Dame Dash Impressed By Solange Knowles, Says She "Seems Like A Fighter"

Dame Dash says Solange Knowles is an "independent spirit."

Dame Dash has commented on Solange Knowles, the singer who has been in the headlines today due to an altercation with her brother-in-law, Jay Z.

Dash, who co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records with Jay Z, posted the following message to accompany an image of him, his daughter Ava, Solange and A-Trak.

"Forgot about this one @ava_dash @atrak and solange ...I am actually impressed with her independent spirit... She seems like a fighter #festivallife."

Dash's Instagram post is as follows:

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  • Anonymous

    "posted the following message to accompany an image of him, his daughter Ava, Solange and A-Trak." WHERE IS DAME DASH IN THAT PIC?? DO YALL NIGGAZ EVEN KNOW WHO HE IS???

  • leather face

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  • POPE

    Now if jay would have snuffed her after the first hit would he have been wrong? I wouldn't even let my lil sisters disrespect my girl/ wife and vice versa.

  • smhtwo

    Well it seems Solange was arguing with Rachel Roy (Dame's Ex Wife) right before the altercation with Jay. Maybe Jay said someting about it and she went off. Still a bad look by Solange and a bad look by Dame for not getting all the facts. Jay was probably defending Dame's baby moms... smh

  • Anonymous

    jay z a little punk - bin saying it for years - no where near the greatest rapper of all time - hes lame

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  • Anonymous

    "How's barely being in the spot light feel #unfollowed" Lol @ people shitting on Dame, y'all sensitive Camel stans really don't know how to take a joke

  • Anonymous

    @Dame... You mad bro?!

  • Anonymous

    That ain't Dame in the picture

  • Hater

    Dame Dash is a washed up broke faggot.

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