Solange Knowles Reportedly Attacked Jay Z Regarding His Attending Rihanna Party Without Beyonce

A source says Solange seemed "drunk and irritated" when she attacked Jay Z.

Solange Knowles assaulted Jay Z because the rapper planned on attending Rihanna's Met Gala after-party without Beyonce, according to a source who spoke with the New York Daily News

The source says problems between Jay Z and Solange began 15 minutes prior to the hotel altercation. A few of Solange's friends reportedly told The Standard they were Jay Z's guests. The rapper reportedly told Solange to not use his name. Solange, upset by this, said she wanted to leave the event. 

On the elevator, the source says Jay Z informed them that he'd be going to Up & Down, where Rihanna would be holding a Met Gala after-party, without Beyonce. Solange was upset by this, according to the report. 

Solange "seemed drunk and irritated," according to another source the newspaper cites. "She said, ‘Why can't you go home?' and to Beyonce 'Why does your husband need to go to the club right now?'"

Jay Z reportedly responded with the following: "You're one to talk." 

Solange was upset by this response, according to the source. That is when she assaulted Jay Z, as shown in the TMZ-released footage. 

Jay Z, Solange and Beyonce have yet to address the matter. 

Reps for Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange did not return requests for comment.

To view footage of Solange attacking Jay Z, click here.

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  • Anonymous

    Solange wants to be Rihanna...Bey prolly wanted to go home; Jay wanted to stunt...NEXT TIME leave the nobody (SOLANGE) at yaself from this type shit!!!!!

  • Kap Diva

    Solange is the typical family that's mad she can't get a successful man to marry her. She was waiting on her shot to embarrass Jay Z and take his shine, She always wanted to get attention. I remember she broke the news of Beyonce's wedding. She's a loser and attention whore.

  • bitchiknowwhatsup

    This is a high in hotel so if they got video they have audio I worked at a pawnshop in the hood and they had both so you mean to tell me a big time hotel don't have audio come on this is a shake down I bet tmz got it mountmasmore on ig

  • Anonymous

    she needs rehab

  • Anonymous

    Why are people acting like this is the first time they saw a spoiled female? SMH So... Why is she not in jail again?

  • Anonymous

    rihanna is a roc nation artist? so why wouldnt he attend solange is jelly

  • Anonymous

    Jay z looks frightened in that footage not even laughing it off or grabbing her into a bear hold. Just against the glass packing shit

  • Justify my thug

    [Verse Three: Jay-Z] They say an eye for an eye, we both lose our sight And two wrongs don't make a right But when you been wrong and you know all along that it's just one life At what point does one fight? (Good question right!) Hov!

  • Kweli

    Women (mainly black women) get away with hitting men because we have given them a pass, with all of this "a real man doesn't hit a woman" crap.

  • Anonymous

    Damage control this nigga was beat up by a bitch and his own bitch did nothing to stop the fight

  • Anonymous

    Who is this bitch to think that a nigga cant go somewhere without his bitch holding his cock? Bitch mind your business! That bitch was mad she got checked and just used that going to an after party shit to have a reason to blow her stack. Jay should have standing dropped kick that bitch! LOL

  • Anonymous

    solange a trashy ho


    He got 99 problems and a bitch is ONE. HIT ME!

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z got 100 problems now!!! First!!!

  • Ether'd

    I love girls,girls,girls,girls, girls i do adore...- *Kwpsssh* splap to jays face.. shut up ho.

  • Anonymous

    Bad week for Jay... Dr Dre comes up from behind "Smack" I got a billion first b!tch! Solan from the front with the Uppercut "POW" the Thrones for the taking, watch me take it!

  • Anonymous

    "this is coming from someone who thinks an armed robbery is a fundraiser event" This coming from someone who thinks a pink slip is something you get after you use your charge card at Macy's.

  • a

    So that's why Drake is so pissed. Both Beyonce & Rihanna that some pimp shit

  • Robby O.

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  • Capitain Obvious

    "A source says Solange seemed "drunk and irritated" when she attacked Jay Z." No shit.

  • Anonymous

    Solange and Beyonce need to worry more about their children they never meet being at a party or on the road constantly.

  • Anonymous

    She must be super sensitive. Was checking her music videos on youtube and found out all of them had the comments section disabled lol

  • pimpshitpoppin


  • RR

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Jay-Z: 10,000,000 Solange: 0

  • Anonymous

    What a screwed up triangle. The Rhianna Jay-Z Beyonce game.

  • Anonymous

    Jay got his ass kicked by a girl lol

  • Bobby Ray

    Y'all Looking For More Editors

  • lisa

    Yea, I could see why Solange did what she did; 8-) GTFOOH!!!!

  • g1

  • Danielle Harling

    Phew! It's a good thing this sister decided to plan this attack with Hov so that his irrelevant self could be back in the news. I express this because without this event occurring, we the elite DX staff wouldn't have been able to stretch this into, well, almost 15 articles. Solange, you go girl! Getting me paid. I know you readers enjoy our top notch journalism, McDonalds pays us heavy, you mobile users know what we mean. Well, guys and girls, just wanted to put that out there, and before you start the negativity, I will (with permission) disclose our net worth, so you know we ain't broke around here. We paid. Tardios $780,000 Hunte $1,800,000 Balfour $930,000 Maera $640,000 Baker $290,000 Harling $1,460,000 Told ya we're paid, holla! :) Happy Reading -Danielle Harling, assistant editor

  • Anonymous

    I saw that footage, and I wouldnt go as far as calling it an assault

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't really seem to fit tbh

  • Anonymous

    That seems so petty! Be sure to check out thegrandreport(dot)com, they have good viral videos on there too!

  • Anonymous

    White woman > Black woman all day err day

  • Danny


  • Anonymous

    the only thing i got from this was how fake Beyonce is that fake smile and butter wouldn't melt in my mouth look smh

  • white women are the right women

    A Black woman becoming violent and overreacting to a trivial matter?! No surprise here, it's all too common. No wonder why, Solange has no man to speak of and her baby daddy left. Brothers, go find yourselves some fit, educated and level-headed White women.

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  • Lil Icy Boi!

    Jay-Z was right, he just wanted to fuck Rihanna. Women are just tools.... swag

  • Shwarmski

    He was going to a club called "Up & Down" and the fight happened in an elevator. Ironic.

  • bubba

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