Just Blaze Lists "10 Essential Songs"

Just Blaze's list includes Jay Z's "The Dynasty (Intro)," Fabolous' "Breathe," Cam'ron's "Oh Boy" and Usher's "Throwback."

Just Blaze provided a list of "10 Essential Songs" to XXL recently, a list that includes several Jay Z cuts.

"From his run with Jay Z to Kanye West, Just has accomplished a lot in his decade-plus career," XXL, which also made a Beats playlist of the list, says. "These days, you can find the veteran producer on tour with dance DJs like DJ SOUL, Electric Punanny, DJ Sliink, and Dirty South Joe. He’s fully indulged in the dance/EDM world and thriving off the success of 'Higher' with Baauer. Signs of a true icon in Hip Hop icon." 

Just Blaze's list is as follows: 

1. Jay Z “The Dynasty (Intro)”
2. Fabolous “Breathe”
3. Jay Z “Public Service Announcement (Interlude)”
4. The Diplomats “I Really Mean It”
5. Just Blaze, Baauer “Higher” featuring Jay Z
6. Jay Z “U Don’t Know”
7. Usher “Throwback” featuring Jadakiss
8. Cam’ron “Oh Boy” featuring Juelz Santana
9. Jay Z “Girls, Girls, Girls”
10. Jay Z “Song Cry”

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  • Anonymous

    Someone's sucking Jay off, and it's not Solange.

  • BK Ninja

    Never knew he did that Usher joint. And by the way, the Dynasty intro > the world and everything in it

  • chris

    Wasted exercise. Essential Jay Z tracks u mean?

  • Anonymous

    Someone's riding jays dick those aren't even that great of songs...

  • Gravaton

    Damn I'm surprised Joe Budden's "Pump It Up" Or Memphis Bleek's "Round Here" Isn't on his list or T.I's "I'm Talkin to You" Freeway "Flipside" Or Kanye West "Touch The Sky" But solid all around though...

  • Gravaton

    I guess he felt Higher is One of his Best Tracks oh And How Can I forget Jay Electronica's Exhibit C Half of Hip-Hop Jumped on that Beat...

  • Anonymous

    ahite songs but essential nah sorry just blaze.

  • insanemacbeth

    it's all about 'HOVI BABY', for me.

  • Anonymous

    i dont trust him with slaughterhouse

  • Anonymous

    Best Just Blaze joints in no particular order- 1) Jay-Z- Girls Girls Girls 2) Beanie & Freeway- Rock The Mic 3) Cam'ron "Oh Boy" 4) Freeway "Flipside" 5) Fabolous "Can't Let You Go" 6) Jay-Z "PSA Interlude" 7) Kanye "Touch The Sky" 8) Jay-Z "Kingdom Come" 9) Kendrick Lamar "Compton"

  • D-Block

    That's a dope list of tracks to have produced only one I don't like is girls girls girls but it aint a terrible track to have in the catalogue

  • dashing28

    It's his list and he's got an insane catalog so cutting to 10 is hard, but I feel like if he pushed it to 20 he could add the following: 11. Jay Electronica - Exhibit C 12. Kanye West - Touch the Sky 13. T.I (feat Rihanna) - Live Your Life 14. Freeway (feat Jay Z and Beanie Sigel) - What We Do 15. Freeway(featuring Peedi Crack) - Flipside 16. Cam'ron(featuring Jay Z) - Welcome to New York City 17. Jay Electronica - Exhibit A 18. Drake - Lord Knows 19. Freeway(feat Beanie Sigel) - Roc the Mic 20. Eminem (feat Lil Wayne) - No Love Underappreciated: Cam'ron(featuring Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel) - The Roc(fire) Fat Joe - Safe 2 Say The Game - Why you Hate the Game Freeway - Line Em Up Jay Z - Hovi Baby (great song on a bloated album) Jay Z - Breath Easy Memphis Bleek(featuring Jay Z) - Dear Summer Big Pun (featuting Prospect) - Off with his head Busta Rhymes - Everybody Rise Again Beanie Sigel(featuring Memphis Bleek) - Who Want What Beanie Sigel - Get Down Beanie Sigel - Mom Praying Saigon - C'mon Baby Saigon - The Letter P Damn, too many to mention.

  • drake runs rap

    the biggest songs are 1) best i ever had by drake 2) dreams money can buy drake 3) sucessfull drake 4) Headlines drake 5) marvins room- drake 6) Im on one - drake ft lil wayne rick ross 7) worst behaviour- drake 8) forever drake ft lil wayne 9) digital girl - drake 10) tuscan leather - drake drake created hiphop any songs before drake came on the scene are irrelevent. Drake made jay z famous and cool with out drake jay z is a washed up peice of camel dung.

  • Pete

    Tell me Just how does Jay's dick taste?

  • Anonymous

    Just is a monster!

  • Anonymous

    Lol please.... I see BIAS written all over this... Without Nas, they're wouldn't no Jay-z or Biggie

    • Umm no

      Or maybe it's cause he worked out of Rocafella's studio and was the in-house producer for everyone from Bleek, Freeway, Cam, Beans, Young Gunz, Amil and Jay-z.

    • chris

      Or maybe he gave his best beats to Jay Z because he was the biggest artist in the game and the reason he has a career at all.

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