HipHopDX Readers Rank Best Albums Of The Week

Tech N9ne Collabos' "Strangeulation" and Atmosphere's "Southsiders" fight for the top spot.

HipHopDX users were recently asked to rate the week's top charting Hip Hop albums. 

The Ranker list, which HipHopDX uses to assess reader responses below, calculates the votes based on a "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" system and it creates a list with the data users input. Ranker lists the albums from top to bottom, based on the total number of votes and regardless of how many thumbs up a particular album gets. The order of the albums featured on the lists fluctuates as votes are cast. 

When asked what album is the week's best, HipHopDX readers voted for Tech N9ne Collabos' Strangeulation, which earned 312 thumbs up and 73 thumbs down. Atmosphere's Southsiders came in second place and earned 218 thumbs up and 85 thumbs down. John Legend's Love In The Future landed in the #3 spot with 104 thumbs up and 105 thumbs down. Pharrell's G  I  R  L appeared in the #4 slot and Iggy Azalea's The New Classic came in the final spot.  

Readers can respond to this week's question here

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  • Anonymous


  • devil devils

  • devil devils

    fuk timber lake. timber land . told em its devil devils nite. mother fuckes at themm. peeking in windows. their running in bushes to the demon nites at the shitt too ittttt

  • Anonymous

    Check out tech n9nes new music videos on youtube, atmosphere is a lyrically weak bitch

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up, Slug/Atmosphere has been in the game probably since before you were even born. 25 years ago, still going strong. Tech is good but doesn't warrant unnecessary slander from you.

  • Anonymous

    iggy with a classic bitch niggas stay hatin

    • Anonymous

      like I said on the Terminator post, look at the demographic, click the link and see how they replaced MJ with Tech & Atmosphere and the other 3 are female driven albums see ranker, how they ask "I'm a ______ year old boy/girl" and get the gist of what's really going on here that clown up there can't type you an Iggy verse off the album, they ain't about the music, just the talk and playground antics you just cannot believe that they have Hip Hop and it's best interests in mind or even like it at all

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