The Standard Releases Statement Regarding Jay Z, Solange Altercation

The Standard hotel says it will take action regarding the breach of its security system.

Jay Z was apparently assaulted by Solange Knowles in a video released on TMZ today (May 12). 

The alleged incident took place at a Met Gala after party, which was held at The Standard Hotel in New York City, New York May 5. 

The Standard released a statement today.

“We are shocked and disappointed that there was a clear breach of our security system and the confidentiality that we count on providing our guests,” The Standard says in a statement, according to “We are investigating with the utmost urgency the circumstances surrounding the situation and, as is our customary practice, will discipline and prosecute the individuals involved to our fullest capacity.”

TMZ also reported that Solange and Beyonce left the hotel in one car, while Jay Z left in a different vehicle. 

Footage of the altercation is as follows:

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  • Stanucci

    Gucci Mane doesn't get hit by a woman only a bitch ass nigga like Jay-Z.

  • slaped by a bitch

    lol why didnt Jay hit her. I mean the nigga is a pimp? Or is the nigga just a lyer like all other rappers. Slapped by a bitch lol

    • jane doe

      your a bitch for even saying some shit like that (he should of slap her)punk bitch azz negroes these days!

  • POPE

    Solange punk ass probably wasn't even invited lol

  • pops

    Sounds like someone is trying to get ahead of a pending lawsuit, because it's coming.....

  • Anonymous

    TMZ need to be held accountable for everything they do. A law unto themselves.

  • Mack

    Seems like a bitch is problem nr 100 for Hova.

    • poxo

      nah, would have been if beyonce was the one who fcked him up. Now this is a nigga with a bitch problem.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone acts like Hov is Jesus or something, like he's perfect..looks good on one just attacks u for no reason lol..

    • jane doe

      a sister wont let another sister SNAP like that in less shes in the right. He did something out of pocket. AND his wife knows it!

    • Anonymous

      Jigga potrays as mr Perfect hangin out with Kriss martin n shit well he was remainded hes still a negro

  • SirTaco

    lol that bitch is angry

  • Anonymous

    Security personnel seen a 6 figure payday selling that tape to TMZ but they might lose their job and have to deal with a possible lawsuit from their employer. I'm sure there are contractual rules that employees have to follow based on guests privacy and rules were broken by the tape being leaked. You should be able to fondle your wife in an elevator without some pervert leaking the footage online.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing perverted about sister-in-law footage it's not an intimate situation, however assaulting someone is different.

    • Anonymous

      You should be able to have your sister-in-law put hands on you without some pervert leaking the footage online

  • dentaldamboy

    What a joke. Prosecute? These aren't medical records. Releasing this tape wasn't a criminal act.

    • Chris

      Filming people in a public setting is legal. Publishing the footage is legal as well as long as it is not distributed for funds. An elevator is a public place, especially at a gala. Nothing wrong happened.

    • Anonymous

      Then you need to read the laws of the country which you live in and of each state because yes it is a criminal act.

  • 50Pipz

    They better did... Lemme see how dis breach of their security help d hotel's image

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