Future Explains Pharrell's Reluctance To Appear On "Move That Dope"

Future says Pharrell feared backlash for his appearance on the track.

Future says Pharrell was reluctant to appear on "Move That Dope" initially. 

"It was a difficult situation for him," Future says to Billboard. "He was going to the Oscars, and whatever he was in was a different music space, and to get him to do a verse on a song with that subject matter was difficult.

"[Pharrell] was like, 'Man, I don't know if I should do this, 'cause I don't want, like, a big backlash on me. I love this song, but I don't want a backlash,'" Future adds. "I was like, 'Man, no, it's a positive message. The verse is telling people to let everything go. You have a message that's positive throughout your verse. I think people need to hear that, 'cause your voice is such a big voice in hip-hop.' And he was down with it in the end."

"Move That Dope" appears on Future's Honest, and the cut was discussed in HipHopDX's review of the project, which earned a 3 out of 5 X rating

"Honest’s top single, 'Move That Dope,' pairs Future, Pusha T, Pharrell and Casino over a cascade of burping Mike WiLL Made-It synths. Future rhymes Maserati with Maserati and whips his dope like Roots protagonist Kunta Kinte: nothing spectacular or new in the way of brick talk."

The music video for "Move That Dope," which also features Pusha T, is below.

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  • Anonymous

    probably because the song blatantly promotes drug dealing smh. just a terrible song

  • Really tho?

    What the fuck has rap come to nowadays, future is horrible an the fucked up shit about it the more ignorant this shit gets the more the labels promote it. This world is gettin more fucked up everyday an noones biggin up the cats that are makin positive, progressive music to teach the youth comin up all you got is cheif keef or fuckin drake singin about shit niggaz was droppin in the 90s.raps goin the same way as rock did overblown with talentless, cookiecutt, money hungry scavengers with no respect for morality, life or the future for our children. Heavy rotational 1.hollie smith & mara tk - band of brothers 2.the white mandingos - the ghettos tryna kill me 3.da lench mob - planet of da apes 4.arctic monkeys - a.m 5.j dilla - welcome to Detroit

  • Anonymous

    worst song ever.

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    Future is horrible, he has the worst verse on his own song. Oh, there's nothing positive about this song....Actually (50)

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  • castor

    When did Pharrel turn into such a fag with that hat? Hollywood has really gotten to him.

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      that hat aint half as gay as the skinny jeans and designer clothes a lot of these niggas got on... shit just look at any shirt french montana wears and tell me that isn't 100 times worse!

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      since him wearing it moved a bunch of units.

  • titoG0D

    The dumbest song ever made sure encourage kids to move that dope.

    • SMH

      @Anonymous You just don't get it do you?

    • Anonymous

      you sound dumb! There not telling them to do it! There saying that they are young niggas who move that dope. fucking IDIOT! Im tired of these hiphopdx trolls, who think their opinion matters. AND YES NIGGA!! young niggas in the hood move dope. GET OVER it!!

  • Anonymous

    is Future basically saying "Move That Dope" cost Pharrell an Oscar?

  • Jon Osterman

    Not tryna mess that money up

  • tha OG

    Real talk!!pharrell is a pussy

  • Anonymous

    pharrell is turning into a huge fucking pussy. is he forgetting he produced hell hath no fury which is all about moving dope. happy was a shitty song fuck you pharrell stick to producing.

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      Fuck off faggot. I will shit in your ugly ass hat.

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      fuck you, you bitch ass nigga. maybe he didn't feel comfortable being 41 yrs old and still talking about dope. happy is the feel good song of the year.

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