Insane Clown Posse Announces 15th-Annual "Gathering of the Juggalos" Lineup

Cypress Hill, Tech N9ne, Yelawolf and others are scheduled to perform in celebration of the 15-year anniversary of the "Gathering of the Juggalos."

From July 23 through July 26, the Legend Valley Concert Venue in Thornville, Ohio will host the fifteenth-annual “Gathering of the Juggalos.” In addition to event mainstays Insane Clown Posse, Tech N9ne, Cypress Hill, Da Mafia 6ix, Hopsin and Shock G are scheduled to appear at this year's Gathering. Past performers include Redman and Method Man, Mack 10, Kurupt, Too $hort and Ice Cube.

The 2014 “Gathering of the Juggalos” is also set to feature wrestling and stand up comedy. While this is the first year the festival is being held at the Legend Valley Concert Venue, Gathering organizers have partnered with Steve Trickle, someone they feel is familiar with their brand and the general atmosphere of Juggalo events.

“He also understands the Juggalo family in a way that few in the music industry do,” organizers said via written statement. “He has attended the ‘Gathering of the Juggalos’ before and knows that Juggalos have a special family bond that unites us and makes us unlike any other concert goers in the history of music.”

The “Gathering of the Juggalos” is traditionally announced via infomercial. This year’s edition can be viewed below. Earlier editions of the infomercial have been parodied by Saturday Night Live.

For tickets and more information on the “Gathering of the Juggalos,” visit,

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  • Anonymous

    icp is tasteless music

  • Anonymous

    It's quite sad how American's bitch and moan over which artist is better like it's seriously a competition or something. Imagine if you all just shared the same love FOR music instead of always tearing down others opinions on what performers THEY THINK is best.

  • Anonymous

    BITCH BITCH BITCH, if you don't like ICP than why leave a comment. Half of you can't even form a legitimate opinion on why you dislike them.

  • Andre.CO

    ICP and their fans can fuck off. Seriously some of the most retarded shit in history. With that said....Twiztid is underrated. They're not great but they can spit, and even others from D like Royce and Proof knew that. If they lost the face paint shit, I'd respect them more.

    • Fuck outta here

      Twiztid are JUGGALO rappers...U just gave some JUGGALOS props.Im sure they could give a fuck less if U respect em or not.They gettin money while ur sittin in ur Grandmas basment.

  • Cali SWAG SWAG

    fuck icp and their fans

  • MattMattik

    They can't make good Music no more, but they can catch my ear with some new tracks here and there. BUT TWIZTID beats them out by FAR. I respect the Hell out of ICP. Proud Juggalo here, & Fuck all the haters who can't think of a good insult besides calling Juggalos "Fags"

  • KBQ

    They've gone platinum n have made millions without radio or video play. I respect that shit regardless of what fans they have or what people think about their fans. N str8 up Twiztid is one of the most underrated rap groups ever.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you about Twiztid. They both have incredible flows and lyrically aren't bad. However just because ICP sold records and made money doesn't mean they're good. Obviously people see something in them but they have the most uninspired sounding flow and rap about some of the stupidest shit. Just from a basic hip-hop standpoint there are rappers that are much more skilled than them that haven't sold much. I'd go off the content versus sales. Look at the age old argument of Hammer and Vanilla Ice's sales. However that's just my opinion and they obviously have hella fans so no reason to stop doing what they're doing. Just my 2 cents

  • Anonymous

    since im hearing about these fags since eminem disses them like 15 years ago, i just took the time to check out some of their tracks on youtube. they REALLY are some of the worst rappers ive ever heard, yes even worse than the chief keefs and young thugs.

  • Juggalos suck much dick

    Oh yeah the faggots are in town.

  • Mr.Bitches

    Id say...Tech N9ne,Mafia 6ix,Yelawolf,Hopsin,CYPRESS HILL,Shock G,La Coka Nostra,Ces Cru,Jarren Benton,Dizzy Wright,Madchild,Kottonmouth Kings,Jelly Roll,Lil Wyte,And Twiztid is pretty damn Good Line-up..Not to mention all the other Underground acts at Various other stages.

    • Mr.Bitches

      This is True..Met some cool ass people tho,Ur missin out.Its nothin like on the news and how people bash it on TV

    • Anonymous

      The lineup looks great however the weird ass fans are the deterrent for me. I know not all juggalos are as weird and scary as the media portrays them but there are enough weirdos that I wouldn't want to attend lol

  • Mr.Bitches

    I can tell u this,Ive been to the Gathering Multiple times..Good Smoke,Good people...Probably greatest Concert/Music event Ive ever attented.5 Days of Non-stop concerts and parties...U Officer Ricky/Kanye Nut ridin fucks couldnt Hang.

  • dentaldamboy

    Birdman, and the enormous Blood army under his control, would never let ICP or any Juggalos set foot into New Orleans.

    • J

      So Lil Wayne wasn't the one to put Tech N9ne on? an artist who if you can remember correctly constantly "reps juggalo" as he calls it and has played off of the juggalo fanbase for his entire career?

    • Lord jamar

      fuck these fags

    • Anonymous

      @ Glock 9's LMAO its the truth. They are the fucking worst rap group ever! I'm amazed that they are still around. Who the fuck buys this shit???

    • glock 9's

      lmao at that reply faggot ass jugaloo only reason icp do this shit is too make money off you dumb fucks to live in the gated communities your not a family ur being exploited for profit by 2 old faggots in makeup Icp are the worst rap group of all time there is no debating this fuckin trashhhhhh

    • Sfl

      Yeah, too bad everyone couldn't be like you white liberals sitting up in your gated communities and suburban enclaves. It's so weird for people to have fun, right?

    • Anonymous

      ^ What the fuck?

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