Cam'ron Explains "First Of The Month" EPs; Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz Among Features

Cam'ron says the first "First of the Month" EP is set to drop July 1.

Cam'ron's First Of The Month EPs, slated to be released digitally via Empire Distribution, are set to feature some prominent Rap and R&B figures. 

“The people that’s gonna be on this project is Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, Estelle and Gunplay, so far,” Cam'ron says in an interview with MTV

As part of this EP series, new material is scheduled to be released monthly, with a 25-minute visual accompaniment.  

“The first one is July 1 for the visual, July 3 for the music,” Cam says. “And we’ll put it out — the visual — every first of the month. So, August 1 will be another visual, September 1. And then, whatever the first Tuesday is of every month, we’ll be doing the music, as well.”

That isn't the only project Cam's been planning, as he said in April.

"That’s just one thing that’s next," Cam'ron said at the time. "Me and Dame have been working. I got back with Dame and it’s a pleasure. That’s my big brother. We just put out the Diplomat clothing line which has been great. We got a project called Federal Reserve with A-Trak that he put together. He's working with Smoke DZA and I’m helping him out with that. We’re going to do a project eventually. We got a fur line coming. We got a lot of stuff going on." 

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    lost interest knowing Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, Estelle and Gunplay are gonna be on it.

    • Come On

      Estelle is good I don't know what the fuck your talking about. She's one of the most underrated artist out there.

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