DJ Paul Reveals Gangsta Boo's Departure From Da Mafia 6ix

Exclusive: DJ Paul says the decision was "mutual for everyone."

DJ Paul says that Gangsta Boo is no longer a member of Da Mafia 6ix. 

"Long story short of it all, we just wanted to do what was best for the fans and best for the group and what was going to make everybody happy,” DJ Paul says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "We just think that it was the best move. It was mutual for everyone."

DJ Paul says that Gangsta Boo’s aspirations as a solo artist and outside of Da Mafia 6ix did not have an impact on her departure from the group. On Tuesday (May 27), Gangsta Boo released her Witch project with La Chat.

"You know her solo thing was in the making while the group was together, so it wasn’t nothing about that,” DJ Paul says. "It was what we thought was going to be best for everybody. It just happened. Nobody forced nobody. It was a gut feeling.”

DJ Paul, Gangsta Boo, Crunchy Black, Lord Infamous and Koopsta Knicca are five of the six members of Three 6 Mafia, which also includes Juicy J. The quintet assembled as Da Mafia 6ix last year while Juicy J was enjoying success as a solo artist.

Da Mafia 6ix was Lord Infamous’ idea, DJ Paul says. “He got me in touch with Koop, because he’s with Koop a lot,” DJ Paul said during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX in November. "Both of them still live in Memphis. Boo got in touch with Crunchy Black, but I see him a lot because he’s out on the West Coast. His number had got changed, so Boo got me in touch with him, and Lord found Boo for me.

"Lord kind of put the whole thing together, because it started out as something I had been talking about since the Skale-A-Ton album,” DJ Paul continued. "I was talking about doing another Come With Me To Hell album with me and Lord Infamous. But Lord was like, 'You know what? I don’t even want to do Come With Me To Hellright now if you’re thinking about doing a group album. I’d rather us do it as a group.' He really fought for the group, and I was like, 'Alright…cool.'”

In November, Da Mafia 6ix released its 6ix Commandments mixtape. Lord Infamous passed away in December. 

In February, Da Mafia 6ix launched its Triple 6ix Sinners Tour. The group brought Lord Infamous’ casket on tour with them. 

"I wanted him to be there,” DJ Paul said at the time. "I'm that kind of guy—a weird, kinda creepy kind of guy. I had to pay a lot of money to get an extended tour trailer that would fit his casket and all of the mercy."

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  • robcoop43

    ''just another crazy cliq''(feat icp) sucked. boos hook was terrible. it dident even go right with the rest of the track. and hey at least that laws of power album has been shelved. another album with just paul and juicy would of been shitty.

  • P.

    I hoped this would last at least a year or so after Infamous died and then they go their separate ways but Boo's ego seemed to get in the way. Yes Scarecrow has been on record with saying that Boo always acted like a Diva so you know it was a sign when he was the one that wanted the group to get back together. This interview was just window dressing from Paul to make it look respectable. Koop, Crunchy, Scarecrow and Paul on old school 3 6 beats is better than the new Gangsta Boo. Sorry.

  • Anonymous

    damn this sucks, i was too young to get into music when three 6 was all together making music, now that im older and listen to music all the time they fuck up their reunion so ill NEVER be able to listen to a Three 6 album when it actually drops... instead i just listen to the old ones all the time

  • Baby Lenny

    Boo leaving is a mistake, and Lord dying kinda fucked the group up. But still, if Juicy would join 6ix and stop doing that sellout Taylor Gang bullshit they would make some epic shit. Bring Project Pat in the group and it's perfect. Even tho Juicy makes some gay ass shit with Khalifa, his verse on Body parts really sounded like some of that old three 6

  • Anonymous

    K9 is one of the reasons this decision was made she was the original female of Triple Six Mafia before the group blew up I don't know all details just bits and pieces I heard from someone else, but who really knows.

  • DJ Paul

    9-9-6, got my hands on my first mill' Now it's oh-seven, damn near at a quarter bill' Enemies close, but my 45's closer You can be the starter, but I'ma be the closer Damnin what these haters sayin, damnin what these haters thoughts I reside in mansions they don't, it ain't my fault Half of the shit I do I do it just to make these suckers mad And the rides they claimin to get, I already had Ten dollar tees, but the jeans 1500 Your lifetime dreams I done already done it Plus I done it wit'cha wife, she said I made her night But I didn't hit her back cause her mouth wasn't right

  • dj getbizy

    sucks that they are losing members again (rip lord infamous) Boo is good but juicy, paul and infamous always stole the show. )I loved 6ix Commandments but ide like some laid back pimp tracks and some upbeat up tempo fun tracks like the ones in most known unknown and da unbreakables.

    • Arkimedes

      unbreakables? most known unknowns?? you obviously just a mainstream fan who dont know anything bout the real triple with homeboy about the by the way Boo is wack..i dont see why anyone is upset

    • P-Gunna

      Gotta love Koop verses, glad the dude is still in.

    • Anonymous

      two of the wackest albums they did..shit koop lord and boo wasnt on either one really..just a lil bit of lord..talkin bout classioc album..The End is the all time dopest mafia album..mainly cuz koop and lords verses

    • Anonymous

      yaw quit bitchin boo sucks..once koop get back on his grind he will carry the whole group on his shoulders..true shit


    There ain't much in it for Boo if her and Lord were the ones that were originally tight. Honestly, Lord's passing probably did it, you have to see your friends casket every day while on tour. Shit takes a toll... R.I.P. Lord Infamous

  • PAhiphopFAN

    History repeats itself.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Infamous' dying wish was to get the old group back together. Three 6 will always be my favorite. The first real rock star hip-hop group and theyre going out like one

  • Pete

    Da Mafia 4 --- This is why J didn't fuck wit them, He knew it wouldn't last.

    • arcade6fn

      Juicy is making songs with Katy Perry and chillin with miley cyrus now. so fuck that whack bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      Yup he knew Lord Infamous would pass away. He also predicted the terrorist attacks on 9/11 on Mystic Stylez and declared the Seahawks the Super Bowl winners on Stay Trippy

  • KiLa KaS

    Soo many were happy to see em get back together, and then ya'll do this.... Very disappointing... SMH... Boo needs to be in the group... Something more to it but oh well....

  • Dirt

    Boo's always had big ego,Wantin to be the star N her intervieiws

  • Causa1ity

    Man wtf, how is it in the best interest of the fans not to have Boo in the group? This fucking sucks, another disappointment by these guys. Finally they come together again, the fans are happy, and what do they do? They fuck it up. These guys need to feel shame for letting us down like this.

  • fuccya

    Not even listening to them after that track with Tiesto, like why the hell. So maybe thats a sign, I mean when the circumstances are against you why would you still do this shit, even if you can see its not the same since like 2005 or earlier. Maybe Im wrong. Old stuff was dope tho.

    • Anonymous

      If you haven't listened to their new stuff don't give an opinion on their new stuff. What's wrong with you?

    • Anonymous

      Have you even listened to the 6ix Commandments mixtape? That was a trip back to their old style.

  • nbhjbhj

    WTF.. No Juicy J, Gangsta Boo and Lord Infamous.. Those 3 were the best in the group IMO.. Ain't nobody want Crunchy Black getting more play time Da Mafia 6ix was ill and losing J didn't even make that big of a difference to me, but now the 2 weakest members and Paul are the group, the fuck??

  • Me

    Memphis dudes, once they get in and get that money they get real funny.. Gangsta is definitely the best rapper in the crew and the females love her, this is a bad move...

  • twoholla

    DJ PAUL...what happened this time? Did you whoop her ass again? Shiiiiit! Da Mafia 6ix without BOO ain't shit. She was & is still the best rapper in the whole damn click. They're not slinging mud yet but give it a few months...& DJ PAUL will be coming out to give his side of the story why BOO really left!!! I have all of Koop's solo joints & he's dope but dude sounds like a dumb-downed version of Bone Thugs & he still MUMBLES his verses. Crunchy Black never spits anything memorable or even noticable. Lord Infamous has passed away R.I.P. DJ Paul, you might as well just put out another solo joint & have Koop & Crunchy on several cuts as cameos because DA MAFIA 6IX is now officially CACA SAUCE!!

  • Pat

    fuck that I want Boo in the group

  • Memphis Go Hard

    Late Night Tip >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • 901DATSME


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