Beyonce Instagrams Solange Knowles Photographs Following Jay Z Attack

Beyonce has not directly addressed Solange attacking Jay Z, but the singer has posted images of her sister on Instagram.

Following news of her sister attacking Jay Z, Beyonce has posted several images of herself with Solange on Instagram.

The singer has not directly addressed Solange punching and kicking Jay Z, but this is the first sign of any comment from the singer. 

Beyonce's four posts feature the sisters hugging and in good spirits. One image has the following caption: "Good Morning."

Furthermore, MTV has reported that past reports of Solange deleting Beyonce from her Instagram posts are untrue. 

The most recent Beyonce pictures are as follows: 

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  • jay

    AGAIN, Social Media Damage Control. I bet Beyonce don't even know the password to that Instagram Account. Keep believing in the happy family fairy, sheeple.

  • Anonymous

    Beyonce Instagrams Orlando Jones Photographs Following Jay Z Attack

  • PHIL


  • Grav

    I always do the gold I never do the bronze if you could have Beyonc. Would you take solange?

  • Anonymous

    Your website is slow: Beyonce and Solange just had a fight last night at Cleaver's Hotel downtown NYC.

  • Anonymous

    It's even like this for regular working guys. You have those female family members for your wife that hate your marriage. They're mad because their sister or cousin looks better than them and you are a better man than the men they date. Solange is obviously unhappy because she's ugly and not popular at all. She had a baby for an ugly blue eyed light skinned guy and has a son that's ugly, but has light skin and blue eyes. She hates the fact that a man with more money than Beyonce married Beyonce. Solange has to date men that use her for her money and status as Beyonce's sister lol. People with nothing to lose will try to mess up what you have to lose.

  • Anonymous

    Solange has the crazy eyes

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