Lil Durk Says Chief Keef Disrespected Chicago By Siding With Game & Tyga

Lil Durk also says he plans to keep his feud with Game and Tyga "strictly on the track."

Lil Durk says he is not pleased with how Chief Keef has responded to Durk's Game and Tyga feuds.

"When the Tyga and Game song ['L.A. To ChiRaq' dropped, he posted it on his page," Durk says in an interview with WGCI. "I’m like, 'He ain’t disrespect me only. He disrespected the whole Chicago. He ran with another city...I’m not reaching out to [Chief Keef]. It’s over with. He from L.A."

Durk says the feud is "strictly on a track." He also says the feud is "over with after the next [dis song]." 

Lil Durk's feud with Tyga began when the rapper mentioned Tyga’s girlfriend in one of his verses. “The song with me, Chris Brown and French Montana, I had said a line in there, a line about Blac Chyna,” Durk recently said to XXL, referring to Tyga’s girlfriend. “It wasn’t a diss. It was just a line, like, I want her and shit. It wasn’t no diss. When we was in L.A.—me, Tyga and Chris Brown, when we first did the hook—Tyga came in and heard the line, [and] he felt some type of way. It was tension since then. Chris Brown had played it back to him. It was tension. [Tyga] was like, ‘Man, just change it,’ and I was like, ‘No doubt, I’m going to change it once we get something in. I fuck with you.’ He said he fucks with me and he’s been texting me since I left L.A., like, ‘I’m going to send you something. You going to send me something...’ Then he stopped replying and shit, and I felt some type of way and said, 'Fuck it then, I’m not going to kiss his ass.'”

Game joined Tyga on "L.A. To ChiRaq," a diss track to Durk. 

Following this cut's release, Durk responded on Twitter

"Wtf tyga was talkin bout lol he let game get all the song so tyga can feel tuff,” Lil Durk said on Twitter today (May 6). "I'm on niggas ass no let up talk dat street shit I'm wit all da bullshit.”

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  • Chief Keef SOSA

    I'm gay and a fraud. I'm also retarded... BANG BANG damn...

  • Anonymous

    "Beef articles" always make me think of "Instigator" by M.O.P.

  • mikesteezx

    Crazy how in 2014 irrelevant rap beef still get shine. bunch of rappers on life support.. Peep this list of the Top 10 Mixtapes underground and mainstream:

  • Cam Gamma

    The Game brought back Compton!!! Show ya support for up and coming rap artist Cam Gamma @ "From Somewhere In Outer Space" The mix-tape OUT NOW!!!

  • Anonymous

    Midwest niggas don't even have their own culture smh half yall mufuckas too busy tryna sound like the South and the other half tryna sound like NYC lolol real niggas can't respect that

    • realniggabs

      Usually when someone says "real niggas" it usually leads to doing something stupid or stupid people being involved either way I try to avoid the "real niggas" cliche

    • Anonymous

      I don't give a fuck where y'all families come from lol, y'all still wack

    • Anonymous

      We do got our own thing for the record. It's just like when the south had snap & crunk music, we got drill music. Not saying it sounds good but we do have our own style. I guess Common, Yeezus & Twista sounds like their from NYC too

    • Anonymous

      do ya research, most people in the midwest have southern roots...

  • Anonymous

    Why every nigga that beef with Game try to put their whole city against him? Lol Yukmouth did the same thing when he was tryna say Game was dissing the bay smh no nigga only one Game was dissing was your broke ass

    • 614grind

      Yukmouth(Godzilla) got way more money than GAYme. Yuk and broke check his youtube interviews lol he also real unlike that stripper GAYme

  • BK Ninja

    Poor chi nikkas, tryna flex they lil muscles but fail to remember they got their whole style from NYC LMAO

    • fuck Brooklyn. QUEENS get the money

      lol yall faggot niggas in Brooklyn run around with Timbs on sucking other niggas off on some homo thug love shit. lol shout out to boogie down Bronx and Queens and im from Chicago BITCH!!

    • chi guy

      I'm from chicago and i agree with you 100% east and west coast rappers are so much better then these new wake ass "chi-raq" rappers

  • shieettt

    damn diss lil nigga durk probably gonna end up like jojo now LOL

  • King

    I fuxk wit Durk! Game and Tyga dun watered Compton down!

    • fool

      game watered compton down? damn you dumb homie that niqqa brought compton back back in the early 2000's! compton was dead hip hop-wise before the documentary. plus he one of the last hard niqqas in the game how he watering it down??? bet you aint even from compton lil bitch. tpcc

  • Hellmaster

    Lst time I checked he diss Tyra not the game. All these ymcmb rappers are fraud. Every time they got beef with an artist they go get some else to get on track w them and make a lil harder. Drake vs common. Drake did a song w Rick Ross and French Montana. Now Tyra and the game. And the game killed Tyra on he's own diss track wtf. And chief Kief is in for the money now. He moved to LA and now the game and the rest of the west coast is baby sitting this lil nigga. Lil durk hold your own this is what's gonna make you and proof everyone wrong by dropping some hard street shit ......100 keep on the track and just go hard. The streets are gonna do what they gonna do. Keep it 100 and go hard on the track.

  • Lil Nigga

    my favorite rappers. fuck what you think. im still an intelligent nigga. 1. Lil Wayne 2. Young Thug 3. Drake 4. Chief Keef 5. Lil Durk 6. Rick Ross 7. French Montana 8. Wiz Khalifa 9. Future 10. Ty Dolla Sign #TOP5 #BEST #RAPPERS #2014 #REAL #AGE25

  • Anonymous

    lol at you idiots who believe these niggas are real gangsters

    • dam

      chief keef is a real gangsta you idiot, he is a chicago gang member and really was doing his thing in the streets THAT IS THE ONLY REASON HE GOT FAMOUS LOL because interscope wanted to milk the fact that he was real

  • Anonymous

    lol u outtatown nikkas is funny, always talking about how soft chi nikkas are but when we come with the statistics y'all nowhere to be found lmao nikka tell me if we're so soft then how come all the most dangerous neighborhoods are out here?

  • DUFF

    Dissing his city huh? Wtf have you done for the city you love so much. Calling it Chiraq smdh, that's an insult to ALL the children and innocent bystanders that have become yet another tally mark in these record setting murders. You ain't uplifting the city in any way so shut the fuck up. If it's really ur city stand up and do something positive other than promoting violence and influencing these young niggas to live a lifestyle ur rapping about now. You might have made it out but don't fuck up someone else's life. So tired of these ignorant fucks

  • Punani

    Yo Durk you said that right! Wut kind ov peeps is this to be gettin on here dissin the citayyyyy. This is some bullshit. Deez schoolz need to learn them peeps a lot gooder den dis!

    • Anonymous

      lol this nigga out here talking about schools when his misspelling ass can't even write a proper sentence lmao fuck outta here nigga go listen to chief keef and lmao @ that name who the fuck calls theyself "punani"

    • This Retard ^

      "Yo Durk you said that right! Wut kind ov peeps is this to be gettin on here dissin the citayyyyy. This is some bullshit. Deez schoolz need to learn them peeps a lot gooder den dis!" I think you need to go back to school, acting like an ignorant, retarded cunt on the internet only proves the statistics that blacks are still underdeveloped.

  • Chief Keef

    I'm gay and a fraud. I'm also retarded... BANG BANG

  • Anonymous

    I'm from Chicago and the only time I felt disrespected was when I found out Lil Durk comes from my city.

  • Lyonel

    Weak ass nigga tryna set a whole city against some niggas he can't hang with SMH man up Lil Durk, the bitch in you is showing up

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    "Durk says the feud is "strictly on a track." He also says the feud is "over with after the next [dis song]." Well, at least he ain't taking it to the streets.

  • nuc

    typical "hiphop" logic.. " He disrespected the whole Chicago " hahahah so g'dammm ignorant. hiphop has become the most embarrassing genre out. spoken from a 90's HH Head.

  • Chicago Vet

    any of you computer/internet tough guys ever even been to chicago? Chicago makes NYC & LA look like mayberry. If Game were in Chicago he'd be dead. Flashing all that red, talking all that stuff, posing as something that he's not. Chicago would eat you corn chips alive. drill music is barely music. Chief Keef is the worst "rapper" i've ever heard, and does not represent the old school, chicago, or old school chicago at all. Common, Lupe, Kanye, No ID, Crucial Conflict, EC ILLA, do or die, twista, psychodrama, go gettas, Psalm One, Vakill, Typical Cats, Molemen, The Opus, Mass Hysteria, Longshot, Prime, Legendary Trackster, speedknot, Triple D, Qualo, shoot Sharkula, Juice, PNS, all natural, DA smart, Thawfor, Rubberoom, Rhymefest, etc.. are Chicago. you out of towners take heed, you don't belong here. you will get eaten alive with your out of town ignorance..

    • CLEVELAND sucks

      lol fuck CLeveland yall niggas lame and wanna be Cincinatti

    • kING nINO

      bruh i feeeel you. im from cleveland. MIDWEST ACTION.

    • Detroit Ninja

      Like everybody in Detroit is broke smh shut up nikka, wash ur hands and check your town before you type shit about us, we got some real go gettas out here, anyway I rather be broke than a faggot lol get mad all u want shy fuckboi what u gon do about it? Caps lock me until I'm dead? lmao go kick rocks nikka (get some from your crackhead mother, I know all y'all chi losers be stuck on that pipe lol) talk shit like u hard but u wouldn't last a minute down here

    • Bario

      At least Chicago isn't nearly as broke nor retarded as Detroit. You shitheads deserve everything that happens to you.

    • Detroit Ninja

      killing each other and wearing skirts later, is that what yall broke ass chi niggaz do?? LMAO y'all lame

  • Terrence Harris

    So Chief Keef has officially sold out. Smh, shout out to Lil Durk & he's following me on Twitter.

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck is this doodood rapper gonna do. your anticipated diss track would be rubbish. u aint a lyricist like game.

    • Not Impressed

      Gayme also dick rode Waka Flocka and Wiz Khalifa. shout out to Compton Menace...

    • fuck game he was a stripper

      game knows that so for him to diss durk he just did it for attention because why would game diss durk. he dickriding fuck out of tyga right now. first it was dre then it was 50 then it was wayne then it was rick ross now its tyga. nigga always on somebody else nuts. he cant stand on his own two.

  • Anonymous

    If Lil Durk was smart he would have a mixtape drop because this is the most publicity his ever got, I don't even know who the fuck he is don't think nobody does outside of Chicago but he should take advantage of this publicity. Lil Durk is a ho for getting butt hurt over Tyga not texting back lol fucking busta looking all salty over not getting texted back

    • Real Talk

      I admit i'm a faggot fron Upstate NY who thinks he is hood. but at least I know how to suck a dick

    • gareth morgan

      niggas who call themselves "Real Talk" rather than their real name are just internet junkies and they have nothing better to do other than talk shit and disagree with other peoples opinions. now thats real talk.

    • Real Talk

      Durk, Tyga and Ryan Dorny are faggots. Dorny you sound like a Durk groupie.

    • dat nicca Emm


    • ryan dorny

      shut up nigga durk has been more relevant than tyga recently. i haven't heard of tyga since his last album but durk is always in the media and hes always releasing new music. niggas like you think if your not mainstream your not relevant lol get with it. half these new rappers dont even need a label to shine they doing it all independent and they just as relevant and all the niggas on the radio. fuck game and tyga they both bitch ass niggas. durk said something about tyga girl and tyga told him to remove it so he did then tyga started acting like a bitch and not returning durks messages. they nigga obviously felt some type of way so how can you say durk felt butt hurt. more like tyga was butt hurt. tyga stopped responding to durk like a bitch and when asked about it he denied it then durk dissed him and he couldn't handle it so he ran to game for help. you can tell tyga was felling threatened when he needs help from someone else. how can you even fell tough after running to a 30 year old man to back you up smh.

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  • triPAUD

    Just cause he's against u, he's against chicago? no.

    • yes they are

      Now look... they disses him for NO REASON AT ALL...

    • Bario

      If Keef and Durk actually do define Chicago hip-hop, can we please nuke this city then? For the good of all humanity?

    • Anonymous

      Fuck the drill scene you talking of. Civilized people don't listen to no damn Chief Keef.

    • ghana

      kanye west is not a drill rapper and he doesnt make music that all these gang niggas like to listen to. durk and keef are chicago when it comes to the drill music scene.

    • connor

      lil durk and chief keef are two of the biggest rappers in chicago and they basically are chicago so if someone disses one of them they are dissing the full of chicago. keef knows what time it is now that bump j is involved. tnat why he said he got hacked.

    • Anonymous

      damn Kanye, Twista, Common & Lupe all retired I guess

    • Anonymous

      "lil durk and chief keef are two of the biggest rappers in chicago and they basically are chicago " Kanye west?

  • Anonymous

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  • 3hunna

    Hell nawww this nigga durk acting like he dont mess wit Migos and Shy Glizzy fuckkk DURK

    • 3hunna

      what about glizzy then .... that nigga shot up the gbe tour bus ?????????????

    • Real Talk

      Samantha Grey youre a white bitch don't say nigga. on top of that Gayme is a faggot that likes to dick ride other rappers to stay relevant.

    • samantha grey

      but they are complete different situations. keef actually backed niggas up who made a diss song called "chiraq to la" thats disrespecting the full of chicago not just durk. durk represents chicago so when someone makes a diss with chiraq in the title its disrespecting the full city. migos never actually dissed chicago they only dissed keef because he accused them of sneak dissing for no reason. migos even said salute to chicago and if you look at the facts you will see keef was wrong when he accused migos because they never actually dissed him so there is nothing wrong with durk being cool with migos. keef was only dissing them for attention it wasn't real beef. game dissed durk for no reason and name dropped the full of chicago in the song so he looked though but now bump j is on his ass so he better run. keef is also saying he got hacked now like a little bitch.

  • majoy laces

    that's good that Durk is keeping the beef on wax , there's no need for this to go any further than the records.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^cuz thats truuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • Anonymous

      speaking of double teaming someone, Game and Tyga ain't say shit when Gucci Mane said him and Waka Flocka double teamed Tyga's wifey and baby mommma.

    • shoot first

      tyga doesn't want to play fair so why should durk? tyga tweeted saying game is his favorite rapper then he got game to diss durk smh. for tyga to need to get who he considers as his favorite rapper to back him up it just shows you how much help he really needed. tyga is a pussy who needs to double team someone so now durk is getting bump j to diss game and my advice to game is he better run because bump j is a legend in chicago. he is known for putting hits on niggas and he don't play no games.

  • Supergay

    dj moondawg is crute

  • Anonymous

    Terrible journalism. Maybe you should include how exactly Keef sided sided with LA and not make us search for it...

  • Certified

    Game is a pussy when it comes to real street shit. niggas just think cause hes a blood he has ties to all the gangs but really all he has is black wall street. everybody in la knows game is a faggot who hangs with all the fake ass rappers. his own brother put him on blast and said he use to work in a strip club and he played basketball in school then he started gang banging when he was 15. lil durk was born into this life he didn't just wake up one day and say im going to be in a gang like game did. game has never done anything to prove he is really about what he talks about but if you check lil durks history you will see hes been about this street shit his whole life. the full of chicago can vouch for him but who can vouch for game? the only thing game has ever done is beat up 40 glocc and even that was with all his homies. he cant do anything for himself. im a be honest game is a good rapper but he has no street credit. he needed to name drop chief keef in his diss against lil durk and he even name dropped chicago legend bump j. game now looks like a total idiot because bump j is teaming up with lil durk to diss game. for those who don't know bump j is a legend in chicago and that's why game name dropped him. game nows not to cross that line because bump j is know for having killed people and he is the type of nigga who will just kill you over a rap beef. hes in jail right now but nearly every gang in chicago pay homage to him and he is well respected so if hes dissing game then chicago will back him up. that's why chief keef pussied out and said he got hacked when he posted games diss against lil durk on instagram. i can wait to hear games response now. the bipolar ass nigga will probably apologize like he usually does.

  • Anonymous

    Any reason to put chief keef on blast, is a good one. Hes trash. Strait all about Guns. (no rhyme intended)

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