Slaughterhouse "House Rules" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist, Download & Mixtape Stream

Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5'9 and Crooked I release the stream of Slaughterhouse's "House Rules."

Slaughterhouse has released House Rules, a mixtape that has been unveiled today (May 21) via Datpiff

The project features 10 songs in its tracklist and is set to be followed up by Slaughterhouse's Glass House album.  

In March, Joe Budden spoke about the upcoming Glass House project.

“We’re about 75, 80 percent to where we wanna be I think when the album comes out,” Joe Budden said. “A lot of people will be shocked at the calibre of music on this particular body of work. I feel like not only did us as artists go somewhere that we probably haven’t explored as a collective in quite some time but the synergy and the music, you know Just Blaze executive produced the album. He created like a Slaughterhouse of producers. The synergy that him and Justus League andKardiak and !llmind and [AraabMuzik] had together, I think everybody in there, we just locked down for two months and inspired each other and the music reflects that." 

House Rules is available for download at

The effort's tracklist, cover art and stream are as follows.

1. "House Rules (Intro)"

2. "SayDatThen"

3. "Illmind Interlude"

4. "Trade It All"

5. "Keep It 100"

6. "Offshore"

7. "Struggle"

8. "Life In The City"

9. "I Ain't Bullshittin"

10. "I Don't Know"

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  • Kost

    This mixtape was everything WTOH was missing(Hard beats, insightful and relevant lyrics, chemistry between the members and overall cohesiveness of the project). WTOH was a disappointment just because of the fact that Slaughterhouse tried to route for the mainstream industry with generic pop-influenced beats to toned down lyrics. If this mixtape really is a warm-up to the upcoming Glass House album then we're looking at a rare classic album from a rap group since OutKast's Stankonia.

  • slaughterhouse

    stream it here:

  • Andre.CO

    This album will be much better than WTOH. That album had its moments here and there, but by and large, a lot of stuff felt forced. Eminem is a great emcee, probably the best alive, and Top dead or alive IMO, but the guy isn't a very good producer when handling other people's albums. He can produce some dope beats from time to time, but handling someone else's album.....not what he does. So hopefully this album will be a better offering.

  • VividSci

    This shit so fucking fire.

  • Anonymous

    I always thought these guys looked weird, but I haven't been able to turn this album off.

  • N8

    I think people expect far too much from Slaughterhouse, if they go too hard sh** wont sell, if they make it commercial they are sell outs?? These guys have put years into their careers and deserve success and if you think D12 are superior...u dont UNDERSTAND HIP HOP, D12 had one good album literally filled with lyrics for shock value, Slaughterhouse are wordsmiths, lyricists, MCs, u sound like a bunch of preppies who only started liking hip when tupac died or when em came out. people like you dont know hip hop...ur pop tarts!!!! Know what you are talking about before you comment...have u recorded an album? have sold even 1 unit, could you even write a hot 15??? try it and then comment, nuff said!!! IRELAND'S UP IN THIS BEEEITCH!!

    • Anonymous

      what are you 12? using mass ???? and !!!! You can't compare slaughterhouse to d12 because they are about 10 years behind when D12 started selling records. It's like comparing apples to oranges you fucking idiot.

  • Cyber

    Now that's hip hop ..dope mixtape

  • Sam Snead

    1st album was dope but was missing something, the 2nd album was weak and had too much eminem written all over the beats and hooks. I hope they improve on the 1st albums style for the 3rd album

  • 1

    The best song on there is the intro...a fucking shame. Their beats get worse every album.

  • Wessiide

    This shit is FIRE! Araab music dropped some dope beats on this one. Best mixtape so far this year. Kevin Gate's mixtape was dope also tho.

  • Dirty

    FIRE!!! All Day...Slaughterhouse kills project yet.

  • Anonymous

    Real Hip Hop Fans can see how this is real hip hop music right here, beats and lyrics what more can y'all ask for? Very good mixtape, just as good as "On The House", lets hope blaze give them that number 1 album.

  • white_surban_kid

    I like slaughterhouse, but they gotta stop recycling certain bars. I'm tired of hearing the words "indirect me." Joell saying yes papi, royce saying he's an addict... dude we know. These beats are better than what they normally put out, so I'm content with that, just want some new word play from a very talented group.

  • Still mad bout it

    Remember how bad their welcome to our house album was SMFH I tried to force myself to like that shit since I bought it but god damn that album was fuckin pop rap corny trash WHAT DEE FUCK was Eminem n them thinking when they put that out ??? This mixtape is fire

    • Aim80

      Ya, I agree... i found myself forcing myself to like the last album, because it "HAD to be dope. just HAD to be..." but goddamn if those beats weren't fucking ear sores >: P On The House had better tracks than the actual album, AND you just can't have an album where someone NOT from the group says the first word. Eminem's THEE best, hands down, all around... but fuck, he ruined that last project, for sure. I have a good feeling about this next one, everything's looking good, from Just Blaze Exec Producing, to the way better album art, and just the total cohesiveness. Bout fuckin time...

    • white_surburban_kid

      You realize Em is probably back on drugs and probably a big reason to why their last album sucked. Slaughterhouse probably didn't want to tell Em that his vision of their album wasn't "dope." Respect to Em and all he has done but he fell off and he is never coming back to what he was. Not hating just being real.

  • Anonymous

    Crooked I kills offshore , offshore hot! Royce nice on it too.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Offshore was great. They all stepped up on that one as far as content and even lyrically. I like tracks like Offshore though where they aren't trying to cram as many mults into on line as possible and focus on the content more

  • Anonymous

    Not as good as their last mixtape but it's about as good as their first album. Hopefully their next album will be better than the first Shady one.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Maddie was here.

  • Anonymous

    If these ever lived up to the hype, they wouldn't need a mixtape

  • chris

    ill tape Check this fire out too

  • xxx

    The Rise Above Conflict & Full Honesty #DONWLOAD NOW# #SUPPORT GOOD MUSIC#

  • Anonymous

    Hot Mixtape so far!

  • Humz

    I SWEAR if this is the mixtape I cannot fathom how good the album will be... How many rappers could even come up with this stuff let alone just putting it out for free?

    • Some Dude

      I feel this time around that Glass House will be better than WTOH, especially with Just Blaze replacing Eminem on the boards. This mixtape-album process seems more planned whereas On The House was put out on short notice as damage control for WTOH.

    • Anonymous

      Well last time around they put out a good mixtape and followed up with a shit album. We'll see.

  • Aim80

    ...only 3 songs into this mixtape, but gotDAMN is this shit good! Has SUCH a different vibe from the previous stuff, very well-refined sounding, cohesive, comfortable, boom-bap shit... Thank God.... was so disappointed in the last album : /

  • DM

    Look at crooked i in that picture...dude your fuckin 30 somethin years old whos not a real gangsta and never been behind bars or shit like that pull up your fuckin pants

    • Aim80

      Hahaha, this fool... Crooked's been paying dues, on the mic AND on the streets of Long Beach, since before you were jerkin off in your parent's shower. Cmon son...


      ^ I vote for his just a (suspect)cornball stuck in the closest

    • Crooked I

      Sure but what'd you think of the music? Or are you one of those suspect niggas that judges how men look and didn't even listen?

  • CatherinePMoniz

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  • CatherinePMoniz

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  • Masaphory

    DAmn Slaughterhouse killed this mixtape, this is FIRE!!!!! check out my mixtape, reppin Toronto and Vancouver

  • Wizz

    Illest songs I've heard in a while ! Them dudes are really bending in like one in songs. Same flow same everything. I love it! Cannot wait for the album!

    • white_suburban_kid

      don't get it twisted. we already know they have different styles. It's easy to be a lone wolf and be set in stone, it's another thing to be adaptive and have the ability to just go with the flow. Being able to do different things yields deeper complexity.

    • Anonymous

      why would you want them to mould into one.. and one flow.. the best thing is how they all have different styles

  • Anonymous

    WTF is this shit !!! worst album cover i hv ever seen

    • Anonymous

      sometimes shit like that is the best really

    • Aim80

      It's actually one of the BEST album covers I've seen... way WAAAHAAAY better than "Welcome to: Our House". (Coming from a professional graphic designer, 12 years in the biz)



  • insanemacbeth

    not inna no swine, but the cover's sikk for true.

  • Anonymous

    You know what's funny? Most mixtapes by established artists have much better quality than their albums. Their albums, however, are mostly half assed efforts, so I wouldn't be surprised that the next Slaughterhouse album will be either so-so or garbage

    • Anonymous

      Lol it sounds like you're complaining. They give out their best music for free and that's bad? Just don't buy the album then and get the free good music.

    • Anonymous

      You save the heat for the retail projects. Mixtapes are free, and don't count as official albums in most cases.

    • Anonymous

      D12 should be renamed to "Eminem & Misc." Especially now, that Mr. Porter left to group and Proof is dead for years. Slaughterhouse is one of the illest groups ever skill-wise, but they are in urgent need of a good executive producer.

    • Anonymous

      d12 has two classic albums slaughterhouse has one good album

    • Anonymous

      D12 & Slaughterhouse collab album would be dope.

    • Anonymous

      No, they were more impactful. The guys of Slaughterhouse are better rappers.

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