Rick Ross & MMG Artists Sued By British Concert Promoter

Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Wale, and Omarion are named as defendants in a lawsuit filed by a British promoter claiming they received advance payment but never followed through with their performances.

Rick Ross has reportedly evaded court papers for as many as six months stemming from lawsuit filed by a British concert promoter. 

Christian Ezechie, a promoter who says he’s coordinated concerts for artists like Usher, Busta Rhymes, and Missy Elliott, apparently coordinated for Ross, Meek Mill, Wale, and Omarion to perform at London’s Wembley Arena in 2012. Despite their prior agreement, none of the artists in question followed through but received as much as $100,000 in advance payment. 

Ezechie filed his lawsuit in a New York federal court in October according to Page Six and has since been unable to get in contact with the defendants to deliver the papers. “Despite numerous and diligent attempts...we have been unable to locate the defendants,” Ezechie said.

Ezechie’s lawyers claim that a registered address for Ross is actually a UPS store and when a process server visited the rapper’s house in Miami he was unable to locate the artist. The court papers also allege that process servers have been “hesitant to serve him while he is surrounded by security guards” during show performances.

“It’s blatant roberry he’s doing, and he’s an artist worth $50 million,” Ezechie says. Page Six’s article reports that the promoter advanced the Maybach Music Group founder $100,000 for the performance and a similar amount for the other associated performers.

Earlier this week, a judge ruled that if the MMG defendants aren’t located prior to a hearing scheduled for early June, Ezechie’s lawyer can begin tracking down the defendants by means such as “posting a notice in a newspaper.”

On May 6, HipHopDX reported that Eminem is slated to be the first rapper to headline London’s Wembley Stadium, a venue located directly next to the Wembley Arena where Rick Ross was scheduled to perform. A week later, it was announced that Odd Future will open for Eminem at the planned July 11 concert.

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  • Anonymous

    "omario dont have 25k" He does have 8 million though.

  • Chopper City

    You don't get booked, you get books THROWN AT YOU!!!

  • Anonymous

    Is everybody @ UK a hater???

  • Blue Collar Gang

    Cont.. Is anybody from France going to the concert? Stalley will be here in France on Saturday at Stereo Type with KRS One!!

  • Anonymous

    Rozay will be at Gotha Club in Cannes tonight is anybody from

  • Anonymous

    A concert promoter advanced MMG 100K for a concert? Ross - 25K Wale - 25K Meek - 25K Omarion - 25K Split between them thats strip-club money, but if it's bad business on the promoters end they shouldn't pay.

    • Anonymous


    • Stalley BCG MMG

      Any promoters interested in Booking rates so you can book an artist just e-mail Pretty Polly for rates or inquire directly with the artists personal booking agent. To Book Stalley: (US) Mitch Blackman - ablackman@icmpartners, StalleyMusic@Gmail.com (International) - Benoit@allofloride.com

    • Anonymous

      Omarion and Stalley get around 5k a show, the rates already been made public the last time he got sued for stealing a Euro promoters money.

    • Anonymous

      no it was 100k for Ross and 100k to split up with everyone else from MMG

  • larajon

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  • Anonymous

    Bought a ticket for mmg show last year n 2 days before says it was "postponed until further notice". Then wouldn't give me money back because it wasn't officially cancelled. I got the money back in the end but it's still not cancelled. some ol bulllllshit

    • Anonymous

      I was at the Ross concert in Chicago in 2012 at Big Jam when he bought out Usher, that shit was epic, I been to a Rockie Fresh show too but never seen Omarion Wale or Meek at a show in my city.

    • Anonymous

      Where was this? Do you have GDs in your city by any chance?

  • shadyari

    Rozzay mention that last night live in concert in London, and I think he should get sued for not doing what he supposed to do :)

  • dentaldamboy

    Birdman has reached out to Ross about this matter. Don't be surprised if a few bloods pay Christian Ezechie a visit over in London.

  • Anonymous

    Lol who the hell wanna see a Rick Ross show anyway

    • Anonymous

      The article says it was a show with Ross, Wale, Meek and Omarion, fans of their music attend their shows.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like Rozay pulled a Nas.

  • Ricky Rozay

    Niggas on here still tryin to count Rozays money. Y'all niggas hatin cuz you know ross money to long for y'all broke asses. This just another lame ass nigga tryin to get money cuz he know Rozay one of the hottest rappers. This lawsuit ain't shit, Ross ain't sweating 100k my man got wing stops and classics what's a small time promoter in England to a boss? Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Bruthadee

    Sweet Jesus, could you imagine somebody wiring you 100K just to strut across a stage and recite some street poems for an hour? I need to step my hustle up. I would suck 1000 tiny white cocks for 10k, you don't even wanna know how far I would go for 100 racks.

  • Max_Mosiah

    My sean johh hat is fly as hell, watch me eat his food @Max_Mosiah on IG

  • Dessalines Isaac

    They're looking for the wrong guy. They need to be searching for William Leonard Roberts II. I sure hope they didn't send 200K to Freeway Ricky in LA.

  • H-Rap 180


  • graftedgenes

    Fraud niggas ripping off promoters and hiding behind cops and security.

  • SuperDeal

    these niggas is broke as hell

  • Anonymous

    #brokeniggashit #MacMillerMoney

  • Anonymous

    I'm calling bullshit on the whole thing. They said Eminem is the first rapper to ever play Wembley. Now you're telling me Rick Ross and MMG blew off playing the biggest spot in London 2 years prior?

    • Anonymous

      It could be a matter of janky promoters, you never know in this business but the story says there are 4 defendants.

    • anon

      There's the wembley arena and the stadium last paragraph of the article says it.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha they say bitch tits keeps himself surrounded by security guards. he's scared of real niggas.

  • ShadyInterscopeAftermath

    The ride is just about over for Rozay. MTV called him the hottest MC in Hip-hop and he still couldn't go platinum or make the top 20 on the Forbes list. I feel bad for him.

  • Thelonius

    i hope diddy, birdman and them help this nigga out when he goes broke so he can still feed his prostitute baby momma and his future foodstamp collectin kids.

  • Anonymous

    Ross is really out here strugglin mane. He gotta rip off promoters just to pay his bills and keep up the image but everyone saw that he made as much money as Mac Miller last year according to the Forbes list. #NOTBAWSE

  • Anonymous

    "he is surrounded by security guards" The best part of the original story on this was they mentioned how ironic it was that a former Flordia Corrections Officers now surrounds himself by police and security guards.

    • Anonymous

      Ross is no where near Diddy or Jay-Z's level and never will be.

    • Anonymous

      I am white, I also think it is ironic that a millionaire celebrity would need security after spending a year working in Florida Corrections. Most millionaire celebrities like JayZ and Diddy dont use security.

  • Anonymous

    Titty man is broke and in hiding from the GD's and Suge Knight. This all dates back to 2012 when he had a bunch of seizures from being a fat slob and got shook from them youtube gangsters and cancelled all his shows.

  • Anonymous

    LOL they think Rick Ross is worth 50 Million. HAHAH. Do they realize his name isn't really Rick Ross? Maybe they should start looking for William Roberts. Heard you can find him at Wingstops across America.

  • Anonymous

    How can you not find Ross, Wale, Meek and Omarion but TMZ can? LOL, I dont co-sign jacking promoters but How hard can it be for a British promoter to find Ross when he is on a Europeon tour?

    • Anonymous

      Bruthadee has his cape on ready to go.

    • Anonymous

      Serving people with judicial papers is hard, finding the location of person in this day and age is easy (unless they've been trained or lucky enough not to leave a digital footprint) it's the handing of papers which state that they been served. These papers have to be handed by hand to the recipient or they can just lie and say they never received them and didn't know the case was on therefore the ruling (not in their favor) is unfair. Plus the handlers aren't going to die for their job hence why the "process servers have been hesitant to serve him while he is surrounded by security guards during show performances." Just ask someone who has wanted a divorce but their partner done a runner

  • eazydoesit

    The Bawse aint gotta still no 100 thousand. He a 50 million dollar nigga

    • Anonymous

      and 25 million is being generous thats how much his whole life and everything might be worth but probabably a huge exageration seeing how the nigga cant go plat or earn more than 5 million a year like mac miller

    • Anonymous

      he a 25 million dollar nigga who on the decline

    • Anonymous

      I dont know how much money Rozay is worth but $100,000 is a single show for him so he should give this guy his money once the artists on the lawsuit give him their share of the advance.

  • Anonymous


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