The Roots "...and then you shoot your cousin" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Stream

UPDATE: The Roots release a stream of its "...and then you shoot your cousin" project.

The Roots are set to release ...and then you shoot your cousin May 19, according to iTunes.

The album is set to feature Nina Simone, Mary Lou Williams and Michel Chion.

Black Thought spoke about the effort in February.

"It’s another concept album in the spirit of undun, but it’s not just about just one kind of character," Black Thought said at the time. "We create quite a few different characters in this record. It’s satire, but in that satire it’s an analysis of some of the stereotypes perpetuated in not only the Hip Hop community, but in the community. I don’t know if that makes any sense.

“Hopefully you’ll get something new from it every time you listen to it, you’ll hone in on something different,” he added. “It’s short enough to do that, to take in, to digest in one sitting, so to speak. I think right now it’s at maybe 34 minutes. There may be one or two musical things added on to the record that I know is the record at this point. But I don’t think it will be any longer than 36 or 37 minutes in its entirety. So in that, it’s short enough to digest, but it’s gonna be dense. So dense that maybe in one sitting you’ll listen to it and only listen to the piano and string arrangements, and then you’ll listen to it again and you’ll get into the actual words that are being said, and you’ll listen again and get into some of the other musicality. There’s very many layers to this record, but it doesn’t take place over very much time.” 

The tracklist and cover art are below.

(May 8, 2014)

UPDATE: A stream of The Roots' ...and then you shoot your cousin is available via Pitchfork in advance of the project's release date. To stream the collection, click here

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  • lol

    let me guess. the devil is about the almighty white man and his quest for destruction.. lol I don't even need 2 listen 2 this song I guarantee that's what its about.

  • Sincere

    Masterpiece, another classic.


    Black Thought is one of the greatest.

  • Bandidos

    I feel like I missed something listening to this and I kinda hope I did cause I wasnt all that impressed first listen. Undun has me spoiled

  • Anonymous

    I need a little more hip in my hop. This is too much museum for me.

  • Anonymous

    i couldnt hear the stream anybody have it for download

  • Anonymous

    This is hella dissapointing. Black Thought has like 6 verses total, and most of them aren't really impressive. There's only 11 tracks, and a good chunk of them are just interludes, which are annoying/pointless at that. Never and When the People Cheer are fresh, the rest of this isn't good. If you want some comic relief though, listen to Black Rock to hear Dice Raw get his IceJJFish on.

    • Qwerty

      Couldn't agree with you more. I was gonna make some joke about how nice it was for The Roots to feature Black Thought and let him spit a few bars, but this really ain't funny. There's 2 good tracks, but there's more singing than rapping and Dies Irae is just painful to my ears. What lies beyond disappointment?

  • Anonymous

    Nobody in hip-hop has stood the test of time and even improved the way Black Thought has. The man is arguably the best rapper in the game.

  • Anonymous

    Hey HHDX, you know Mary Lou Williams, the great black comoser and jazz pianist has been DEAD (really dead) for ** THIRTY THREE YEARS ** right? Right? That's cool they're sampling or doing whatever with Mary Lou but do the history. And yeah, Quest is NOT a ** great ** musician but he thinks in public, as does Black Thought, which is more than you can say for most 'hip-hop' retards.

  • Anonymous

    So ready for this.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    I can't front, ever since they became Jimmy Fallon's house band, I have no interest in listening to them. Black Thought is a dope MC, their bass player is a beast, and the rest of them are just kind of typical uninspired houseband musicians. Questlove is an overrated drummer, he's just a time-keeper, he's never bad and never superb. They have dropped a lot of pretty good albums, NEVER a classic. But listening to them now is like watching re-runs of Sportscenter, it's always ok, but you only watch it to kill time. I mean, is there anyone who's really excited to hear a Roots album? Just put the fuckin' tonight show on.

    • Anonymous

      Im excited to hear a Roots album, cause they are beyond hip hop and create quality music.

    • TYBO2020


    • How I Got Over Your Wrong Comment

      How I Got Over was a great album and Undun was ten times better than How I Got Over. That album was just awesome, practically perfect. And I dug their work with Elvis Costello a lot, too. Wake Up and the Betty Wright albums were the only duds in my opinion. So is anyone excited for this album? Yes. Watching the Tonight Show does not equal listening to a Roots album. At all. Thinking it does means you don't watch the Tonight Show and you certainly haven't given their post-2009 albums a fair chance.

  • sxxx c

    that couldbe problem

  • david

    ya i heard of freddy a while ago we wore big beach girls hat wore it real low. playing with his hands as he walked than weird things start happening.know one thing he put leather face in ur dreams that could be a problem

  • Anonymous

    questlove is a porch monkey

  • Anonymous

    I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

    • Anonymous

      dumb ass diddly dumb lame nikka, ur shit sound wack as fuck, plus they gon ban u for that link

  • Only Philly Niggaz I Fuck With Are Will Smith, Sigel and Meek Mill

    More hipster shit smh

  • Anonymous

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  • micah dancy

    The Roots always drop classic time

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic album title, it's unique yet express the concept so well.

  • Anonymous

    another classic

  • Anonymous

    these guys always come on point

  • SLum

    I liked that one song, tried to listen to there other shit didnt get into it. This album could be going in a way dif direction though. Ill be looking out for it.

  • Sidid1984

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