"20 Outrageous Hip Hop Interviews" Listed By HotNewHipHop

The list features Kanye West, Cam'ron, Young Joc, Lil Mama and Ma$e, among others.

HotNewHipHop has released a list of "20 Outrageous Hip Hop Interviews."

"The great thing about artists in Hip Hop, is that you can you pretty much trust that most of the time they will be real, even when they are being broadcasted live around the world," the site says. "Outspoken and honest at the best of times, hip hop is genre which prides itself on bringing on competition and delivering the truth. Over time, this has resulted in interviews where confrontations occur, sometimes without warning, and rappers get real candid.

"Love them or hate them, some rappers will give you their honest opinion rather than a media-savvy polished answer," the site adds. "Many of these interviews will go down in Hip Hop history as some of the biggest moments in game, whilst others will just have you cringing at how ridiculous they are."

The list includes interviews by Kanye West, Lil Mama, Young Joc and Dame Dash, among others. 

Kanye West On BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe Program

Lil Mama Cries On The Breakfast Club


Yung Joc Falls Asleep In An Interview

Mase, Cam’ron and Jim Jones Beef On Hot 97

Dame Dash, Cam’ron On The O'Reilly Factor

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  • Gucci woulda dropped Solange

    Anyone seen the interview Beanie gave in the back of a van with Omilio sat beside him and the two of them are obviously on that purp/lean in the second half of the interview? The interview stops for an advert, and they relatively fine and they come back after getting "cleaned up and changed" and Beans talking about how gangster he is cos he rockin a white skully and Omilio is to his side and you can hear him repeating "holler" in sporadic bursts in the background ?

  • brazy

    Thats what I'm sayenn.

  • Really

    How that Bizzy Bone interview in Houston is not on here is beyond me...that shit was the definition of outrageous

  • Anonymous

    officer ricky got his feelings hurt by a bitch

  • devil devils

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    hahaha they listed that one where a girl calls William Roberts Officer Ricky at an awards shoe and he gets upset and insults her shoes.

  • TaZzZ

    God O'Reilly is the incarnation of the devil...

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