Big T: "Battle Rap Should Be Monopolized"

"It's so big to the point where it should be an NBA," Big T says. "It's too many people battling on different leagues."

Sitting down for an exclusive with Battle Rap, Big T speaks on why he thinks the Battle Rap industry should follow a similar format to sports leagues like the NBA.

“It’s getting saturated, if that’s considered falling off, yeah” he says. “I just think Battle Rap should be monopolized right now. Basically it’s so big to the point where it should be an NBA. It’s just this...It’s too many people battling on different leagues. That’s how I feel. I think we’re maybe a year or two away from that. Somebody needs to get the big idea. These millions of views, I’m a person. I battle. I would have more fame and notoriety than a person that just put out a record. It’s getting very close. Very close.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Big T speaks on the hurdles battle rappers face when trying to switch lanes into the mainstream.

“I think it’s a stigma because they scared ‘cause we could come for their spot,” he said. “We could come up. Like 50 [Cent] told me, ‘Ya’ll could come up with the lyrics all day. Once ya’ll find that right, it’s gon’ be over.’”

Read the rest of the interview with Big T at Battle Rap.


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  • jaceshadoe

    ". last thing hip hop needs is cats that might actually be able to spit",

  • Anonymous

    I keep sayin day by day this battle rap shit starts looking like the WWE of Hip-Hop more & more. Watch before you know it they'll be wearing goofy costumes, follow story lines & be scripted, oh wait they're pretty much already like that!

  • Anonymous

    Big T needs to learn what monopolize really means and f*ck what whiteboy slim says down there

  • Slum

    The level its on now its just the worst.

  • Slum

    I agree with the shitty comment below, and the one above. Either battle rap needs to get HUGE (like its own nba) Or needs to be put the fuck down once and for all.

  • minnesota slick

    battle rap should be put down like a sick mutt. last thing hip hop needs is cats that might actually be able to spit. mo money mo hoes mo sizzurup and mo seizures

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