Lil Boosie Says He Feels Like Tupac: "It's My Time Now"

Lil Boosie: "I feel like Tupac because when he came home, it was his time. I feel like it's my time now."

Lil Boosie says coming home from prison has given him a different perspective on his career. 

“I’d heard my buzz had grown, but there’s a difference between hearing it and seeing these Instagrams and Free Boosie tattoos,” Boosie says in an interview with XXL. “I feel like Tupac because when he came home, it was his time. I feel like it’s my time now.”

Recently, the rapper said his upcoming Touchdown 2 Cause Hell album is set to be the best double disc since Tupac's All Eyez On Me

In April 2014, Boosie addressed comparisons to Tupac

"I feel Tupac [is] Tupac and Boosie [is] Boosie," he said. "I think people do that because we both have heartfelt music that touch people heart. We both have similarities. I guess we both got in trouble, too, but I just feel it's real music and a pleasure to be given that credit, but Tupac [is] Tupac and Boosie [is] Boosie."

Boosie's time in prison also served another purpose, according to the Louisiana rapper.

“What I’ve been through just gives me more stories to tell," he says in the more recent XXL piece. "I’ve got a drive for success in me now. I want to show people that you can’t stop me,” he says. “You can’t stop me, man.”

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    I love to see niggas hate on Boosie. It just shows that people are jealous of his successful lol keep the hate coming fuck niggas... it gives me strength

    • Yup

      Yea were so jealous of boosie and his succes at riding jeezy coattails good job! And everyone wants to be pac did they not see what happened to pac he got gunned down thata a great role model

  • JD

    If this dude gets shot and killed tomorrow a week later no one gives a f'ck. Almost 20 years after this death Pac still gets mad love.

  • Anonymous

    Boogie speaking big words. Go check out thegrandreport(dot)com, they have good videos on there too!

  • Ill

    The other day my homies stupid ass girfriend put on here pandora and some song came up and I was like who the fuck is that?! That shit sounds like straight TRASH!! Her eply, is the hottest thing in the streets!! I'm like who the fuck is it!? She reply Lil Boosie! I swear I almost lost a friend by slapping the living taste out this bitch!

  • MD

    Dude is a clown for saying this shit but pac was extremely overrated. everyone has celebrity death syndrome when it comes to him I can name 30+ rappers that lyrically embarrass pac if he were alive he would be MAYBE like ice cube is now, WAS great and "ganstaa" but extremely washed up and not relevatn doing stupid ass comedy movies LOL everyone knows this truth hurts

  • boosie boo

    my nigga boosie boo realer than pac ever was.

  • Anonymous

    Tupac was just turning 24 years old when he got out of jail. He was on a whole nother level from Boosie. You can't be like Pac baby.

  • Anonymous

    Everyninterview he brings up pac name, he's trying to market hi,self using pac name it's obvious.

  • Me

    Wrong choice of words and his manager should be coaching him right about now on what to say and what not to say.. I am and know Hip-Hop but I can't think of one line that this dude ever said that stuck and therefore in my eyes he sucks and he should keep Pac out of his mouth and go read the same books Pac read before you say some dumb shit like that, go read and then implement that in your raps youngin, this dude probably got a 5th grade education.. smh

  • crazy

    Why does this dude get any shine on here. Dude is terrible and Pac is rolling in his grave with dude trying to act like him.......He's your typical ignorant Southern rapper that makes blacks look country and stupid...

  • 2pc biscuit

    boopac shakhore

  • OUCH!

    Yet, He does not want to be compared to 2pac. LOL!

  • Anonymous

    this nigga garbage and nothing like pac

  • Anonymous

    twitter hashtags got this nigga feeling like he pac he wont be feeling like pac when he sees them first week sales

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