Mac Miller Explains "I Did It All Without A Drake Feature" Line

The rapper also says he's 15 days sober and spending time with Rick Rubin.

Speaking with Billboard Senior Editor Erika Ramierz on the Podcast The Juice, Mac Miller offered up an explanation of his “I did it all without a Drake feature” line on his recent Faces mixtape.

“I’m still playing it out the same speakers,” he raps on “Here We Go,” “I did it all without a Drake feature!”

Asked about the lyric, Mac joked he “invited [Drake] to [his] birthday party and he didn’t come one time.”

“I’m a huge Drake fan,” he added. “It was less about the actual Drake features...At the end of the day, I by no means have done it by myself, I have great people around me at all times. It’s just dope to kind of be where I’m at and be the head of my whole thing...It’s not like a shot.”

“Even for the rappers that do get the Drake verse, that’s awesome,” he went on. “I was actually thinking this one day, sitting there thinking. Could I actually picture myself on a song with Jay Z? Would that make any sense? I would love to. Wouldn’t that be weird? Would that sound right?”

Earlier in the podcast, Mac Miller also spoke about his drug use and alluded to a possible working relationship with Rick Rubin.

Initially asked if his mother had listened to Faces yet, Mac said he thinks she has.

“Yeah,” he said. “I think so. I don’t know. There’s a lot of heavy drug references in there, so I know that bothers her.”

Asked if his drug use or the possibility of an overdose worries him, Mac Miller largely shrugged off the suggestion.

“I’m worried about these dogs right now,” he said with barking heard in the background. “I’m straight dude. We all experiment. We all go all over the place. We all learn from our things. I’m just honest. I just don’t like to hide anything. But I’m straight. I’m good...The most important thing is always realizing that the sober you is the best you. But my main drug is the studio. The past two years I just been in that room.”

“Everything’s Kosher,” he said. “I actually just got sober...No weed. I’ve been completely sober for 15 days so I can do transcendental meditation. Do you guys meditate?”

“I’m out here getting spiritual,” he said. “Rick got me meditating out here. I can’t say much more man. We’ve already said too much.”

Mac Miller Details Career Shift After Blue Slide Park

Referencing a one-star review of his debut album on Pitchfork, Mac Miller described transitioning away from the type of music he made on Blue Slide Park and being able to stand by his product in a different way.

“The other thing I want to speak on, I just thought of this, the whole direct correlation with the negative review and what happened to my life after,” he said. “I think it was less about the people—I really truly felt able to stand by that music that wouldn’t have bothered me. Like now, when Watching Movies came out, everyone didn’t give that a good review. I got bad reviews on that too. That’s it when it kind of tests you, how much do you love your music or can you stand by it? And that’s kind of what’s changed. I remember having Blue Slide Park, and I used to do this thing where I would pop a Molly before I would listen to the album before it came out. Don’t do drugs. I remember having a really bad experience with Blue Slide Park. There’s nothing wrong with that album...As long as I’m here it’s gonna be this funny thing. It’s not even bad, it’s just different. It’s a little more surfacey. That’s not what I was really going for at that point.”

Stream the full interview below. 

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  • yung niggy

    When I think about the realest rappers, Nas, BIG, and 50 come to mind. But you gotta put Drake up there. People always make the case that he's a "simp" or "soft"... But he tells the truth. He talks about what he knows, which is mostly love. But when he starts sending shots everybody calls him fake. If somebody was coming at you, would you just stand there? Drake never claimed to be something he's not and continues to be on top of the game. Realest rapper out.

  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    I think mentioning doing it without Drake, is really still doing it with Drake.

  • Anonymous

    fuckin prep rap get that shit outta here

  • Anonymous

    And where exactly is Mac Miller at?

  • Champagne Papi

    Guest verse coming soon. Ju Boyz Vol. 1!!

  • What about that Lil Wayne verse?

    He sure got that Lil Wayne feature though and it was a hot song.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    mac miller is really underrated. Faces is cool as shit. great vibe to the songs.

  • Anonymous

    Mac Miller no one takes you seriously :P

  • Vendelataylor014

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  • Anonymous

    alot of people have "DONE IT" with out a Drake feature. These young rappers think this game is new. this dumbass has lot to learn about the industry.

    • Anonymous

      How did that 22 year old white guy make as much as Rick Ross last year on an indie label he doesn't even own? Doesn't Ross own a label and like 36 Wingstop's? Plus all that Reebok, Ciroc and Belair Rose money. Ross must be hustling wrong.

    • Anonymous

      He had Wiz and Lil Wayne features. Also he didn't own the independent label he was on, so that's a moot point.

    • Anonymous

      Great Track!, nothing you says is true at all.

    • Anonymous

      He will give anyone a verse I remember he had a song with Little Brother and they sold less than 10K first week and about 50K total.

    • Anonymous

      A Weezy feature hasn't meant shit since 2010.

    • Anonymous

      Cool story, Mac Miller made 6 Millie in one year but let's not act like he didn't have LiL Wayne featured on his 2012 Mixtape "Macadelic" (released 3/23/12) , he even threw a Lex Luger beat on there.

    • Great Track!

      The man has a net-worth of $6 Million dollars annually and did it independently with no co-signs whatsoever. Dropped a pop album which went #1, then easily adapted and grew up and dropped a sensational project last year and recently. Who hasn't done it without a Drake feature? I bet your favorite rapper is Kendrick Lamar (not that that's a bad thing) but he definitely did it with TWO (count em'!) TWO Drake features. J. Cole? Drake feature. Rick Ross? Various Drake features. 2 Chainz? Uh yeah! Big Sean? YES! Hell he's keeping Lil Wayne's career alive and breathing as is. Name me some top! (Not independent/underground rappers like Chance,Vic Mensa, El-P, Aesop Rock, Slug, Illogic etc.) besides Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Big K.R.I.T., Wale or Kid Cudi who haven't done it without a Drake feature?

  • Haz2

    All you Drake groupies in the comments... TURN YOUR DICK RIDE DOWN!!! Damn!!!

  • Anonymous

    "are annually are black" The best selling rapper in the world is white (Eminem) and the highest selling rap group in the world are white (Beastie Boys). The Beatie Boys debut has sold 9X million, Vanilla Ice debut sold 7X million and Eminem has two albums that have sold 10X million. The white rappers may only be 5% of all rappers but they can outsell their Black peers by millions.

    • Anonymous

      I was talking about Eminem brah, cool story though.

    • Anonymous

      Huh? The Forbes Cash King list that Mac made at #20 was for estimated revenue accumulated between June 2012 and June 2013. Mac had the Macadelic tour with 53 shows during that time and Blue Slide Park was still moving units and he had a Gold single with "Loud" and a feature on a multi-platinum single "The Way" so its no surprise he pulled 6.5 million during that time. Luda, and Wayne are both multi-platinum artists with multi-platinum singles getting fat publishing checks, they have brands like Truk Fit and Conjure and have been eating of DTP and Young Money artists for years now. Kanye can generate more than Mac Miller off his production alone and the publishing he gets off exec-producing Jon Legend albums. Drake gets $150,000 minimum a show and his albums "Take Care" charted in 13 countries and sold over 2.5 domestically and 2.5 million in Canada so imagine the revenue Drake had between those dates. Wiz bossed up and started his own label so he's eating off his artists, exec-producing albums like "Stay Trippy", he made 14Mill during that space of time doing 75 shows with a booking price of 125K according to Forbes. He also had a platinum single and sold 425K copies of "HNIC" during that period....ironically Wiz and Mac were both on Rostrum Records during this period. If Mac did more guest features and got some endorsements he could make even more but at the age of 22 he doesent have to rush.

    • Anonymous

      Despite his high sales he still managed to earn less than Wiz Khalifa, Ludacris, Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West etc.

  • drake runs rap

    even mac knows drake makes rap carreers. asap kendrick and all these other upcoming rappers need a drake ft. Drake runs this rap shit and your favourite rappers even know it.

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick got noticed before Drake came into the picture. He didn't stab Drake in the back since he doesn't owe him anything.

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick did get noticed off of Drake's Take Care album. Then he turned around and stabbed Drake in the back. fuck ken doll lamar!

    • ^

      None of what you say is true. Drake doesn't make careers. He didn't birth anyone's careers. Nobody's careers suffered because they beefed with him. Many artists have dropped the same songs he made and topped the charts, his situation is nothing special. You say you're not a fan of him, yet you named every project you dropped. You sound like a dickrider.

    • Great Track!

      @Anonymous You guys think it's so cool to hate on a popular artist on the internet huh? 'm not a Drake fan that much with the exception of Take Care, Thank Me Later, So Far Gone, Comeback Season & Room For Improvement. Well if you noticed Drake does make careers. Kendrick, Asap, & Meek Mill all got they're careers birthed because of either a Drake co-sing & feature. Let's be real now he's got this going in his favor. Also if you noticed... when you beef with Drake your career goes downhill afterwards as well. Chris Brown? Common? To a degree Pusha T. Ludacris. Probably some other irrelevant artist now a days. Hell he's somehow even managed to get Soulja Boy's name back into people's mouths. C'mon dude, leave the hate alone for a while and be real about a situation. Who can drop shit songs like Worst Behavior, Hold On, We're Going Home & Started From The Bottom and somehow still the top the charts of name alone? It's like he said on Draft Day, "How'd the game turn into the Drake show." Oh yeah he also survives the Internet with memes and trolls and even though he's lost every beef he's been in he still hasn't even had a shred of career deflated.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong, bitch. Drake doesn't make any careers and nobody needs a feature from him. Drake doesn't run anything and your delusional ass can't see that.

  • Anonymous

    Mac Miller has had features from LiL Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Electronica, Juicy J, and Wiz Khalifah but everybody wants a feature from the Champagne Papi known as Drizzy Drake.

  • Weak Niggas Need Drake To Get Noticed

    Did that shit really need an explanation??? LMAO you people are mentally slow

  • Anonymous

    Drake has been a lot more selective with his features every since he publicly complained about everybody requesting features but good luck getting Drake on a feature with an Indie budget. You have to crawl before you walk, you not going to get the big name features untill you get ya weight up.

    • Anonymous

      "HE JUST HAD RICK ROSS ON HIS MIXTAPE! NOT NO FUCKING ALBUM! A FUCKING MIXTAPE! And Ross easily charges $100,000-$150,000 a feature. " You and I both know Ross begged to be on that mixtape to try and get the suburbs back on his side. He likely did the verse for free if not asked Mac Miller to give him one for his next album.

    • Anonymous

      Hold on. Drake does not charge 250K for a feature he charges between 75K and 150K depending on the status of the artist. Mac Miller gets 85K to 100K a show yes. Trust me even an Indie artist like Mac Miller is not going to spend 150K for a Drake feature when he can get Action Bronson for a bag of Doritoes and a chili-dog. Mac is a cheapskate, he buys beats by bulk from ID Labs and has a small entourage. 2-Chainz didnt make Forbes last year but he just dropped a free Mixtape with ASAP, Rozay, Ty Dolla, and Boosie with production by Mike Will, DJ Paul, and Young Chop!

    • Great Track!

      You do realize with his "Indie Budget" that Drake charges 250,000 a feature correct? Mac Miller makes $6 Millions dollars annually and makes $100,000 a show. You think 2 shows & a half would have him hurting? Stop. HE JUST HAD RICK ROSS ON HIS MIXTAPE! NOT NO FUCKING ALBUM! A FUCKING MIXTAPE! And Ross easily charges $100,000-$150,000 a feature. Man please, fuck outta here.

  • Anonymous

    He was referring to how he earned as much money as Rick Ross (the biggest boss we've seen thus far) last year without Drake, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and Kanye West providing him with hits to keep his career going.

    • anonymous

      Exactly. Whether you like him or not, for years Drake features have been making songs hot that nobody would have even farted on. He's saying he's accomplished without that kind of help

  • Anonymous

    No he didn't do it all. He didn't make as much money as drake and did not go gold once.

    • Anonymous

      "are annually are black" ???

    • Macaroni

      (^^) Dont forget MM had a 50 city tour for Blue Slide Park that broke Indie records too.

    • Anonymous

      (2011) MAC MILLER - Blue Slide Park: 350,000 (2013) MAC MILLER - Watching Movies With The Sound Off : 225,000 Mac killed em for the 2011, he did those numbers on an indie but people forget that "Blue Slide Park" was the first Indie album since the 90's to hit #1 as a a debut! Mac is the new era Eminem and the most succesful white solo rapper after Em, he doeent have to go Gold because 350,000 on an Indie is Platinum on a major.

    • Anonymous

      He earned as much money as Rick Ross last year though.

    • Anonymous

      Drake is half white but the rappers who get the most money are annually are black.

    • Anonymous

      He wont make annually what Drake does but hes white so he should get a lot of love and support since white people buy 85% of the HipHop that's consumed in the U.S.

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