Papoose Criticizes Kanye West Over "New Slaves"

Papoose says Kanye West is not a slave, addresses the severity of the word "slave."

During a newly-published interview with Vlad TV, Brooklyn rapper Papoose expressed his concern over the use of the word “slave” on Kanye West’s Yeezus record, “New Slaves.” While responding to comments late-night television host Arsenio Hall made in regards to the song, Papoose sided with Hall as he commented on the weight that comes with such a word.

The New York City lyricist also spoke briefly on the tragic history surrounding the word “slave” before proclaiming that Kanye is not a slave.

“I like what Arsenio said. You know what I mean? I liked it,” Pap said. “Basically, the same thing I just said. I like what he said…It’s like ‘Yo, people was raped and murdered under that word.’ You know what I’m saying? So, you can’t just—How can you throw that around? You not a slave. ‘Get in that cell or die.’ These are the terminologies that we heard next to the word ‘slave.’ So, nah, that’s a heavy word. That’s a heavy word to be throwing around.”

Late last year, Arsenio offered a similar critique of Kanye and those who use the word “slave” in their music, during a press conference. As part of the press conference, the television host also clarified comments ‘Ye made about him being fired from his talk show years ago.

"I hate the word ‘slave’ used in songs," Hall said during the press conference. "The [expletive] outta here. Do you know what that word is? Do you know what that word is all about? Nobody can use ‘slave’ in pop culture. If you’re in the music business, you shouldn’t [expletive] with that word. Too serious an era. Too serious a problem in America. There is no one that’s free to move around this country that should use the word ‘slave.’ Do you know what it meant to slaves?"

In addition to Kanye, Papoose has offered commentary on a number of his fellow artists over the past few months. The Brooklyn rapper recently referred to Drake’s Nothing Was The Same as “a sweet album” and also released a Kendrick Lamar diss following the release of Big Sean’s “Control” last year.


  • Anonymous

    Kanye got mental issues. He screaming and ranting about corporations making us their slaves (please save me the metaphorics I understand the concept) but at the same time he trying to do the same thing with his fashion and designer labels. GTFOH!!! And people don't get why I say I don't like the kid. He's a fucking moron. Knows how to craft a record for sure, but a moron still.

  • mikesteezx

    Remy Ma baby daddy outta there.. Peep this list of the Top 10 Mixtapes underground and mainstream:

  • Cam Gamma

    Sorry 'poose, you had your time, seven years ago... Show ya support for up and coming rap artist Cam Gamma @ "From Somewhere In Outer Space" The mix-tape OUT NOW!!!

  • Anonymous

    "dont use the word slave, ma nigg*r"

  • Anonymous

    What is a papoose?

  • Anonymous

    This guy is ass anyways. Who cares about his opinion?

  • Anonymous

    "SMH, GLAADtv is really making a fool out of this nigga, just like they doing Lord Jamar" The math shows that Vlad belongs to the 10 percent of the population smh can't expect righteousness from a devil anyway

  • Anonymous

    vladtv is the only platform for these hasbeens to get any message out there its not 2004 anymore no one is checking for papoose and no one was ever checking for lord jamar he was the weakest in brand nubian

    • Anonymous

      im referring to their music my fellow anonymous trolls theyre saying these things to get an audience to check out their music ill click on a hhdx link about what they said about some controversial shit any day but i wont listen to some new papoose

    • Anonymous

      The irony of HHDX trolls clicking on every Lord Jamar / Papoose article to say "no one's checking for them"

    • Anonymous

      looks like you checking for them fool LOL you're even commenting on it

  • motherfucker 1

    Papussy said what! I didnt hear. Current events was dope though

  • jeanyiz

    he must gotta mixtape comin out

  • Anonymous

    [expletive] you guys have said fuck in the posts before what is this

  • Anonymous

    so he's just hating on everyone that's winning huh?

  • Anonymous

    Arsenio and Papoose are right.... ...I believe in artist freedom of expression, and I also get what Kanye was saying in the song. But to compare the politics of a music business that makes him millions of dollars to abolitionist times is not only a reach but really doesnt give justice to the generations of agony and pain that our ancestors went through. And I like the song, and am a Kanye fan.

    • Anonymous

      No, no, Hall and Pap are correct, you choose to be that 'slave', no one is forcing you, especially in the case of Yeezlost, no one is forcing him to have gold toilet seats, no one is forcing him to buy jewelry/garbage at 40+ thousand dollars... the brother is lost, instead of naming himself after an imaginary biblical figure, he needs to find James Brown...

    • Anonymous

      Earnest your points are so valid its unbelieving,black people are condition to hate our self's or at most hate on another trying to achieve goals they can not graps. That house slave comment was excellent.i don't even comment on this but had to show the respect off that one.continue to be a free thinker

    • Earnest

      If you take Kanye's metaphor to its conclusion, your response is the equivalent of hating on a house slave. Yeah, he's indoors, but he's still a slave. Kanye's whole point is that all his money doesn't make a difference, that race still trumps money, and that even with the money, people with more money continue to define the limits of what he can be. Really, when you think about it, the messages on Yeezus are Thug Life 2.0.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Hell no. Kanye is just crying with a full belly. He has total freedom to do and be what he wants to, this ain't 1853, yeah you might think Kanye doesn't belong to the ruler class but he's still better off than most people out here. He's just not a slave period, doesn't matter how do you want to use that word, it doesn't apply to him.

    • Earnest

      I think his motivation in using that word was spot-on. As "new slaves" we have the illusion of upward and outward mobility, but what we are allowed to do in this society is circumscribed by the economic elites. When you lack the freedom to do exactly what you want and be exactly who you want to be, then, in a sense you are only able to do what the ruling class wants you to do, which is, essentially, work to make them richer, whether that is in retail athletics, or even music.

  • IROC

    It must be hard in the rap game when the power that be select less talented rappers and promote them over you pap been in the game and just cant get over the hump with cross over hit and before you know he will be to old

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Man Coy Stewart, stop picking fights with everybody in the rap game.

  • anonymousss

    But its ok to throw around the word "nigga" right? smh fucking ignorant... doesnt even see the message behind it anyway so hes word is irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    I miss the times when Kanye's music was made for the people in the hood and not for European weirdos

  • Anonymous

    SMH, GLAADtv is really making a fool out of this nigga, just like they doing Lord Jamar

  • mz

    Whoever tries to use this argument is kind of an idiot I don't care who you are. You can be a slave to an abstract idea the word slave doesn't only refer to american slavery like come on. The bible even says "you are a slave to whatever controls you" and I feel like Arsenio is supposedly a christian

  • hank hill

    Who the fuck is still paying papoose for interviews

  • BeTrue

    Dear Papoose, I can't believe a wordsmith like yourself would take the word "Slave" and associate it with what black people endured in slavery. Kanye used the word correctly. Please pick up a dictionary at once. Note: some people became slaves to pay off debt without abuse. slave |slv| nounchiefly historical a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them. a person who works very hard without proper remuneration or appreciation: by the time I was ten, I had become her slave, doing all the housework. a person who is excessively dependent upon or controlled by something: the poorest people of the world are slaves to the banks slave noun 1 the work was done by slaves: historical serf, vassal, thrall; archaic bondsman, bondswoman. ANTONYMS freeman, master. 2 Anna was his willing slave: drudge, servant, lackey, minion; informal gofer. 3 a fashion slave: devotee, worshiper, adherent; fan, lover, aficionado; informal fanatic, freak, nut, addict.

  • 2 Chainz

    Mane, I'm betta' den dis doo'. Da fuk is dis nigga?

  • Jamin

    Exactly the common sense thought lingering in my mind- and to add to that- the concern of it being "offensive" is even more telling of the one complaining.

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  • Anonymous

    lol, Who the fuck is papoose? Even big sean didnt pay you any attention.

    • Anonymous

      even those of us who have heard it have tried to forget it. Papoose is corny as fuck. Who the fuck would want to call themselves papoose?

    • Anonymous

      [Hook] His presence alone is a threat to these rap groups This cat's loose, yo what the fuck is a Papoose? I heard his street soldiers is wild and clap troops This cat's loose, yo what the fuck is a Papoose? I heard him on a mixtape tearin' the track loose What the fuck is a Papoose? See? I can tell you're not a Pap fan. He wrote that song like 7 years ago, and you still haven't heard it. Shame on you!

    • Russo

      Who the fuck is big sean?

  • Stupid

    How are you going to say slaves the word and try to say it's context just means african americans get raped and murdered. There was millions of slaves before that there is slaves now and the term can be used to signify the times now and how we can be slaves to our material possessions. And we can be slaves in a different context since we can't be bluntly beat or killed. We become products of society and being taken advantage by the consumer side of things makes perfect sense in naming your song new slaves.

  • Anonymous

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  • But...

    This is the same guy who once made "Hummin' Like A Slave" though...

  • jeremy

    dont understand how this dude papoose manages to still pop up in headlines. he is so irrelevant. no one cares what he thinks.

  • Bobby Abreu

    Papoose your about a 11 months too late to be talking about this...

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