ScHoolboy Q Explains Ab-Soul's Frustrations With Album Delays

"We dedicate our life to this," ScHoolboy Q says. "He has a right to be wanting his album out."

With Top Dawg Entertainment emcee Ab-Soul long-prepared to release his third album, the label’s CEO took to Twitter last week to give fans a chance to pick the release date.

Earlier in May, Ab-Soul himself Tweeted about frustrations surrounding the oft-delayed These Days release. “I’m this close to just leakin my shit like its a mixtape,” he wrote on the first of this month.

Speaking with MTV News this past weekend prior to his Power 106 Powerhouse performance, fellow TDE rapper ScHoolboy Q offered up his view of the planned release.

Asked if he’s talked to Ab-Soul about frustrations surrounding the album delay, Q said he hasn’t but understands the motivation to see the album released.

“Nah, I don’t really talk to him about it," ScHoolboy Q says. "That’s what he wanna do. He wanna put his album out. He got every right to want to put his album out.

“We dedicate our life to this,” he adds. “Yeah, he has a right to be wanting his album out. But, you know, there’s other things involved once you sign to a label and stuff like that. I don’t know the real situation, but the album is gon’ come out so it don’t really matter. It’s gon’ come out June. I think they letting the fans pick right now what date they gonna put it out. All artists have a right to get mad. We human, you know, but at the same time it’s still business.”

ScHoolboy Q himself answered Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith’s Tweet about the These Days release with a request for the June 3 selection.

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  • Anonymous

    kendrick went plat q wont go gold tde is done ab wont move more than 20k the first week

  • Anonymous

    its Kendrick and thats it they not g-unit

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  • Ken Jones

    I guarantee yo azz that Schoolboy Q and Ab Soul will be off the label by end of this year. Somebody bet me $100. I am Paypal ready.

  • Anonymous

    one minute erry body love TDE, now as usual everyone hating ,. fuck you stupid ass rap fans , fucking annoying losers, just respect the work you dumb ass fucking idiots.

  • Anonymous

    Their top selling artist is soft, and can't even outsell Macklemore. Their second highest selling artist can't even outsell Rick Ross's worst selling album. Their third highest selling artist knows he's going to tank, thus he's willing to leak his album. TDE, a label under permanent construction.

  • Anonymous

    everybody in TDE know Soul gonna brick!!!! that's why he aint coming out. No buzz

  • TDE, From Best To Worst

    1 - Kendrick 2 - Schoolboy Q 3 - Ab-Soul 4 - Jay Rock (Dumb nigga can only rap about being gangsta smh)

  • RealTalk

    Used to feel Ab-Soul but all that changed after he fumbled on the Five Fingers on Sway .. That was as embarrassing as Canibus vs. Dizaster .. hard to respect the music when you can't even spit a verse .. Too many other talented musicians out these days .. Cutthroat industry

    • \wow/

      that shit came out years ago. you obviously were never really an ab soul fan if thats the reason you don't like him anymore. Homie didn't even drop control system yet at that time

  • imho

    my thing is though, his buzz is on sub zero. Kendrick had a monster buzz, Q had a good buzz as well. Kendrick had a classic to back it up, Q had a decent album to back it up... souls got some shit from Christopher droner to tree of life hes got some shit he just needs a lil promotion and time for his fane base to pick up to be honest his hussle compared to Kendrick and Q is lacking they both were out there getting it..

    • manhead101

      @ruvunja - I think it's quite gay to correct grammar and the sorts on the internet, but I must agree with Anonymous. thots??? When you spell it like that it means That Hoe Out There or That Hoe Over There. but you meant thoughts. This will help you in the future. Now go out there and call some Thotties out for what they really are. Hoes on the horizon

    • ruvunja

      my thots exactly.

  • ruvunja

    damn Ab,not like this. I look forward to all Ab-Soul projects but if this does/when it comes out in June smh,with no interviews, no singles, no promos, no album stream NADA, ZILCH. Ab deserves better treatment than this unsigned hype shit

  • dentaldamboy

    Black Hippy is not a crew. The face that Q and Soul have not spoken bout Soul's career frustrations prove that they are nothing more than rappers signed to a label. Meanwhile, YMCMB is a real crew. If anything ever went down with Drake, Wayne would be down to ride that same day. That's why YMCMB has the rap game by the clit.

    • manhead101

      @dentalmdboy aka 3rd runner up for the WebTrollZ Pageant If you truly are the young money cash money bitch aka YMCMB troll that you project yourself to be and truly lurk and troll and slime with the nerdiest, then you should recall an interview on dx right after oxymoron came out. Q said that growing up, Soul was the only person who knew of Q's addiction to oxy's and the sort. Soul was the only person who he trusted to know that at that time. The fact that they didn't talk about Soul's album isn't important. They're bros, they not trying to talk about business and numbers and critics when they're together and I wouldn't either.

    • dentaldamboy

      @anon They don't have to discuss the matter publicly. But Q stated explicitly that they had not discussed the matter. He could have stated that they did discuss the matter but politely declined to provide details of the conversation. The writing is on the wall so clearly that a crack-addicted Wu Tang member can understand it: Black Hippy is not a crew.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe they don't want to talk to the media about it.

    • dentaldamboy

      @polo hova If they are like brothers, why haven't they discussed Soul's frustrations about the release date? People who are close usually discus important matters.

    • ursongsucks

      Completely stupid comment. Half of YMCMB has yet to release their major album release after years of being signed while the top ppl dropped multiple albums at the same time

    • polo hova

      Stupidest shit I heard today. Them dudes like brothers.

  • Anonymous

    them niggas gettin pimped out by top dawg lol

  • tha OG

    TDE is the best label in hip hop TDE>>>>MMG>>>YMCMB>>>GoodMusic>>>>roc nation>>>strange music>>>>rapalot>>>>Batboy records>>>CTE>>>BriksQuadrecords>>>Grandhustlerecords

  • Anonymous

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