Lord Jamar Says Jail Is Like Vegas: "What Happens In Jail Stays In Jail"

Lord Jamar criticizes Young Thug for "effeminate shit" and says he's not feeling the rapper.

In his latest interview with VladTV, Lord Jamar spoke at length about his view that many young men emasculate themselves after being prompted by a question about Young Thug. Initially criticizing Young Thug’s intersection of fashion choice and violent image, Lord Jamar went on to detail his perception of feminine attire in gangster culture.

“I’m not feeling him,” Jamar said of Young Thug. “I seen the nigga in a video where he came out and all his niggas got guns, they pulling out guns, but he got on some real womanly looking type shirt on...The more effeminate shit that you do, the more that you’re gonna have to do other shit to try to prove your manhood. These niggas will wear dresses and all this type of shit but now they pulling out guns and all this type of shit trying to prove that, ‘Yo, I don’t give a fuck if I got a dress on I’m still a hard nigga. Don’t front on niggas.’ Throwing up gang signs and all that type of shit. Where they do that at? I’ve known some real gangbanging motherfuckers in my life. I’m talking Cali gangbanging. I’ve never seen a gangbanger dude wearing a dress or no shit like that, throwing up signs and all of that. The more you effeminate yourself the more subconsciously you’re gonna wanna prove that you’re masculine.”

Asked about the prevalence of homosexuality in many jails, Lord Jamar offered his opinion that many men treat sentences like a stay in Las Vegas.

“Jail for a lot of niggas back in the day was like Vegas,” he said. “‘What happens in jail stays in jail.’ Which was not cool. Which was a weakness of mind. But a lot of these niggas they might fuck a nigga in the ass in jail but then when they come out they not fucking with niggas. They was only doing it ‘cause they was locked up and they was savages and couldn’t resist the sexual urge to not fuck nothing and went ahead and fell victim to fucking a nigga in the ass but when they get out in the world they back fucking with girls and they not doing that at all. They’re damn sure not running around—even if they caught this nigga in a dress somewhere privately, it’s not like he coming out on the set. He’s not coming out on the set with a fucking dress on. Even if these niggas did this shit in private on the low, they not coming out like that in public type of shit.

“I’m not saying this nigga Young Thug is gay,” he added. “I don’t know his sexual preference. What I’m saying is by emasculating yourself, that psychologically makes you want to prove your masculinity. Now when you get in a beef with a motherfucker, instead of being able to handle it in a more calm, collected way, a truly manly way where you don’t have to fly off the handle, you might be more apt to pull out your gun now and try to shoot a nigga to prove something to a motherfucker. To prove that you a real man. Because psychologically they looking at you in a certain kind of way. You know they looking at you in that way. You want to prove, ‘Nigga I don’t give a fuck. I know you see me with this dress on but I’m still a hard nigga. I’ll still pop your motherfucking ass.’ That actually helps lead to the bigger problems that exist within our society. Murder and shit like that. It’s these emasculated young boys who don’t have no father figure in the hood. Sometimes oppressed by their mothers. Who now go out here and disrespect women. Try to prove their manhood. Out here running around having mad babies with different girls, not taking care of them, thinking they’re being a man. All because they were emasculated in the beginning. This shit affects everyone. It affects us. What another man wears does affect you. It affects his mind and what he does in society. It affects what happens in society and what happens in society is gonna affect you either directly or indirectly.”


  • dannyx


  • dannyx


  • dannyx

    I think Lord Supreme Kevin Ketchup wants to f**k a n*gga in the ass, he sure talks about it alot.

  • Anonymous

    Put out music or fucking die.

  • Jay Balfour

    I love to suck Lord Jamar's dick. It's so tasty, yamm yamm yammmm.

  • Anonymous

    He has a point, if u lil boys can't stand him it's ok, the truth hurts

  • Anonymous


  • Heru

    The GOD strikes again!!

  • ungrateful ninja

    These lord jamal comments are the funniest thing going on this site. The level of hating/trolling is remarkable and they know they would never say any of this to his face, dont be jealous/cowards. Hip Hop appreciation week is the 3rd week in May RESPECT the culture! Much love negros

    • dannyx

      Yea people you should show respect to the elderly, some of them, like Lord J. are stuck in a different era when society was a little less tolerant. Don't hate on the dinosaurs.

  • Anonymous

    Dumbest person on Earth.

  • Sidid1984

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  • FukJamarfromCHIRAQ

    Jamar must know first hand if he's giving so much detail. Jamar must me hating on everyone cuz ain't nobody asking for his feature on anything. He sucks. Sadat X n Puba only dudes anybody wants to get on a record. They need to stop giving this old fart any chance to speak about anything current in hip hop. You haven't been relevant in decades. By the way young thug sucks. I also grew up on the 90s hip hop but I also like Kanye TDE ACTION BRONSON ILL BILL Big Krit and so on. Jamar is just the biggest hater of the decade.

    • ^

      Does being irrelevant make what he says not true? What he talks about is relevant don't shoot the messenger.

  • Wtf

    Who the fuck is Lord Jamar and why do you keep posting the dumb shit he says? Jesus, he's just another ignorant ass hoodrat and no one gives a fuck about his thoughts on anything.

  • Anonymous

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  • Verbal Tim

    Young Thug is way better than Brand Nubian ever was. (and I'm 30+, growing up on Das EFX, Blahzay and so on)

  • Anonymous

    Young thug is just plain awful, I honestly gave him a try and every song he's on he sounds like a rooster, caw-cawwww. Stop giving this kid notoriety here's garbage, if I hear him compared to Wayne again ill snap weezys a legend nd is at least making an honest effort to comeback hard on carter v and any features he's on lately

  • Anonymous

    The truth...nothing but the truth. School these chicks-wannabes.

  • Anonymous

    how is the industry turning them into bitches? did the industry force them to wear skirts and european fashion made by white gays overseas? did the industry make young thug paint his fingernails? He can do whatever he wants but the industry don't have to promote it. By doing so eventually kids that think that shit is cool eventually will turn into bitches as well, especially if Young thug or someone else blows up off of that shit.

  • Justin

    Ya'll kids don't know shit about hip hop, most of your retarded asses were probably born in the late 80's and 90's. What you fail to see is that the industry is turning black men and the rap game into a bunch of bitches, that is what he is saying, what a man does in his own home is no ones business but his own. What he is telling you is he is turning brothers into industry slaves and punk bitches with music. the only real music left, the only honest shit left, ya dig? now figure your shit out. I think a lot you listen to Young THug and ride his dick. Study your history, Mother Fuckers like that don't do shit but fuck it up for the rest of the community, and it is not just him but the corporate music industry and hollywood...check yer head homie before you get all butt hurt over some shit you don't understand

    • Money First

      @Anonymous....No the industry may not be turning them into "bitches" as you say but they are promoting it which honestly is just as bad.....Money is the bottom line motive so at the end of the day it will get worse before it gets better!!

    • stop being stupid

      Yes they did, do you think he would get any attention if he dressed like a man? If was saying something positive? Nope So why are you defending a population control strategy?

    • Anonymous

      how is the industry turning them into bitches? did the industry force them to wear skirts and european fashion made by white gays overseas? did the industry make young thug paint his fingernails?

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    If you fuck another man then your gay. End of story.

  • GayLord Jamar

    This nigga is OBSESSED with all shit gay. Him and Busta are the biggest closet homos in the game.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar is the biggest troll.

  • Anonymous

    hiphopdx, why are you trying to make us care what Lord Jamar says, literally nobody cares!!! He is past irrelevant now

  • Anonymous

    "Yo,I dont give a fuck if I got a dress on,Im still Hard Nigga" ....Comment of the year....

  • Fuck Outta Here

    For someone who hates gays so much, he sure spends a lot of time discussing butt sex.

  • Sonnin You

    Everything Lord Jamar says is true and relevant. Anyone that disputes his right to speak and the urgency in listening is a uncle tommin', coward. You don't need a shitty record with DJ Mustard and a hook done by Future in autotune to have a right to speak on how record executives use rappers as pawns to destroy Black and Hispanic communities. It was criminal activity. Then drug use. Then pimping. Now homosexuality. I don't hear or see this bullshit in their music. Just ours. Again, if you disagree you're an uncle tom and a coward. UNCLE TOM. COWARD. (you) (YOU!)

    • ^

      You can't counter what he says so the best you can do is call him bitter?

    • Uncle Tom

      Who you yellin' at lil' nucka? Someone got daddy issues

    • Anonymous

      He has the right to speak, more power to him, nobody is stopping him from doing these interviews, however, the rest of the world also has the right to not care what he thinks and carry on about their business, which seems to be the root of his frustrations. He's bitter because the rest of the world won't do what he tells them to do.

  • Anonymous

    Only fags and people who want to be a fag got a problem with what he said. Like it or not he was speaking the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Funny thing with y'all fruits, talking negative shit about Lord Jamar amounts to jack because like him or not-fuck the messenger-the message is true. He is talking about men taking responsibility for being men i.e 1) don't need to be violent to resolve conflicts which leads to your ass getting locked up for some bullshit. 2) going around having babies creating future hood rats and jailbirds. All to prove that you are a 'man' when in truth you are being a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    LJ is very clever. He'll say some shit that is superficially plausible, seemingly good, correct, or logical, but is not so.

  • IHateMorgy

    Who cares, my dad's old and has ridiculous views but he's not on a website. this place is a gossip column now

  • zoe

    yeah not alot people wanna talk bout getting butt fucked!!!!

  • Banana Clipse

    Jamar spends more time thinking about homosexuality than actual homosexual and right wing Christians.

  • Non

    Damn... For the 1st time that I've seen, Lord Jamar made a well adjusted and psychologically intelligent, valid point. Well said Jamar.

    • edwords

      Thats kind of the problem, besides the fact that none of this shit is actual news and this site is getting shittier and shittier everyday. Nobody gives a fuck what Lord Jamar has to say, he doesn't make music. I haven't seen this site post about people petitioning HOT 97 because it's garbage and it knowingly plays garbage because "they have kids to feed", but Slim Thug's vasectomy/corn removal/Lord Jamar's opinions on race and music are actual news to this place. Go to pigeonsandplanes.com for hiphop, this place hasn't lost it's touch, it's gone Hellen Keller.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    My uncle was locked up in 96 in a South Florida prison and Officer Ricky use to run round snitching on people to the Warden and stripped searched my uncle 3 times looking for weapons

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar the truth

  • Anonymous

    Young Thug is a gay and his voice is annoying as hell.

  • Anonymous


  • Belize

    damn that was deep nohomo

  • Anonymous

    this person is a 14 year old trapped in a 45 year old body

  • kennyken

    the psychological thing he's saying about someone having to try to prove themselves I feel him on that; but this dude is always criticizing every damn body lol. It's like he is so damn out of touch and angry and homophobic. LOL

  • Anonymous

    "Yo, I don't like this Young Thug dude because he likes different things than I do and things have changed since I was relevant"

    • J dirty

      Please tell me ur Joking son^^^^

    • Anonymous

      fuck outta here if you defending that faggot who is obviously a closet homosexual. gang member dont wear little girl dresses or paint their nails and call their homeboys their babes and loves.

  • Anonymous

    Young Thug represents that other side of Atlanta. If you've ever been there you'd know what im talking about. ATL is so gay. Young Thug is just all bad for everyone psychologically

    • Anonymous

      Young Thug is trash, period. Him tasking dicks or pleasing a certain crowd don't mask his wackness

  • White Boy

    I love this guy he speaks nothing but the truth. All hail Lord Jamar!

  • Done

    Dear HipHopDx i said if i saw another article from lord jamar about nothing id stop coming to this website. well i guess this is goodbye. this guys a joke, this website is a joke. worldstarhiphop here i come

    • Anonymous

      or 2dopeboyz, slumboxden. if you really thought you would find rap news here do yourself a favor n dont come back. the only thing popping here are the trolls n the real ones aint on here much anyway

    • Anonymous

      worldstar? like thats your only other option for hiphop news? you can do better than that! try RapRadar

  • Free giccci

    Lord Jamar knows big gucci runs the cells. Free the realest nigga to ever hold a mic free gucci mane

    • Anonymous

      damn right. Jamar know Gucci a real G. Free Guwop 2014, 15, 16, 17 fuck it GUCCI MANE FOR ETERNITY brRRRRR

  • Anonymous

    "Lord Jamar declares that what happens in jail stays in jail, all words are final, the voice of the people has spoken" ...is what DX probably wanted to put as the title I honestly bet they put these articles up when their site isn't getting many views, just so people will be guaranteed to click just to leave a comment. Also, when was the last time DX had an exclusive? At least other sites have worthy exclusives. One site that starts with a V is doing pretty well right now, probably intruding on DX's market share a bit.

  • Niggas these days..........

    Young Homo Thug cant wait to go to prison he can wear dresses all day call himself Trina Da Dick Cleaner n get fucked by every lifer on the cell block

  • Anonymous

    So what is he trying to say? "It's OK to be a faggot as long as you're in jail"?

  • Anonymous

    This explains that fully front penis out shower scene with another man from his character Supreme Allah on HBO's cult favorite 'OZ'.

    • Anonymous


    • Tim McManus

      I can confirm that this brother is a lil gay.

    • Anonymous

      oh look, your fruitball friend showed up

    • Anonymous

      Hahahaha oh my god, it's true, Jamar checks these comments to see what people are saying about him, hahahahaha

    • Augustus Hill

      Jamar is that you? Getting naked in the shower with cripples for rent money! What happens in Emerald city stays in emerald city.

    • Anonymous

      that tv sh*t is embedded in your brain ain't it f*ckboy, you can't stop talking about it, begging someone to agree with you but us with a brain know Will Smith doesn't have AIDS and Denzel ain't a cop so go suffocate on a deviled egg you weirdo

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    It's true, what happens in prison stays in prison. My client and mentor Rick Ross used to search butt holes for $10 an hour for the cocaine he raps about selling but he never talks about that. Now he runs the rap game.

  • Anonymous

    "The more effeminate shit that you do, the more that youre gonna have to do other shit to try to prove your manhood" He ain't talking nonsense this time lol

    • Anonymous

      how is speaking on truth trying to prove you a man, lol lord they confused

    • Willy

      Except nobody gotta prove shit to Jamar. He too busy trying to prove his masculinity, the rest of us are comfortable with ours. Homie just needs to suck a D and realize his true destiny.

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