Transgender model Sidney Starr, who was once rumored to be in a relationship with Hip Hop artist Chingy, recently spoke with VladTV and offered her opinion on how Mister Cee should handle his sexual orientation in the public.

“I would say my outtake on Mister Cee, I think he really was in a big, big denial stage in his life,” Sidney Starr said. “I think the way he was exposed was kind of bad. I feel sorry for him because the last time that he had that little video on him, that person that did that to him was reckless. I know everyone makes mistakes, that man should have been able to have another way of bringing out that fetish of his. I think the way it was done was horrible. I feel sorry for him. He should not be feeling bad about what he likes. I think he should just embrace it.

“I think Mister Cee probably thinks he’s probably the laugh of the town right now but it’s a lot of men out here who love transgender women and are very vocal with it,” Starr continued. “I think he should just take that and be vocal with it and embrace it. I think people will respect him more instead of being ashamed of it.”

When asked if she has had relationships with men like Mister Cee who keep their sexual preferences hidden from the public, Sidney Starr said “of course.”

“I have many of those in my life right now,” she said. “It drives me crazy, it’s like, ‘Dude, don’t tell me that if you see me in public to don’t say nothing to you.’ You just were with me, kissing all on me, telling me how much you love me. That really irks me. So I really hate those Mister Cee’s in my life right now. Those are the dudes who I do wrong. I make them give me all their money. At the end of the day, I’m gonna be the one taking your money even though you told me not to say shit to you in public, but baby I took about $500 out your pocket. Yeah. I did.”