Eminem To Be First Rapper To Headline London's Wembley Stadium, Odd Future To Open

UPDATE #2: Odd Future is set to open for Eminem at the London event.

Eminem is scheduled to perform in London's Wembley Stadium July 11. 

The rapper announced the performance on BBC Radio 1, according to NME.

"I know Wembley Stadium's huge," Eminem says on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 program.

Em also said he prefers one-off shows over full tours. 

"I'm not saying I'll never be ready for that again," he says, "but right now, this is what's working for me." 

The Michigan rapper also spoke about incorporating live instruments in his stage show. 

"It's definitely better," he says. "It definitely brings a whole new element to it...There's a whole different energy. It's louder. It's more in your face. It's more explosive." 

Eminem is prepping work with Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf and Total Slaughter, his Battle Rap league.

"We're trying to take the best of the best and put them up against each other," he says.

Eminem recently also announced a three city tour with Rihanna, titled "The Monster Tour." 

(May 6, 2014)

UPDATE: According to USA Today, Eminem is set to be the first rapper to headline London's Wembley Stadium. Wembley Stadium has capacity for 90,000, according to the publication. 

(May 6, 2014) 

UPDATE #2: Eminem is set to be joined by Odd Future at this event, according to Eminem's Instagram account. 

"My special guests at Wembley will include [Tyler, the Creator] and Odd Future. But not [Earl Sweatshirt] I guest," Eminem says in a post. The video features Tyler making the announcement and Sweatshirt saying he won't be present for the show. "I've got business," Sweatshirt says. 

The Instagram clip is below. 

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  • tdo

    lil wayne free style thats for sho.....

  • Anonymous

    So fucking what!! Really nobody care!

  • ERIC

    If all the comments section in hiphopdx gets shut down, what job would this racist black haters have? General Salute to Em for making history. They say you lost it but you just sold out 90,000 seats in less than an hour.

  • Anonymous

    Odd future alright this better not be the future of hip hop. Trash, earl sweatshirt is okay though.

  • Bowdown2urlking

    Yeh boy I'm in this.....why o why is Tyler n odd future warming up they dog biz

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  • Anonymous

    why this poser tyler the creator always put on this fake deep voice?

  • Lil Icy Boi!

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    • Anonymous

      lil wayne sucks. He just throws words into a blender and they come out in an annoying ass voice. Hes not good, theres no lyricism "Jumped on the celly, called Makaveli/He say he was gravy, I say I was jelly" -Your precious lil wayne

    • Anonymous

      Goat voice u mean and he still cant freestyle for shit.

    • Anonymous

      lies ....

    • Anonymous

      " professional skater," he still cant do an ollie after 4 years "skilled guitarist" notice how he hung up the guitar? he was terrible. "successful fashion designer," he dresses like a 14 year old white kid

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  • MD

    I know mmlp2 just came out recently, but is he going to make at least one more lp you think?

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  • minnesota slick

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  • Anonymous

    THE BEST! if only he did do full tours...the money...

  • Not Impressed

    Of course the first rapper to headline would be a white rapper. Why is he acceptable and other rappers aren't? I'm not impressed

    • Anonymous


    • UGotBurned

      Damn!!!!!!!! that was some burn by Anonymous

    • Anonymous

      it's not that he's more accepted it's that he can fill the seats,

    • chur

      well maybe because the rappers you favor don't put on shows at all! with the exception of Jay-Z, Tech N9ne and a few others . The people want to pay for a show not a guy standing around spitting bars. You fucking idiots still don't understand! why should a hard working guy pay for horse shit shows? The majority of rappers can't put on a show! the fucking suck! Be impressed because he will sell out 90,000 people. It's not the consumer's fault they don't like other people. Everyone has different likes and feel the people you like are shit! Bottom Line Em sells out and you're a fucking jealous idiot cunt!

  • Anonymous

    this dude wack Chino XL would destroy em in his prime and now

    • Anonymous

      mariah carey got a nigga devil baby!

    • lol

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    • Anonymous

      woulda coulda shoulda. im sure you could destroy em too. em laughing at yall with hundred mill in the bank and mariah carey on his dick.

  • Anonymous

    I saw him first on Lyricist Lounge, him with Missy, Skam; mad people, before the LP. Dude was so sick. I mean he still is, but he lost that hunger.But this is crazy

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  • shadyari

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  • Anonymous

    How many British people up in here?

  • klwrgkrrw

    Em could be the richest nigga in rap if he toured

  • gloria

    eminem in 2015 ARGENTINA PLEASE!! LOVE LOVE LOVE !

  • Anonymous

    Wembley done fell a long way since the Bad Tour.

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