CeeLo's Jeweler Denies FakeWatchBusta Instagram Account Allegations

CeeLo's jeweler, Avianne & Co., is unhappy that the company's work was featured by FakeWatchBusta on Instagram.

CeeLo's jeweler, Avianne & Co., has denied allegations that the company produces fake jewelry after being featured on FakeWatchBusta's Instagram account, according to TMZ

The company says CeeLo's watch, which was featured on FakeWatchBusta, is not a fake. They would like an apology from the account. The company has also sent the account holder a cease and desist letter.

In its post, FakeWatchBusta says the following of the watch: 

I really hope #CeeLoGreen said “HELL NO!” when he saw the ugliest custom fake #Panerai watch in the world ... The crown guard must have been removed with a hammer and then reattached upside down.

The post which features CeeLo has been taken down from the Instagram page. 

The FakeWatchBusta account holder recently spoke about why he created the profile.

“I started calling out some regular accounts on Instagram for fun, you know, just a dude in his 20’s that is fronting like he bought a Rolex Submariner to his followers and tagging #Rolex #Millionaire #Money and that sort of thing,” he said. 

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  • Anonymous

    Well, I don't think he would step up to confirm the fact that the watches were fake (if they were fake) lol

  • Anonymous

    Even if it was fake, so what? Fee lo has the loot either way

  • swayingmeats

    @Andre ...Congratulations Sir You have Won The Internet

  • Anonymous

    HAHAH I just checked out his IG account and he's still laughing at these guys. He got a screenshot of Gunplay catching feelings over getting exposed.

  • Anonymous

    Of course the jeweler is going to deny it. That can't be good for business. That's why the guy is getting so many cease and desist letters from upset rappers and jewelers.

    • NotDown

      What's funny is that the owner of the account isn't getting ANY cease and desist letters because he lives on the other side of the world. LOL. He is completely ANONYMOUS. It's just a desperate attempt to save face on his scam of a jewelry business.

  • NotDown

    The post was not taken down. In fact, it's up right now as we speak mocking the TMZ article. Get your facts straight before you post your news articles. This site BLOWS. Bunch of clowns who claim they are journalists and "writers". Can't even spell in half the articles. Smh. Pitiful.

    • Anonymous

      "Andres Re-Tardio" LMAO


      hahahaa i swear niggas like you crack me the fuck up. the simple fact that you had to explain yourself with those outrageous claims had me flatlined.

    • Andres Tardio

      Ha ha ha now that was very funny. Even the greatest writers in history proofread their work every now and then to avoid embarrassment. Actually, I own a luxurious Manhattan apartment & keep a stable of hoes. Russian, Swedish, Ethiopian, Polish, French, you name it, I got it. I've come a long way from my days of living in the Soundview Projects in the Bronx, where we had 6 people sleeping in 2 beds.

    • @ Fake Andres Re-Tardio

      You know what? Im thinking that might just be the real Andres, seeing as you had to correct your mistake with another comment and that hilarious bullshit about your whip and getting head off the non-existent asian girl. What you meant was your Mother picks you up in an old rust bucket and you give her head to pay for the ride.

    • Andres Tardio

      **My fucking life and my career.

    • Andres Tardio

      Bitch, I went to college for this shit. Ergo, I'm a PAID JOURNALIST. Do I have to post a link a pic of my motherfucking degree and my paycheck to your retarded ass? I might as well since you seem to think I'm some type of lowly intern. I do this shit because its my fucking and, my motherfucking career, so what now, bitch? At the end of the day, you'll still be at the end of the totem pole flipping burgers at your little below minimum wage jobs and riding the bus everywhere while I ride around in my brand new 2014 black Chevy Malibu with the baddest Asian bitch known to man in the passenger seat giving me head while I'm driving. So put that in your motherfucking pipe and smoke it.

    • @ Fake Andres Re-Tardio

      By "work" you mean copy and paste? Lol, you fucking simpleton. I get paid more than you ever will for your shitty ass job scraping the gum from under the tables over at HiphopDX.

    • NotDown

      First off, only an idiot would really think you're the author here. Second, he's not getting paid. HipHopDX doesn't pay their "writers". It's all pro bono work in hopes of "EXPOSURE". They are basically interns working for free in hopes of landing a real job at a real publication. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT FIRST.

    • Andres Tardio

      How about the two of you sorry no job, broke ass, punk ass motherfuckers stop criticizing my work? I'm the nigga that's getting paid here, not you two little insignificant specks of dust.

    • Take it

      Exactly, DX are some real useless faggots. All these bums do is copy and paste shit from TMZ etc. Andres Re-Tardio seems to be the biggest dumbshit of them all.

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