Tech N9ne Names Eminem "Best Rapper In The Game"

Tech N9ne: "Eminem is a complete emcee...[He] is at the top of his game."

Tech N9ne says Eminem is the best rapper in the industry.

"Eminem is a complete emcee to me," Tech N9ne says in an interview XXL. "He’s a complete emcee, man. Not everybody lets you in. I’m one of the ones that lets you in. Personal life and everything. There’s no personal stuff about him because he’s the most lyric flipping motherfucker in the world like he is. But he has substance, as well. I really like that. I really like people that can let people in.

"I told that to Slaughterhouse when they first got their [Shady Records] deal," Tech adds. "'Everybody knows y’all master rappers. It’s cool that you have that on there. But let people in. That’s how you gain fans. That’s something that never goes away.' That’s why Eminem is just humongous, because he has talent. He has rhythm. He has substance and he has flow like no other. There’s other fucking murderous emcees out of there. Don’t get me wrong. Joell [Ortiz] is a murderer. Crooked I is a murderer. Twista is a murderer. Same as Busta. Eminem is at the top of his game when it comes to patterns, when it comes to wordplay. When it comes to substance. That’s some hella competition, boy. Friendly competition, but hella."

Tech N9ne says he enjoys listening to the Shady Records head and others for inspiration.

"That’s what I go buy," he says. "I gotta go buy the hardest niggas to push myself harder," he says. "I obviously see what Eminem and [Dr.] Dre and them be doing because I want my shit to measure up to that. I feel like that’s my lane. I feel like that’s where I should be doing music at that level. Eventually, I’ma be doing music with them niggas. Straight up. Even if it's just a collabo, you know what I am saying? ‘Cause I know I am dope enough to do it. I know I got a lot of substance, motherfucker. There’s nobody that sounds like me. I met all the qualifications."

In November 2013, Tech N9ne addressed hopes to collaborate with Em again. The two appeared together in 1999 on Sway & King Tech's "The Anthem," a song that also features RZA, Chino XL and Jayo Felony, among others.

"I'd like to work with Eminem," N9ne said. "Just me and him on a song, 'cause I think he's one of the dopest rappers out there, and I wanna hear how I sound next to one of the dopest motherfuckers I've heard. I've worked with some of his homies, Proof, Slaughterhouse, D12, all of 'em. He's the only one left. Even Yelawolf. I worked with all them mothafuckers. He's the only one left."

Tech N9ne released Collabos: Strangeulation yesterday (May 6).

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  • panda bear

    Yeah Em should jump on a track with tech n9ne canibus chino XL Crooked I killah priest Nas K rino ...........

  • Go Ahead Trolls, Be Negative...Do Your Job

    Go Ahead Trolls, Be Negative...Do Your Job

  • Marshall Slave Masters

    Of course he does, Eminem is his slave master.

  • Anonymous

    "places to go'? 'rap game'? 'wanksta'? 'R.A.K.I.M'? 'rabbit run'?" 1. Average 2. Sucked 3. Played Out 4. B.O.R.I.N.G. 5. Catchy, but not great

  • Anonymous

    I swear to god so many of you are idiots

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely agree. In 50 years every rapper in history will give him his props but these fu*boy haters still hate. These people are idiots besides Rakim and talib have already spoken

  • Benzino Goon Squad

    Eminem is at the top because 1) he's White 2) timely Dre co-sign and 3) because he's immature and does stupid ass songs. That's how he became famous. Even his supposed "deep" songs like Stan are over the top, self-centred and basic. Obsessed fan, wow. What an earth shattering concept track, NOT! Fuck Eminem. #BGS2014 #Eminemisthewhitedevil

    • donpark1

      You are asking for it... I feel the same way as you do by the way. Eminem can rhyme, but he is nothing special what so ever. door, floor, your, tour, shore, for, four, core more, bore, boar, soar.... I'm cool on that basic shit. He has a nice verse every once in a while, other than that to me it's all trash. I'm just pissed that people keep repeating that non sense that Eminem is the best. It's almost like You have to say Eminem or you will get black balled or something... AKA Canibus.

  • p

    here comes all the eminem haters with their opinions.... and you already know what they say about opinions, they're like assholes, everyone has one

  • Anonymous

    Canibus is # 1 Em is 2 let the rest fall where the may..

  • Anonymous

    'places to go'? 'rap game'? 'wanksta'? 'R.A.K.I.M'? 'rabbit run'? hmm... go fuck yourself

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    '8 mile was his last good shit' Take away Lose Yourself and that album sucks.

  • Anonymous

    Tech is the ultimate groupie.

  • Anonymous

    Talent, Eminem has it.

  • Anonymous

    ja rule bodies both these clowns. #FUCKFAME

  • Anonymous

    Eminem and Tech should rap over classic 90s beats or College Dropout beats.

  • mz

    I already know how a Tech/Em collab would go. Em = Better lyrics Tech = Better flow

  • Anonymous

    tech please stop slurping feminem, and get off this emo pussy rap movement. Eminem has been corny as fuck since his second album and is overrated as fuck. that's why all the fans at yours and his concerts are white. stop neglecting where you came from to collab with that clown ass muthafucka.

  • XcX

    Eminem and Tech N9ne are both amazing rappers. It would be great for any real hip-hop fan to see those to work together

  • Kizman

    To the Eminem fans who say niggas is scared to feature him on songs. Bad vs Evil Royce was pretty much bodying Em on every song. Keep it real you have to be a big fan to not realize how much this dude fell off. And his next album sounds like the crap he has been producing himself it was straight trash compared to the first MMLP.

    • boo

      thats just being a hater. take the song echo for example, royce just rhymes just for the sake of rhyming, whereas ems lines where interlinked. em was the one who made sense whereas royce just had a better flow. on renegade, jayz put up two top notch verses but eminem put out two classic verses.

    • Anonymous

      agree with klaman

    • Kizman

      You gotta be a fan to say Royce wasn't bodying Em. Let me not say he was bodying Em, But his verses where way better in my opinion. Bodying such a harsh word. Its sort of like how Nas gassed niggas to think Em completely Bodied Jigga. Sure Em had better verses on Renegade but he didn't completely body Jay, his verse was just better. People forget the fact that Renegade is more of Eminem style then Jay-Z anyway. Bottom Line, Royce was bodying "Bad meets Evil" and killed Em on mostly every track the sameway Em killed Jigga on Renegades. Its not a big deal cause Royce is still trying to get on and Em been there and done. Basically Royce still spit like he is hungry and Em spit like he already ate.

    • Stan

      BME was shit. If anything, Em carried the weight while Royce slurred whatever words he could into rhymes. Royce has managed to screw up two groups he's been in: BME and Slaughterhouse, so LOL at you saying Royce is dope.

    • anonymous

      we must not have heard the same tape, and im a big royce fan.

  • Nick T

    Eminem is shade of himself. When Em decided to kill Slim Shady (the character) so he can be himself again, that changed his rap career. He went towards the pop way, clearly because you can see it in the songs he has put out. Who the fuck collaborates with PINK in rap?? Anyone who says that "love the way you lie" shows how fucked up his realtionship with kim was, needs to listen to Eminems first three albums clearly (3 albums i'm referring to is Infinite, Slim SHady LP, and Marshall Mathers LP). He's mentioned his fucked up relatonship with kim multiple times, and talks about killing her. Also for the new "eminem fans", have you ever heard the song Kim? I'm sure you can tell how fucked up their relationship was from that one song. How many rappers did he have featured on recovery ? The answer is Zero (Yes i know lil' wayne, but i dont consider him a rapper since he made "how to love") Why didn't he feature any other rapper? Its cause eminem knows himself that his skills have digressed from what it was, and most of the rappers that were once on par with Em have either passed him or are still better than him in many ways. FACT: He chose wayne for a feature because eminem doesn't have to try hard to rap better than Lil' Wayne, which shows eminem HAD skills at one point. Its funny cause around the time "love the way you lie" came out, i swear the song syllables leaked around that time. In that song eminem clearly says "It's not about lyrics anymore, it's about a hot beat and a catchy hook" Isn't that what relapse and recovery were all about?

    • rjizzle

      kill yourself. relapse was lyrical as fuck. recovery sucked so bad....the only eminem album i played maybe 2-3 times and got sick of the shitty choruses etc. STAND TOGETHER IM GAYYYY haha

    • hefeweizen

      Relapse was all about a hot beat and a catchy hook?? Have you even listened to it, it is one of his best albums lyrically. I can't deny that he turned more mainstream, but his verses are still better than most of the other rappers' out there. And please stop hatin on The Eminem Show everyone! B2t: I would love to see a Em and Tech Collabo, no hook, just bars and let's see who gets "bodied".

    • Anonymous

      i agree... andre 3000 is way better

    • anthony

      he collabbed with Kendrick on mmlp2, he didn't get bodied... what about the shady cypher.. he didn't get bodied. Eminem was still finding his new style on bad meets evil and a lot of the beats were better for Royce. He bodied everyone on forever to

  • Anonymous

    DMX would slash eminem into pieces, sweep up the pieces feed them to the dogs, then collect the shit & smear it in his haileys face. DMX is far better then overrated Eminem!

    • You serious?

      BAHAHAHHAHA...You serious right now? That crackhead couldn't even make it a whole song without taking a hit from the crackpipe. Get the fuck off the comment section, you're too fucking retarded to talk.

  • white_suburban_kid

    Big fan of Shady Records, but Em is definitely not at the top of his lyrical game, in comparison to his entire career. Also, not a lot of artists recognize or give props to Slaughterhouse, which they deserve. Their last album wasn't all that but I blame the label more than the artists. Tech is a beast and few can match his flow; however when listening to songs by him it can all sound too similar.

  • Tejano Bandido

    They put that Tech N9ne in it.. put that Tech N9ne shit on it.. tech n9ne ain't even known! This bitch ass nigga don't know if he wanna be a blood or in a cult, be with the insane clown posse or on lil Wayne's pang-a-wang.. As a matter of fact Em praised ICP on the MMLP2 on three tracks before he would even mention this face painted, slob ass, toungue twisting, devil dick riding punk ONCE! ya dig what I'm sayin? this dumb ass nigga been wanting a collabo from Em since 2006 and he ain't seen shit yet.. Em has collabed with Bruno Mars and P!nk before he would with this punk ass nigga! Ya might as well give that shit up hoe ass nigga! #KoldLikk

  • x

    He's wasting his time, Eminem will never do a track with him. Em cant out-energy or out-wordplay this guy. Remember last month the whiteboy saying Eminem was the most "tEchnical rapper"...... Whoever said he was after Em's fans could be right though , thats pretty slick.

    • Nadia

      I love Tech and Eminem, but I strongly feel Eminem is the better poet. Tech is more straight up with his rhymes, whereas Em makes clever references and employs literary techniques in his work. I love them both but if I had to choose, it would be Eminem.

  • Anonymous

    people is still arguing.. andre 3000 better rapper...STOP IT

  • Nadia

    I am so disgusted at the vile & ignorant comments in this thread. Let me lay it straight & say that Eminem & Tech N9ne are probably the best rappers today. They should be treated with the utmost respect for their contributions to the hip hop world, their ability to push envelopes, their artistry & their defiance of the norm. NOW... Let me make my points. First; collaboration is NOT (always) a damn competition. Two artists come together out of mutual respect, either sign a contract or make a verbal agreement, & work together to create music. This is not a damn popularity contest. Tech sells out venues & Eminem is scheduled to play at a 90,000 capacity venue in London. These niggas are as relevant as you will ever get! Second; let me REITERATE that this isn't. DM popularity contest. This music is not about who is better, who has sales etc... This is about the MUSIC not the BLING. While y'all sitting at home brushing cheeto dust off your chest these niggas are inspiring thousands of people, creating music & working hard for their art until they die! Y'all need a reality check & manners. My final point: if you think Drake runs the hiphop world, kindly take up knitting a a full time hobby & never make an opinion ever again. Peace out.

    • Anonymous

      Roc Marciano is the best.....fuck your opinion

    • Tejano Bandido

      ^^ shut up bitch keep that shit on the DL

    • Non

      Your right Nadia, it's like they read your post then reverted right back to straight up retarded.

    • d mac

      lol @ cheeto dust

    • Nadia

      @APerson Ofcourse, the people who mentioned are also amazing, I have been hooked to the remaster of Illmatic and Ghostface these past few days. I didn't say they were the best, but probably the best today, in the modern era out of most rappers who are putting out NEW music, IMO, they are among the strongest if not THE strongest. Eminem disappointed with Recovery, it was not to my taste, really sloppy and poor album. But Em wasn't on his game; he wasn't fully planted on the ground at that time and MMLP2 really demonstrated his artistry. The only pop shit I bump is Lady Gaga cus shes dope! Otherwise I'm fully hip-hop and rock!

    • A Person

      I would disagree that Eminem and Tech N9ne are the best emcees today. Nas is definitely better than both. Elzhi is better, Ghostface, Freddie Gibbs and Pharoahe Monch are on the top of their games. Em is dope, but he has fallen off, and Tech N9ne tends to be overrated, though he is still solid.

  • Cam Gamma

    Em is the best rapper in any era of hip-hop... support and show love to up and coming rap artist Cam Gamma @

    • @ Cam Gamma

      yet your music has no traces of this so-called best of all eras tactics or construction, you sound just like everyone else trying on the Pacific Coast 4mns of that song and still don't know what you were trying to say to get the people to relate, just all "trying to sound hot" so instead of trying to make it, stick to perfecting songwriting, the music isn't that bad and needs actual content #realrap

  • aleks

    Eminem is a good rapper, but I like Tech n9ne better ! em + tech = awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Lol so this nigga still begging for an Eminem collaboration???

  • Anonymous

    you guys are so funny.... we all know andre 3000 is hands down the best rapper ever

  • Dillon

    yall can hate all you want, but you cant deny the Skill of both Eminem and Tech N9NE

  • Anonymous

    The Jokerr totally destroyed Techs career. #JOKERRSLAIR

  • Anonymous

    who is this loser anyway? just googled him, he had spiked red hair and a painted face. is he any how affiliated with the insane clown pussys?

  • Pharell

    The Game is the best rapper in the game

  • Sidid1984

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  • Anonymous

    fuck this devil worshipping weirdo, the god em will never work with this nobody

  • ice

    it's funny how people are finally recognizing Eminem as the greatest rapper. I've been saying he's the best since I first heard him on the Eminem Show album. Like Tech N9ne said, Eminem really is the "most lyric flipping motherfucker" ever.

    • Anonymous

      many people recognize Eminem is being great, they just wish not to discuss it with his crazed and biased fanatics because they talk with rhetoric like your comment is full of

    • Anonymousd

      actually he's not and you're delusional. the entire rap art form is corrupt. next please.

  • Anonymous

    Em is the goat. #KPNMW

  • Sidid1984

    Start working from home! Great job for students, stay-at-home moms or anyone needing an extra income... You only need a computer and a reliable internet connection... Make $90 hourly and up to $12000 a month by following link at the bottom and signing up... You can have your first check by the end of this week........

  • Anonymous

    Techs being humble but he knows he'd murder Em on a track. Em doesn't want to do a track with him for that same reason. Why do you think he did Forever w/ Wayne, Drake and Kanye? Because he knew he could make them look bad. He cant make Tech look bad.

    • JRich

      It's pretty common knowledge that they recorded it separately. I'm not going through the hassle of finding specific examples, but Tech has stated multiple times that they recorded separately, as well as stating multiple times that he's never done an actual collab with Em. You don't have to be present for an event to know about it, that's what reading is for.

    • King Tech

      Were you there when they recorded the anthem? I'd like to know where you got that information from cause I don't recall them all being separate when they recorded it

    • JRich

      ^Actually they haven't, The Anthem was a bunch of people (Tech and Em included) recording over the same beat separately, and then put into one song. Don't tell people to do research when u don't know what you're talking about

    • haha

      actually em and tech did do a song together, do your research

    • Anonymous

      maybe it's cause tech is a fucking nobody and wayne drake and kanye actually sell records.

    • Anonymous

      From what I remember Eminem didn't do the song with N9ne because Proof died. Doesn't that make you feel like a fuckface.

  • drake runs rap

    what a joke an irrelevent underground rapper praising a pop star like feminem as the best rapper. This is just sickening lets face it feminem needed rihanna to make hit singles and sell records. With out his pop features he wouldn't sell shit. Drake didnt need anyone to sell almost as much as eminem. Drake did it all by himself and makes hits by himself. Drake is the face of rap drake is the future and present of rap while eminem is nothing more than a washed up pop star hasbin. Drake runs this rap shit learn to accept facts virgins.

    • ROKO

      Drake is not hip hop.

    • Nadia

      Drake grammys: 1 Eminem grammys: 13 Try again.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, Drakes rap style is completely derived from lil wayne, people just dont notice it since hes public image separates much from waynes. Only thing original about him is his singing, so maybe what you mean to say is that "Drake runs rnb" cause that would be a factual statement. This is Drakes first album however to not have big name features on the singles, The album before that however, had features by Rihanna, lil wayne, nicki minaj and tyga, all of these 4 had just released huge singles so yeah on that album he needed other people to make hit singles(the RIHANNA track was the biggest hit on that album) And the album before that he needed ti swizz beatz and wayne again to make the hits, alltough "over" was a great track, but from a rap perspective Eminem murdered drake on his freestyle over that beat. And to say that eminem needs rihanna to make hits... When he released Not Afraid they hadnt even announced the rihanna single yet, and it still was number one on the billboard chart (in its first week, thats the second time in history a hip hop song achieved that). Drake still hasnt had a number 1 record in his career, unless you count RIHANNAS song "Whats my name" Eminems single "Berzerk" hit number 3 on the billboard chart before "The Monster" was announced, while drakes "just hold on" peaked at number 5. Eminem murdered drake on forever(Public opinion, but also based on emceeing skills). Take Care and Recovery both had singles with rihanna and lil wayne. Eminem sold 4.5 million in the us, drake sold 2.6 million FACTS

    • dick nasty

      ....REALLY???...Drake is the face of hip hop??? everyone has their right to their opinion but in no where but toronto, canada is drake the face of hiphop...HAHAHAHA...yo drake got some catchy shit but dude is NOT the face of hip hop....also eminem owes NOTHING to wayne...only people signed to ymcmb owe anything to wayne....and to say em needs rihanna...are u serious??? yo dude was doin just fine before that bitch came around and besides thats what successful artists do, they is dope as fuck and him and em on a track together similar to em and busta on hurt you would be dope...should everyone like eminem??? fuck no but 'virgins' as you like to call it should stick to that facts and keep ur bullshit emotions at home...

    • Anonymous

      He owes a lot to Wayne...

    • Anonymous

      agree. drake is the face of hip hop. eminem got lucky with my name is and he milked that hot streak for all he could now those days are gone and he can't make it without rihanna. i know cuz every dumb bitch i talk to says "i love eminem and rihanna" shut hte fuck up you hoe and get back on my dick. we give women too much of an opinion sometimes.

  • Because the Internet

    Spoken like a true Hip-Hop advocate. Well said Tech, mad respect for you and your music too. Eminem is obviously the best and will be at the top of the game until his death.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem is the best lay in the game ever since he prematurely ejaculated on Mariah Kellys Barey

    • Anonymous

      go back to mariah carey fanclub dot com you fag. we support eminem on this website. especially since justin hunte the owner is a big fucking uncle tom who wrote 11 pages sucking his dick. sorry i got emotional for a second im cool now.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, when he was stalking her and snitching on his little pink penis, like a school girl lol.

  • Anonymous

    lmao son gave himself props in a question about eminem... and just cuz he worked with Em's homies doesn't mean Em has to work with him

    • Anonymous

      He just trying to keep up good relations for the fans that actually buy albums aka white people. If you diss the great white hope, the white fans take it personally and will turn on you. Imagine what they do when you praise thier Rap Lord?!

  • Big Mike

    Tech is better than any other artist that Eminem has recorded with. It's only logical to assume that Eminem won't do it because tech can match him in any way as an emcee; it would hurt Em's ego if Tech out-rapped him, which he would in a collab.

    • dick nasty

      yo, em did murder jay on renegades...straight up...but depending on how they beat is and all that, em and tech together could be CLASSIC...they have just as much similarity as much as they differ but they are the perfect challenge for eachother that could possibly bring out the best in the both of them....real talk...

    • boo

      em murked jay at his peak. trust me, em against someone like tech would improve him. just check shady2.0 bad meets evil and our house

    • wads

      all that sucks. renegade you can rhyme words in a conversational way. im supposede to be impressed? try a real art form like painting bitch.

  • Face Paint

    You should all go & read that Stat interview then you'll know why we haven't had a Tech & Em track, cos what Jimmy says goes, if he don't find it good for chart business it won't happen. Kendrick got to do it cos he still 50% TDE who have business connects with Strange, Em should be working with D, X, Cube, Nas, Red & Meth etc

    • Anonymous

      Sorry boy, but thats a bunch a bullshit! Em already made collabs with so many artists that aint that big in the spotlight. Yes: he knows whom to work with if he thinkin about the charts. But he's also one of the few rappers (in the spotlight) that still really cares for rap and collabs with the great rappers. And yes, he def should work with ans cube etc.

  • W3NM3=EMN3MN3r3

    3m5 change postscummi3

  • W3NM3=EMN3MN3r3

    55ry n3ronbar 5 m3 f3b00k3 r nm3r3 m3 3 rw$ lw$ 3mb3rb5 r3 3

  • Anonymous

    em should make a track with nas

  • MakeItHappen

    Yo! We stil waiting for that collab with Busta! Drop the damn thing already! we going crazy! And Em, just already do a song with Tech. The guy is pretty amazing and he's been shoutouts and paying respect to you a few years now. MAKE IT HAPPEN

  • W3NM3=EMN3MN3r3

    Shit story @f3bk l3 w3r

  • Spliffst4rr

    To those saying Eminem wouldn't do a song with Tech, that's bull. Eminem would definitely work with Tech N9ne, no doubt about it.

    • fuck you

      Woah, don't be talking shit about Kendrick, the fuck is wrong with you?

    • honest critique

      "you really upset that a Kendrick collab happened over a Treach" ^ assumptions are poison son read what I said again fan, Eminem has the power to select whomever he wants to record with, but we get who works for business, not who he wants to rhyme with, AND THAT'S WHEN I LOOK AT JIMMY can you discuss w/o your feelings attached? Buckshot flying out to do a remake chorus for his own song and NOT get a verse is a blatant red flag and the REALITY is if YOU FANS thought it was so hot, it would have been a single from the album PUSHED BY THE DEMAND, NOT THE LABEL like "Monster"

    • Anonymous

      The Buckshot track was sick and are you really upset that a Kendrick collab happened over a Treach? He's done a song w/ Redman, btw, it's called Off the Wall.

    • Anonymous

      He was down to do a track on the everready album but the deadline came up before eminem put his verse in, he was also supposed to be on 6's and 7's but again with life and death shit going on things never worked out. Em is cool with tech and they will work together someday...sooner than later probably, maybe for Detox? Lol

    • honest crtique

      then what's taking him so long, be real Eminem can drop a song with anyone he likes but instead of songs with Tech, Redman, Treach, we get Kendrick, Wayne, a shitty Buckshot collab, we still waiting for this Busta/Em song they say is bananas and that's when I start looking at Jimmy Iovine

    • Anonymous

      after he finishes up his next 3 rihanna singles

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    My client Rick Ross is the best rapper in the game and a flawless lyricist with the finest ear for beats in the history of music.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye West is the best rapper in the game

    • TX

      I'm sure you're just fishing for Kanye hate since the user base on HHDX likes to hate on him so much, but even Kanye knows that he's not the best rapper and has said so him self. He is more of a producer than a rapper. His older stuff like College Dropout and Late Registration were really good, but I don't think he is focused very much on the rapping aspect of it lately. I still respect him for all he's done and what not, but Kanye isn't the most lyrical person out there.

    • Anonymous

      stop the madness..he's good but come on

  • Anonymous

    Eminem named best rapper. Rap named worst art form.

  • Anonymous

    Oh man hahaha these comments will be fun to read in a few hours.

  • Shady305

    C'mon Paul make that collab happen!

  • Anonymous

    yall nigguz didnt believe tech n9ne was a devil worshipper, heres ya proof!

  • Lo

    Eminen do a song with the fuckin guy already...can't you see he has been paying homage for years now...

  • Ink B

    Nigga stop sucking Eminems dick you aint never gon hop on a track with him . Fucking wierd ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    tech just stop slurppin em he will never do a track with you

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