Birdman Says Young Thug Has The Same Potential Lil Wayne & Drake Had

Birdman says it doesn't "take a lot of rap to make a hit record," says Young Thug has the ability to create a hit with limited rapping.

Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman recently appeared on set at the Young Thug cover shoot with Complex magazine and spoke with the publication about his hopes for the Atlanta rapper.

Before relating to Young Thug’s upbringing, Birdman stated that those at Cash Money have come to embrace Young Thug as a little brother.

“I know he a big fan of Wayne. And we embrace Thug [as] our little brother,” he said. “We come from the projects, New Orleans. That lifestyle we come from. I wanted to do better for me. To do better for them. To do better for us. When I see Thug he come from that same cloth. From these streets. And I see an opportunity to help him change not just his life, [but] his family’s life, his homies’ life. And make a difference in this world. And it’s through music, something that I’m powerful in. And I wouldn’t do nothing but bless him in every way possible. I’mma do everything within my powers to make him as big as he possibly can be and want to be.”

Birdman later touched on the potential Young Thug has to create records without even having to rap. He then went on to compare Young Thug’s potential to that of Drake and Lil Wayne prior to their musical success.

Lastly, the Cash Money helmsman expressed his hope for molding Thug into a superstar.

“I think a lot of rappers—niggas now just rapping a lot. And it don’t take a lot of rap to make a hit record,” Birdman said. “You know, you got the Wayne and the Drakes who really take songs and don’t rap at all. Might sing on a song. Might do just a little rapping. That’s what I see in him. He one of them that can do that. You know, Wayne developed into doing all these different things. And you got these young artists who really, Wayne is the mold for them. They watched Wayne. They studied Wayne. And he coming in the game like that. To me that put him on a higher level. Our plan as YMCMB and Rich Gang is to make him a superstar, a rock star.”

On a handful of occasions, Young Thug has expressed his admiration for Young Money rapper Lil Wayne. During an interview with Fader at the top of this year, he referred to Weezy as his idol. And months after that interview, Thug revealed his plans to name his upcoming album Carter VI.

“Nah, I just feel like I’m that big. Cause he feel like after Tha Carter V he ain’t gonna make no more music. Cause he feel like can’t nobody make music like that,” the rapper said during an interview with DJ Whoo Kid.


  • NOTB

    to me it looks like baby's trying to fill the void wayne has left, because his prime time is obviously over. Carter V may still sell 150k first week but what's that compared to his last 2 "Carter" installments? You guessed it, a huge flop.

  • Wayne Wilson

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  • los979

    Young thug lacks talent. IceJJFish could do better.Its Dumbed down americans thatll be like, oooh, thats a classic", yeah a classic piece of shit track. Like All Birdmans Music.

  • yung niggy

    potential to kiss him on the mouth

  • Anonymous

    how can he even think of comparing..

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    With all that money and business savy, yet you sound stupid. smh

  • jasonnn

  • Lil Icy Boi!

    Young Thug and them Chicago rappers are da true innovators of modern hip hop. I knew this nigga has da potenital to bea hip hop superstar. swag

  • Anonymous

    Well, he's stupid like Birdman.

  • Anonymous

    I think a lot of rappersniggas now just rapping a lot. And it dont take a lot of rap to make a hit record, And that's why YMCMB will never be taken seriously. He's basically saying it doesn't take a lot of skill to make great records which is not true. Maybe they still have hit records but hit doesn't mean good.

  • Anonymous

    The only potential they share is that D in the booty potenial that's it.

  • drake runs rap

    you fuck boys need to admit that ymcmb runs the rap game. This is an indisputable fact. Drake runs rap TDE is nothing they dont even have 10 percent of the sucess that drake has kendrick is drakes maid in the rap game.


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    • Anonymous

      Half them gonna be gone when Wayne leaves. FUCK YMCMB! No I should say FUCK Birdman. I don't see nothing wrong with the upcoming artists on YMCMB just I Birdman. Just free Tunechi. Young thug is just his bitch who is a shit rapper with the dopest beats. Simple. No potential. SHIT Rapper. "Gay Z, and Gay Cole Slaw" shit more talent than young thug. Kendrick and J. Cole may not be as rich but atleast they are being real. Not just talking about smoking, getting money and fucking birches. They come from the same places but have brains.

  • Not Impressed

    Rappers like Young Thug don't really bother me. I just assume it's a joke and move on. He's kind of like a more extreme version of Lil B. I believe what he's attempting to do is just satire, he has become a caricature of the modern day emcee. Look at his behavior thus far. He generically calls himself "Young Thug", openly says homosexual things, openly admits to wearing girl clothes, yet his still portrays himself as a "gangster". I feel like he's trying to make fun of the modern day rapper. I refuse to believe he's really serious about this. I'm not impressed

  • dentaldamboy

    It doesn't get better than YMCMB. Wanye is the greatest rapper according to many, including Nas, Dre and Kanye. Drake is running the game right selling hip-hop album (don't forget Eminem classified his album as pop). Nicki is the most successful female rapper of all time, and has an incredible business mind. She has built a global brand and is on pace to be a billionaire due to the success of her outside ventures. Tyga is a rising star straight outta compton. In 2012, he had the most plaques. Game and Busta are legends in the indsutry. Young Thug is redefining the sound of hip hop. I always say this, and now you know why, YMCMB has the rap game by the clit.



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