Meek Mill Discusses Drake Praise, Work With DJ Khaled

Meek Mill says "They Don't Love You No More" was one of "20 monster joints" he recorded in the studio with DJ Khaled.

Although Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill’s debut album, Dreams & Nightmares, was released nearly two years ago, Young Money artist Drake recently offered his praise for one track in particular from Meek’s album.

In a tweet sent late last month, Drake referred to the album’s intro as “one of the best rap moments of our generation.” And during an interview with Complex, Meek responded to Drake’s album nod.

The Philly wordsmith was accepting of Drake’s praise, but says that both he and his crew have always felt that way about the album’s intro.

“It felt good to hear Drake show love and respect like that,” Meek Mill said. “Me and my homies we always thought that about the intro. You know what I’m saying? It ain’t take Drake to say it. You know, Drake just put an extra stamp on it. At the level of artist he is right now. That’s the homie. You know he gonna rep. And that’s how he must have felt. He just woke up and tweeted that. That’s how he felt. I always say most of the time in interviews Drake like the hottest, the biggest artist of our generation. So, I was smiling when I seen it. As soon as I woke up.”

With “Dreams And Nightmares (Intro)” serving as the first track on Meek’s solo debut, he says it was crucial that he impressed with the track.

“You got one minute to impress,” the MMG rapper said. “So, I wanted to try and impress any new fan that bought my CD. So, you know, that’s how it came off…’Intro’ been out almost two years still killing shit. In my hood it always been like that. In Philly, in New York, in the clubs, everywhere. It always been bananas. As time went by, it actually just kept moving. And I really live off timeless music. Everybody seem to forget that.”

Another track Meek addressed during his conversation with Complex was DJ Khaled’s “They Don’t Love You No More.” Meek says the track, which also features Jay Z and Rick Ross, was one of 20 songs he recorded with DJ Khaled in the studio. The rapper also responded to chatter of him having the best verse on “They Don’t Love You No More” by stating that he always aims to have the best.

“I was in the studio with Khaled cooking up monster records," Meek said. "Me and Khaled was working together. Making like 20 monster joints. And that was the one that Khaled picked that he wanted out of the 20. We was going back and forth about it. I wanted it too. But, you know, Khaled ended up winning…He came out on top.”

The release of “They Don’t Love You No More” came weeks after Meek announced his sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. The rapper made the album announcement during an appearance on Revolt in March of this year.

“My new album, sophomore from Meek Milly, Dreams Worth More Than Money, this summer it’s going down,” he said during his television appearance.


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