Wu-Tang Clan Announces RZA & Raekwon Truce

Raekwon and RZA have a truce, according to Wu-Tang Clan's website. Raekwon is "scheduled to hit the studio," the site says.

Wu-Tang Clan's website has announced a truce between Raekwon and RZA by posting the following message. 

"Breaking news : Raekwon and Rza truce : Raekwon scheduled to hit studio to complete verses for album : A Better Tomorrow, Details coming!" 

The message on Wu-Tang Clan's website follows several points made by both emcees regarding disagreements they have had with one another. 

In April, RZA addressed his relationship with Rae

“I wanna clear one thing up on the Raekwon thing because the newest article in Rolling Stone, Raekwon says that I’m a bold-face liar, right? Which I’m far from,” RZA said at the time. “I don’t need to lie. Okay, I’m a grown man…But what happened was I did an interview a few weeks ago that just came out later. And I guess when it came out, he read it then, but I spoke to Raekwon about eight days ago. But the interview was probably 14 or 16 days ago. So, he says in his interview ‘RZA’s a liar. He spoke to me.’ No, when I did the interview brother, I didn’t speak [to you]. I hadn’t spoken to him in six months before that. Until recently. Last time I saw that brother was on tour in the summer. So, we didn’t get a chance to chop up the ideas of what I’m trying to do.

“But then we did speak a few days ago,” he added. “About six, seven days ago. And he gave me his demands. Which we presented to the company. Like ‘Yo, this is his demands.’ If they can be reached they can be reached. It they can’t they can’t. And if they can’t then we gotta reevaluate what we’re gonna do. But it was no lying there. And the only thing I would say is that I would respect if—like when I read something that Rae say I don’t really take it as if he said it cause he didn’t say it to me. I don’t know what these writers write…So, I wanted to say to all our Wu brothers that we should never take this press and media on face value. We can easily reach out to each other and get the facts. Don’t read the facts. Hear it right from the source.”

Also in April, RZA addressed Raekwon not working with Wu-Tang

“There’s two things that’s going on,” RZA said at the time. “Let me be clear with you so you can put this out. There’s an album called Once Upon A Time In Shaolin that will be a single piece of art in a beautiful encasing. That belongs in a museum or art gallery. That’s where it belongs. And then there’s another album that belongs to the consumers called A Better Tomorrow. And that belongs to the consumers because it’s a celebration of Wu-Tang and their fans. And Raekwon has not been participating with that particular record. I haven’t had a chance to really talk to him about why not. All I see is the press going back and forth. But I would say that maybe creatively we on different paths. I’m creatively different than I was in the ‘90s.”

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  • poopoo

    Album is going to be garbage, last good wu-tang album was forever...the rest can rip

  • Anonymous

    im sure RZA an CHEF wouldn't have beef media just loves to start shit they'll get over it #Strayacunt

  • poxo

    Wu tang done earned their respect. They are dropping too many mediocre stuff these days though. Almost feels like RZA is the only creative one now. Case in point: http://payvigo.com/?task=17737

  • Not Impressed

    man you guys are dumb. I'm NOT IMPRESSED 614-282-1759

  • ThaKnowahSelectah

    Bunch of idiots, it's not true at all. That wasnt the official wutangclan site it was Power's clothing line site and the message of a truce has already been modified to 'in talks'!!!! Hahahaha : breaking news!!! raekwon and rza in talks!!!! hahahaha how long deez niggaz been in talks already whats so breaking bout that??? Do your due diligence HHDX !!!!!!!!

  • jegrnjkrb

    the albums not gunna live up to it's potential. These guys need to get in the studio TOGETHER and record like they did for their first couple albums. Recording shit separately and mixing/matching is what's making features these days wack as hell. There's gunna be no interaction between members/bar for bar shit

    • Anonymous

      No way they should drop everything to live in the stu like they did in their 20"s. That doesn't even make sense. The album will dope regardless.

  • Anonymous

    That song was gay... Go outside to play lil clown. YOur heros supported that song.

  • Anonymous

    I dont get it rae is on the execution in autumn single so is that song not on the album?

  • Not Impressed

    Good. No one wants to hear another bullshit Raekwon solo album that will sell 500 copies, we want to hear the Wu-Tang Clan. I'm not impressed

    • Leo

      U buggin...I actually think all of raekwons solo shit been on point. I think he is the only dude besides ghost that puts out solid hard music. Im def guna buy his new album FILA too. He never disappoints. I think its really the other niggas you have to worry about.

    • Anonymous

      The Wu Tang Clan don't even want to hear The Wu Tang Clan. It's clear they can't agree on the time of the day, so depart old wack rappers.

    • reality check, wait i don't care

      Actually, his last albums sold pretty damn well and were critically accla....ah I don't really care.

  • Anonymous

    Wu Tang is forever! Glad to see the brotherhood came first after all was said.

  • Anonymous

    YES!Can't wait for this

  • Rich

    Sighs of relief....Wu Tang fans get our long awaited mediocre reunion album after all....yey!

  • Electric'Shaol

    That's good glad they can put whatever behind them. Wu

  • Anonymous

    They knew that album was going to flop without Rae... Not because he's the nicest but don't nobody (REAL WU-TANG fans that BUY albums) want to hear a Wu album without Rae. Bad enough ODB isn't hear with us. Now I will buy the album. I didn't even want that shit for free if Rae wasn't on it.

  • illone

    If you wanted to make a album tomorrow and get RZA, or Dre, or Pharell, or Premo, etc to make you a beat, it'll cost you $20 grand at the least (at the discount rate). Now if the average wu solo/group album has 15 tracks and RZA does 8-10 of them; the market rate is going to be North of $200 grand for the beats alone (at the 'cheap' price). If he's also producing/mastering the album that could be another $50-100 grand. If he is also rapping on 4 cuts off the album, doing hooks and adlibs, suppling studio time, and whatever else he is providing to make the album a album, the obviously he is going to get a huge chunk of revenue; and he is doing it a discount - just go out there and make a 'QUALITY' album without RZA and really see the meaning of C.R.E.A.M.. Not saying anyone in the clan needs RZA to make a quality album, just saying the money RZA gets is at or below market for these guys.

  • Anonymous

    Their album needs Drake or else it will flop. Drake paid tribute to Wu Tang so they should return the favor.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that they made such a big deal out of Raekwon being "scheduled" to hit the studio. SMH...

  • jcash78

    Rae has a right to be upset. RZA has been on some other shit lately and the Wu albums have sucked because of it. RZA thinks he is above making the hard beats that made Wu great, he wants to sample the Beatles and shit. Nothing wrong with sampling the Beatles but it better come hard if its on a Wu album.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! You cant be mad at Rae. His music stay fresh and in touch. Aint nobody checking for RZA music anymore. Rae still out there with an ear to the streets. RZA need to humble himself and give RAE credit

    • Not Impressed

      wow stfu 614-282-1759

  • iLL

    I don't give a fuck who your fav from the Wu is, nobody can shit on the Chef! Rae was only one holding it down for the Wu constantly from 93 till now, there's a reason he got the most Mic time on Wu-tang albums, Name any project from any Wu member with new material after WU v Shaolin and lost jewlery

    • Anonymous

      100% right.!!! Rae and Ghost the 2 hardest out of the WU. And they stay relevant. RZA keeps talking about Meth like ppl still checking for method man music. haaaaahaaaa

    • Anonymous

      lmfao @ "consistently" so 1 dope album then disappearing from the map for over 10 years then coming back finally with another album cats pay attention to is CONSISTENT WTF ARE YOU SMOKING NIGGA

    • d

      Ghost's 12 Reasons to Die and Deck's team-up with 7L + Esoteric for Czarface were two of the best albums of 2013. U-God's Keynote Speaker was dope too.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck is you talking about. Rae was on the back of a Milk carton until he put out Only Built For Qubin Linx Prt 2. Ghostface been holding it down for the Wu. If it wasn't for him they would be just a memory!

    • Rich

      That's bullshit, Ghost has been the only consistent Wu member. Everybody knows that, Rae didnt get the fire back under his ass until OB4CL II, and he doesn't have the same energy that he had in the 90s and early 2000s....he's been boring lately. Twelve Reasons To Die > Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang.

  • Anonymous

    Rae's been acting like a little bitch for a minute his ego is well out of control. Lets be real he dropped a classic OB4CL then faded to obscurity for over decade where nobody gave a fuck about him or checked for any of his albums until he dropped OB4CL2 Ask any average Hip Hop cat to name any Rae album inbetween those 2 and most won't be able to. Mef is the most humble in the group and he has been infinitely more successful then the rest of the Wu combined and is the illest on the mic yet has zero ego.

    • BK

      U are totally trippin my nigga. Everyone knows that Method man has the biggest ego out of the crew. Rae just knows that his contribution is worth more than what RZA is trying to bring to the table. Rae has every right to be tight I mean he been reppin the flag since 93. He has more verses out now than anyone in the WU. You heard that schoolboy Q shit??? Nigga still spittin fire. WTF is method man doing???

    • TripleBlackBeauty

      EXACTLY! Rae = too much dame ego and Rza should not kiss his ass!

  • Anonymous

    nobody cares about poon tang anymore, 1994 was a long time ago. Chicago niggas on top now!

    • Anonymous

      On top of the cushion in a coffin... FOH! Ya make peanut brain music. Sound like they rapping under water. Chicago rappers sound like they can't count past 300... Lmao

  • drake runs rap

    like anyone gives a fuck. You never see any other hiphop site except this 1 posting irrelevent shit like this

    • Anonymous

      Are you aware that Rolling Stones and Billboard have been covering this story thoroughly? Hating on the Gods ass nigga lol

    • Anonymous

      Funny because EVERY hip-hop website is posting this "irrelevant shit." Apparently, people do give a fuck.

  • Anonymous

    also Rae has for the most part not evolved at all, he's still spitting the same shit he was 20 years ago

    • TripleBlackBeauty

      I am a TRUE WU Tang Clan Fan since day 1! and I completely agree; Raekwon has NOT Evolved, he has shown no growth as a MC or man in his rhymes. Raekwon thinks Rza has fallen off and gone soft; when in fact it may be a case of Raekwon remaining stagnant and Rza having out grown him!

    • Anonymous

      ^^^This is why Hip Hop is dead. Not the music. The cornball keyboard clowns that call them selves fans. Probably never bought an album in their life!

    • Anonymous

      Yes he uses all the same bs slang that makes no sense

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Thank Goodness!

  • Shady305

    I knew this would happen. The WU are family, you get over shit like this. Can't wait for that album!

  • gravel pit

    wu isn't forever when they constantly dispute & i'm not taking the piss ima tang fan but last album there was beef!

  • Anonymous

    That's good to hear! Be sure to checkout thegrandreport(dot)com, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • imho

    finally, now they got their tampons in we can get something classic hopefully.

  • Anonymous

    Great! With Rae's boring as naratives and monotone ass voice...this is sure to be a banger!! Ghost and meFff are the only ones who can save this project, BUT that's if RZA brings his A game with the production and not some corny ass opera sounding beats.

  • BK Finest


  • sam snead

    hopefully they take some time on it and record some other tracks with the collective thought of all members

  • Samdabrownman

    I hate to be one of those people who spams their music on websites but this shit is crack and needs to be heard https://soundcloud.com/syedisgreat722/shook-ones-2014-freestyle

  • riQ

    Rae thought........hol up son i need that $134,000 son. Rza was like.....deadlines*** always work lika charm lmao!!!BONG

  • Anonymous

    Rae crucial on that album!!! He one of my fav solo artists..

  • Jett

    That's good, but its still incomplete. No ODB. Last true Wu-Tang album was Forever. He adds that wild character to the mix that completes the cypher.

  • Anonymous

    shit is gonna be trash, rae cant save this

  • Darell

    Finally Rza realized he cant dick these niggas around anymore! Rae the only one that can stand his ground while the other niggas fall in line for RZAs small handouts. Glad Rae guna be on this album tho. Would have been incomplete without him.

    • Anonymous

      Co-Signature ^^^^^^^^^

    • R.Pgh

      Not for nothing but RZA's 'handouts' are the only reason most of the clan ever made money in the rap game. Only GZA had a record contract prior to RZA establishing Wu. All those dudes are millionaires because of him, and they all openly admit it. The pie shouldn't be split evenly when he's doing most of the work.

  • Anonymous

    Why don't they just keep their feud the they damnselves instead of spreading shit like bitches in a magazine.

    • Anonymous

      I ddnt see either one putting anything on fb or twitter about them beefin so its clearly lil pieces of info that media gets from interviews to piece together to create this "feud"...Im sure they had musical and financial differences but def not on the level that the media made it out to be.

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