Scarface Says Donald Sterling Shouldn't Apologize

Scarface addresses Donald Sterling controversy, says the Los Angeles Clippers owner sees his players as livestock.

In the days following the release of a recorded conversation, which consisted of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling telling friend V. Stiviano not to bring any black people to Clippers games, the attorney-turned-entrepreneur has been banned from the NBA for life, and many are calling for an apology from Sterling.

In regards to an apology from Sterling, Houston rapper Scarface says Sterling shouldn’t have to apologize for what he said on the recording. He also questioned what exactly Sterling would be sorry for if he did release an apology.

“I don’t feel like he should apologize,” Scarface said during an interview with “Why should he? I don’t apologize. Why should he? Why would he? For what? Ain’t no—Sorry for what? Sorry for what? What you sorry about? ‘I’m sorry because I don’t like black people.’ No sir. Why you sorry about that?”

Scarface later criticized the age difference between Sterling and female friend, V. Stiviano. The Geto Boys emcee went on to compare Stiviano to that of an infant when paired against Sterling who is reportedly 80-years-old.

“You’re in love with your daughter’s granddaughter type shit? Dude you fuckin 80-years-old,” he said. “How the fuck can you be in love with a—Like looking back that’s not even a child to him that’s like an infant. 40 is a child to him. But 20 is like a fuckin’ infant. But him being sorry for saying that he don’t like black people at his games? Hey, I ain’t mad at him. Shoot, I don’t blame him…It’s a whole bunch of other mothafuckas think just like him. White and black and Hispanic and Chinese…So, if those people don’t like you because of the color of your skin then it’s something wrong with those people. Ain’t nothing wrong with you, man…I love being me. I don’t even know how to be nothing else. I love that shit. For a mothafucka to hate you so bad they sure wanna look like you…He don’t look at them people like people, the kids that play for him. That play on his team. He look at them mothafuckas like livestock.”

Other artists who have reacted to the Donald Sterling controversy include Snoop Dogg, Meek Mill, Steve Stoute, and Lil Wayne. In a video clip released last month, Lil Wayne stated that in the wake of Sterling’s comments he wouldn’t be a Clippers fan or player.

“If I was a Clipper fan, I wouldn’t be one anymore,” he said. “It’s that simple. But if I was a Clipper player, a current Clipper player, you wouldn’t see me on the court anymore in that uniform. An apology wouldn’t do for me. It wouldn’t work for me.”

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  • Anonymous

    Shut the fuck up Scarface. He never said anything about his team, and if you were getting 100 mill to shoot a ball into a hoop for 2 1/2 hrs your ass would stay and accept that an 80 yr old man is set in his ways much the same way Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson is.

  • chalie

    I definitely understand why people would be upset but I think this shit is way over blown because he doesn't want to be around black people. If this was a recording any black celebrity saying they didn't want white ma fuckaz at their games it would be fine, totally fine lol People have the right to not want to be around whoever they don't want to be around. In addition, someone invaded his privacy, he didn't go on live TV to insult anyone. Look at me, I'm white and I still love Lauryn Hill, Chuck D and every other racist fuck. I've heard SCARFACE, who is without a doubt in my top 5 say "white redneck ma'fuckaz" on one of my favortie tracks "G-code" throwing every white person in the mix as if we are all out to get him, wake up everyday just to fuck with scarface lmao idk who's right any more seems like we're all fucked and the ones that aren't racist deal with the worst of it

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Nobody's asking him to apologize, the NBA handled his ass swiftly, elegantly & made it clear that type of conduct & mentality would not be tolerated in the league. Dude made his own bed, deserves whatever comes his way.

  • Anonymous

    Lol and people still have the nerve to call Face a racist smh dude is the ultimate house negro

    • Anonymous

      Dumb fuck, learn how to fucking read by that I mean Read and Comprehend. Sterling shouldn't have to apologize...apologize for what being a racist..apologizing will make him not being a racist? Fuck out of here. Banning him from the NBA achieves what? That asshole is 80+ plus years old,what the fuck does he have to look forward to besides tasting black men's cum on his girlfriend's lips? That old fart stands to make a lot of money from the sale of the team. Dumb ass, those Kneegroes he had working for him should have boycotted the fucking games this year, next year etc...before anybody says some dumb shit..these Kneegoes have enough cash to live the rest of their lives on, if they invest their money wisely...(Oh I forgot, they have cars, jewelry and a thousand baby mamas..right?!) School is out.

  • Anonymous

    "so if you don't have friends and associates of all races and be able to be cordial and interact with the LGBTQ community wait and see how much business you will accomplish with your Harvard MBA" ^ true, been saying that for a while to these secluded goobers but the nucleus that cannot be ignored is those people have a SYSTEM that is set up that does not comply with equality

  • Sidid1984

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  • wc17

    hahah never seen Scarface interview before just listened to his rhymes, dude is hilarious and just bodied Sterling lol

  • Public Service Announcement

    Scarface is correct. A true example of the inferiority complex;that they(ignorant white people)want black people to believe that they have. Every racist white person that has animosity or hatred towards black people has this complex, but they want you to believe that shit to be the other way around, not! This doesn't include the black people that wish they were white, and those that would do anything to appease them and discredit their own race, you are not included in this example. That post is for another day. Anything dealing with race, black and white is a distraction nowadays. This Sterling shit is so funny. The old model of racism against blacks stating this and that is no longer valid people. Handle your business and don't worry about the things that they say. Educate yourselves to see beyond that empty ass rhetoric. Wasting time because someone said this and that is very counterproductive. It's all global now, so if you don't have friends and associates of all races and be able to be cordial and interact with the LGBTQ community wait and see how much business you will accomplish with your Harvard MBA, you're right, not much! I know some of you here are going to start posting some bullshit very soon, but you will see! Believe me later on then, Suckas!

    • Public Service Announcement

      Of course white supremacy is real you fucking clown. It has existed for centuries throughout the world. I'm telling people to dismiss what these genetic recessive, non-melanin producing albinos lead them to believe. How about that fuckboi!

    • White Supremacy Is Real

      Keep thinking shit is sweet, naive ass fuckboi.

    • JRich

      Believe what? You didn't even state anything, just rambled on incoherently, lmao.

  • Anonymous

    let's be real. the average human is messed up psychologically from simply being alive. black people mental issues are on another whole level. just read that sentence scarface said and tell me that man aint suffering from some tremendous anxiety

    • Anonymous

      Both of yo'all fruits hate when a black man stands for what he is, not an emo/cross dressing fruit a la Kanye

    • Lil Troy

      Brad Jordan is a Federal Informant and has anxiety over that his son in Los Angeles being a homosexual.

  • Anonymous

    why cant ross lose weight like face

  • Soren Baker

    All you DX scum always complaining about us making articles about insignificant tweets, all of you can just gobble this D. Straight up, you think Justin care what you think, Balfour, Tardios, Harling? We paid, that's what matters, we getting it in the best way we can. If you dislike what you see, bounce, it's that simple. We get money over here, it's DX writer rider for life. Got a problem that's deeper than this, we can set up the fade, cuz we DX staff ain't no joke, we ain't nothing to play with. Let's get it! -Soren Baker- Editor in chief-

    • Anonymous

      Mgk is going to be in a new punk slc sequel, logic released a sick song with big Sean the other week, dizzy wright released his state of mind ep, haven't heard anything about that , at least broaden the spectrum .

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


    • Danielle Harling

      Hell yeah, nigga. Tell these scraggly, bummy sons on bitches on this site. Always complaining and shit & I bet you damn near half of them the same niggas that stayed on this site this site since day one. Fucking hypocrite ass niggas.

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