Veteran Houston rapper Lil Keke weighed in on recent footage of Solange attacking Jay Z in an interview with VladTV. Speculating on what might have caused the outbreak, Lil Keke later referenced his longtime friendship with Solange saying “I don’t know that Solange right there.”

“Wow,” he said when initially asked about the altercation. “This is the craziest thing about it. If Jay woulda knew he was being taped and he was kind of doing the break-up thing, we’d have been respecting it as men. ‘Well, you know he couldn’t really do nothing.’ But based on he don’t even know and he was taking that ass-whooping it was kind of crazy. The most crazy thing about it man, what I’ve been going through for two days, everybody wanna know, man, Jay had to do something real stiff in order for her to go that crazy. And if you notice Beyonce, she kind of was on the ‘Hmm’ side. Like, ‘Hmm. Go ahead.’”

Apparently speaking to his relationship with the Knowles family, Keke said, "We kind of cool with them.”

“When they come to the city they invite us backstage,” he added. “They come back. I know Solange from a little girl and all this. Really I don’t know that Solange right there. That’s tough right there. Everybody where I’m from was trying to figure out, man what the hell did Jay—Jay did something tough. I’m talking about kicking, spitting, you had to really say something or do something.

“We thinking he probably—I don’t know,” he went on. “But it was a crazy experience. I don’t know if I would have been that—I don’t hit women either but hey, we gon’ have to get her right in a minute. It’s crazy.”

Asked if Solange’s actions portray Houston women in general, Keke said, “Well, yeah. Sort of.”

“But we looked at them like a little different,” he said, seemingly speaking about Beyonce and Solange. “I thought they was a little more classy than that. But, you know, it comes out. It’s an after party, you been drinking a little bit. But hey, she was feeling real good. And then let me tell you what else we got out of that. That can’t be a first time. You don’t go that crazy the first time. That looked to me like Solange and Jay done had a few words before. Like, ‘I ain’t scared of Jay. I’ll tell him something in a minute.’ That’s what it looked like to me.”