Jay Z, Beyonce & Solange Knowles Spoofed On "Saturday Night Live"

"SNL" does a cold open sketch about the Solange Knowles and Jay Z altercation footage featuring Jay Pharoah, Maya Rudolph and Sasheer Zamata.

Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange Knowles were spoofed in a cold open sketch on Saturday Night Live (SNL) today (May 17). 

"By now, many of you have seen the footage of me and Solange in the elevator," Jay Pharoah says in the video, pretending to be Jay Z. "We're all good. You know? If there was a beef, then why did we all go to the Nets game the next day? Look at the evidence...Chea. We all went together."

Pharoah, who acts alongside Maya Rudolph as Beyonce and Sasheer Zamata as Solange, also addresses Beyonce's music videos in the sketch.  

"I'm sure you're all wondering why Bey is not here tonight," he says. "She's off making another sexually aggressive music video about a monogamous relationship."

The actors portraying Jay Z and Solange say they have audio of the altercation footage in which Solange helps Jay Z remove a spider from around him. 

"You see?" Pharoah says. "This is all just a big misunderstanding." 

Rudolph appears at the end of the clip as Beyonce.

To view the clip, click here

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  • Anonymous

    Solange is one ugly dude.

  • buncha fools

    buncha racists and ignorance all over these comments. the skit was actually decent, jay and b probably laughed

    • larajon

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  • Tony Montana

    Jay Z you gonna end up like Frank he a hassa too thats a pig who dont fly straight

  • Tony Montana

    Solange why you so mad? You got the looks all these guys in love with ypu and you got the look like you aint been fucked in a year

  • wads

    i want to get solange pregnant and then she can beat me up worse than she did hov.

  • Anonymous

    I didn't see no black people at all. All I saw was 3 c00ns and a jew.


    Let this be a lesson to any child or sibling of a celebrity, don't pursue the same career as your famous relative! Solange could have gone to school and been Beyonce's accountant or some shit and still reaped all the celebrity benefits from her sister anyway. Instead she attempted a career as a pop singer and now the only thing she'll be famous for is this.

  • Anonymous

    ATTENTION:ANDRES TARDIO. It's 2014 we all have TV's and devices so we all saw it. You don't have to post this irrelevant nonsense you moron smh

  • Anonymous

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  • robvanshow

    You got to wonder if Jay Pharoah ever gets as tired as doing the Hov impersonation as much as we're tired of seeing it

  • fuck jayz

    SNL is fucking wack

  • Anonymous

    I remember when Keenan played Rick Ross as the red teletubbie before rap.. them MMG niggas got mad.

  • unbiased

    lol SNL could have done better. that bs video isnt going to do no damage to hov's brand. if anything it shows how alert and cautious the brother is, He knew cameras are there so he knew there is always a possibility of it leaking, I knew he was bright but I have a whole lot more respect and admire for this man. As for Solange, she will always be remembered as a ratchet even money can't fix. Oh, as Beyonce's ugly sister of course.


      "SNL could have done better" could be used to describe every skit on SNL for the past 5 years... At least!

  • Anonymous

    Shout out to the c00ns who helped put this together. Rock on my negroes, make them cacs laugh.

    • Anonymous

      ^ lol calm down whiteboi


      Due to your unintelligible English I could not fully comprehend the point you intended to illustrate in this sentence. From what I was able to glean I can deduce that you believe this elevator attack was set up as some sort of prank on the white race conducted by the Carter-Knowles family? If this is indeed the case in point, u dumb AF doo!

    • Anonymous

      It's funny if you're a suburban white female.

    • Anonymous

      unless you're too young you can't deny they were hilarious at one point. Back when Eddie was there. Tbh, they still make me laugh....it's just those laughs come less often nowadays.

    • The Last Native American In Chicago

      When the hell was SNL ever funny???

  • Anthony David Young

    is this the first time an all black cast did the opening sequence? my niggas, whoo whoo!

    • dl

      Minnie Ripperton is her mom and she is the only famous part of the woman. Minnie Ripperton is a black woman

    • Anonymous

      All black? One is a jew who only brings out her long forgotten black part when it is convenience.

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