Wiz Khalifa "28 Grams" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist, Download & Mixtape Stream

UPDATE: Wiz Khalifa's "28 Grams" is now available for download and stream.

After his set at Hangout Festival in Golf Shores, Alabama, Wiz Khalifa dropped some news about what's to come from him in the musical realm.

Speaking with MTV on a beach, the Pittsburgh native told reporter Nadeska Alexis he plans to drop a mixtape before his long awaited fifth studio album, Blacc Hollywood. Titled 28 Grams, Wiz says the tape will be hitting the Internet faster than one might think.

“It’s gonna drop fast. You should go home,” Wiz said referring to the speed at which the mixtape is projected to drop. “It’s more than a teaser, it’s gonna get the Khalifa train rolling.”

Wiz Khalifa's last mixtape release was 2012's Cabin Fever 2. In 2013, he released Live In Concert with Curren$y, which was an EP. Blacc Hollywood will be Wiz's first album release since 2012's O.N.I.F.C. He is set to hit the road for the Under the Influence of Music tour in July.

Watch the full Wiz Khalifa interview segment with MTV below:

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(May 18, 2014)

UPDATE: Wiz Khalifa has released the cover art of his forthcoming 28 Grams mixtape. It is as follows:

(May 19, 2014)

UPDATE #2: Wiz Khalifa's 28 Grams mixtape has been released.

28 Grams is available for download at DatPiff.com.

The 28 Grams updated cover art, tracklist and stream are as follows:

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  • alisson barbosa

    This alubum is dope

  • Sound

    Only like 3-6 good songs, the rest are just shitty autotuned songs.

  • Anonymous

    my friend ian connor is his stylist now too, atlanta/ny killing in front and behind the scenes

    • Anonymous

      Damn Ian blew up. All them niggas starting to blow up. Shout out to Glynn and Kendell oh and Jo.

  • Anonymous

    my freinds uzi and curtis williams are on this tape we made it.

  • Anonymous

    wiz khalifa must weigh 28 grams malnourished stick figga nigga

  • Anonymous

    this concludes the end of Wiz Khalifa's 15 minutes of fame and corny raps. At least people remember the music and lyrics have to be good. this guy literally smoked himself stupid lol.

  • Anonymous

    I don't know if you guys listened to the whole thing, but its quite good.

  • Anonymous

    this shit sucks ass

  • oladiossmoz

    thoroughly disappointed...Spittas verse was the best and realest verse on the entire tape lol.

  • j dirty

    SlaughterHouse just dropped a Mixtape 12X better than this....

  • Justin Holtgrave

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  • 666 freddyy


  • Anonymous

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  • AutoMatic

    Wiz Khalifa raped auto tune in this album. Smh my ears feel like bleeding

  • t

    lmao wiz khalifa been a crack head, cant believe people actually listen to this shit all his songs sound the same, plus he smoke rock come on son

  • deejay

    This is WACK AS FUG!

  • Anonymous

    Wiz Khalifa has 5 albums? Wow.

  • Anonymous

    Im all for progression and trying new things, but damn this mixtape is really bad.

  • SMDH

    im a fan, i dont know what the fuck wiz is doing. whoever is around him telling him this shit sounds good needs to get smacked the fuck up. this nigga's trap music makes future look like biggie.

  • ygj98jhj8uhk


  • RP

    sombody pinched from this zip cuz its feelin a lil skimpy..

  • Anonymous

    guys is this tape worth listening to? I love khalifa but nowadays he's just not that guy I'd grown fond of

    • Anonymous

      This shit weird. I thought it'd be like the Cabin Fever tapes since he called himself "Trap Wiz" but there's hella autotune on here and it's not typical any Wiz. Still give it a listen you might like it but this man has no creative juice. These rappers get paid and get lazy

  • Anonymous

    Wiz really alienated a lot of his fans by dressing like a weirdo and marrying and bearing a child with a known hoe. now nobody cares about his weak ass music

    • Anonymous

      Couldn't have said it better myself. Wiz turned on the autotune and now he thinks he's in the trap

  • KJunior (EA Streetwear)

    Hmm...interesting...hopefully its dope...Wiz been makin' a lot more trap/street based music as of late...we'll see if this project is more in that direction... Follow Endless Ambition Streetwear. Urban wear for those who grind nonstop and want more out of life. IG: @gwill89gfx @endlessambition_streetwear @fantasticc___ Twitter: @GWILL89GFX @EA_StreetWear @kingstutter44 Blog: eastreetwear.blogspot.com

  • bevis n butt head mask

    whos that by windowww.// oh wait you see it//i thinkk''' oh oh// hey no hey fuker fukerrr fuck you mother fuckerrrr..

  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    Fuck him and his biracial girlfriend

  • EdenGlascotta

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  • yolo

    You a stupid ass nigga

  • bevis n butt head mask


  • bevis n butt head mask

    well probley.oh hey u notice weird things pass few weeks}} wait i think} oh haaa..}}get that drink by window ok . ok}} heyyyyyyy mannnnnnnn. yuygjj87yh8jhj

  • Pittsbugh

    I am from Pittsburgh...Born and raised and know damn near everybody here because I'm out and about.Everybody is connected to everybody her because it is such a concentrated area due to the rivers and tunnels. Nobody ever said from here they are a Wiz Khalifa fan so he needs to keep touring and get that over sea money. I met his DJ Bonics years back at the Southside movie theaters. He is a lame Asian dude who jumped on Wiz bandwagon and never looked back. Soon as this nail painting, skinny jeans wearing, drug promoting, whore wifing, pointless tattoo having, giggling on every track, freemason/satan endorsing(Nobody asked him yet but I know whats up), loser disappears, nobody will care. I wasted 1 minute of my life posting this but i saved 2 hours of your life by giving you reasons why not to ever listen to anything this clown puts out. He was a military brat who jumped from place to place not a Pittsburgh-er. It's like me trying to claim Chicago because I've been there 10 times. Wiz mom lives here in Cannonsburg. Wiz does not live here. Ask mac Miller. That white boy is realer and to be honest his new mixtape is dope. I cosign Mac miller. Wiz is garbage.

    • Anonymous

      I believe everything this guy is saying. when you moving around a lot as a kid like that im sure you gotta be fake as hell and do anything for friends or fame type. Everyone sees him for what he is now.

    • Pittsburgh

      @ Bk Ninja...you got a sense of humor my dude and Pittsburgh is smaller than NYC but this shit ain't no country town. Haha...learn your geography my dude. It's where three rivers connect and there are a bunch of hills packed into a tiny are.You are goofy though so I give you that. Tell them cats up in the hill district what you just said. Google map that so you can safely got there behind your keyboard my nigga.

    • BK Ninja

      "Born and raised and know damn near everybody here because I'm out and about" You know everybody your country ass town only has like 80k peole

    • Philadelphia

      Fuck you and your football team

    • Wiz Khalifa

      Pittsburgh sucks. just like this web site.

  • larajon

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  • jasonnn


  • fell off

    wiz khalifa fell off harder than 50 cent, lil wayne, and all the other rappers that fell off combined. If your still a fan of this guy kill your self he is probably the biggest fallen off rapper.

  • Anonymous

    Shit is going to be terrible. Wiz sucks dick.

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