and others

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