Tyler, the Creator Buzzfeed Visit Leads To Twitter Backlash

The Odd Future artist reportedly spewed profanity and Nerf darts during visit.

Tyler, the Creator’s visit today (May 14) to the office of Buzzfeed resulted a stream of Twitter responses from staffers at the news site.

Witnesses say the Los Angeles rapper screamed profanity, shot a Nerf gun and took snacks. 

The tweets from Buzzfeed staff are as follows:

Tyler, the Creator used Twitter to address his visit to Buzzfeed.

Afterwards, Tyler and Odd Future were live in-studio with Huffington Post to promote the next season of Loiter Squad. 

Tyler recently expressed doubts about a joint project with Earl Sweatshirt.

“’I’m serious," he said. "I don’t want to do it anymore and to be honest it will never live up to the expectations of people that really want it. Not that that really matters, but I’m not in the mindframe to do a whole album of that shit.’” 

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  • Anonymous

    anything for attention huh

  • Anonymous

    @doreeshafrir me to @SteveKandell: WHAT IS GOING ON Steve: literally all of odd future just ran in here yelling at all of us and taking our snacks

  • Anonymous

    lol i reas these odd future niggas came into their officer and stole their snacks!

  • Anonymous

    see i prefer a little chaos here and there, the universe itself is chaotic.............let the man be

  • Anonymous

    these guys are kids that are directly influenced by MTV culture and JACKASS. Johnny Knoxville and those fools have to be proud

  • Anonymous

    Y'all got niggas here!!! Lol Tyler is funny but he need to grow up SMH.

  • dentaldamboy

    The picture of Jay-Z and Frank Ocean at the beach with their shirts off is kinda suspect.

    • anon

      do you wear a shirt when youre at the beach? or do you just live in nebraska or something and never experienced one

  • IM high

    Hodgy Beats is the one in that group everyone needs to slap that nigga is a fuckin corny faggot bitch boy. I bought tylers goblin album (not sure why the yonkers track fooled me) lol that shit sucked balls

  • no

    this isn't twitter backlash... they're just stating what was happening they're not mad or creating backlash... stop trying to create news stories that just don't exist DX

  • Anonymous

    Niggas can't rap so they had to resort to a corny tv show.

  • Anonymous

    Yous a corny muthafucka

  • Anonymous

    Anybody who can look at that picture and not get the urge to swing on dude a better man then me.

  • Anonymous

    how much is "buzzfeed" paying hhdx to keep making articles about their articles?

  • Anonymous

    His fanbase love this shit.

    • Anonymous

      I'm not a crazy Odd Future fan but the reason people love this is we live in a hip-hop world where everyone takes themselves so seriously. These dude's just clown and have fun like Shady back in the day and that's why he was so popular. In a hip-hop culture where you have to say pause or no homo because of your insecurities these dudes are refreshingly honest and transparent.

  • Anonymous

    If you let that ignorant douche into your office you deserve whatever you get. If they had told me in advance he was coming I'd have taken a sick day.

  • Anonymous

    Tyler starting to sound more & more like a malignant narcissist.

  • Frank Ocean sucks cock

    this fucker is still around???

  • Anonymous

    Hes gotta do something to drum up some attention on himself. His rapping definitely aint doing the job... childish muthfucka

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