Ab-Soul "These Days..." Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Stream

UPDATE #3: The stream for Ab-Soul's "These Days..." album has been released.

Ab-Soul has revealed the title of his upcoming album.

"'These days...' Is the title," Soul says in a Twitter update made today (May 5).

Many initially believed Soul's album would be titled Black Lip Pastor due to the rapper's hashtag in various Twitter updates about the project. Soul later confirmed that the title would not be Black Lip Pastor.

On May 2, Soul said he was close to leaking the effort.

"I'm this close to just leakin my shit like its a mixtape," he said at the time.

Soon after that update was made, TDE CEO Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith addressed the matter with the following Twitter note:"I DARE A NIGGA ON MY TEAM LEAK HIS ALBUM.....#TDE.

These Days... follows Soul's 2012 effort, Control System, a project that earned a 4.5 out of 5 in its HipHopDX review.

(May 5, 2014)

UPDATE: Ab-Soul's These Days... album is slated for a June 24 release. The cover art is as follows: 

Watch the video for Ab-Soul's "Stigmata" single here.

(May 30, 2014)

UPDATE #2: Ab-Soul's These Days... has a tracklist, according to HotNewHipHop.

1. “God’s Reign” (Feat. SZA) (produced by Purity Ring)
2. “Tree of Life” (produced Curti$$ King and DJ Dahi)
3. “Hunnid Stax” (Feat. ScHoolboy Q) (produced by Kenny Beats)
4. “Dub Sac” (produced by Dave Free & Tommy Black)
5. “World Runners” (Feat. Lupe Fiasco & Nikki Jean) (produced by Tae Beast)
6. “Nevermind That” (Feat. Rick Ross) (produced by The Kathy)
7. “TWACT” (Feat. Jinx & Short Dawg) (produced by DNYC3)
8. “Just Have Fun” (produced by Like and Blended Babies)
9. “Kendrick Lamar’s Interlude” (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) (produced by Terrace Martin)
10. “Closure” (produced by Sounwave)
11. “Sapiosexual” (produced by J. Cole)
12. “Stigmata” (Feat. Action Bronson & Asaad) (produced by Rahki)
13. “Feelin’ Us” (Feat. Jay Rock & RaVaughn) (produced by Skhye Hutch)
14. “Ride Slow” (Feat. Danny Brown & Delusional Thomas) (produced by Larry Fisherman)
15. “W.R.O.H.” (Feat. JMSN) (produced by Tae Beast) 

(June 14, 2014)

UPDATE # 3: Ab-Soul's These Days... is available as a stream below. 

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  • Brandon

    Good album overall. TDE!!! http://eazytando.blogspot.com/2014/07/ab-soul-these-days-album-review.html

  • inshucci

    free download of Ab-Soul mixtape! http://goo.gl/USPHLO

  • G

    W.R.O.H is that Battle!The true skill of Ab soul is in this rap battle.

  • bobbyflay

    When is the album review coming out? I want to hear HHDX's take on this...

  • Bandidos

    1. Pinata 2. and then you shoot your cousin 3. Cilvia Demo 4. These Days... 5. Oxymoron I really like this Tree of Life is too freakin dope

  • Anonymous

    Soulo you officially made it, you got haters now

  • Goon by ya

    Im feelin' the Cilvia Demo a little more

  • jenniferebrousseau

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  • shh

    AB SOUL is going to release what could be bst album of 2014......#TDE stay winning

  • imho

    damn this album slaps. I might have to cop this..Q need to take a lesson from this 1..oxymoron had songs specifically for radio spins soul and Kendrick didn't care GKMC> these days>>>oxymoron.

  • Anonymous

    Damn that W.R.O.H. track is like the hardest track on the album. My nigga soul str8 battling a nigga from Grape Street Watts. Soul handled his own with Daylyt, pound for pound it was a great battle. One of the dope lines mentioned, "He know the Heat Blow/ is like Daffy at the Casino/ nigga u better Duck" lol

    • A-Game

      I don't wanna shit on you bro, but that line impressed you? In battle rap they say way more crazier lines than that. That was light lol

  • Anonymous

    So fucking dope man... i mean who else is even making anything like this? In my top 5 rappers easy. Fav album so far this year

  • Anonymous

    This is tight all i need now is for lil twist to drop an album and my year will be set 2014 will truly be the year of lyricism then

  • Anonymous

    He got a few cute songs, but he could've done better

  • Anonymous

    Curly haired, black lipped ass nikka

  • This his 1st and Last album....

    He str8 garbage! I wont even be pirating this shit and Im serious. There is No replay value in any of his songs and the beats are Horrible. Kendrick pls hurry up!!!

  • Anonymous

    First couple of listens, I'm on that Tree of Life. But there are a few good songs. I look forward to bangin this shit

  • Ya'll niggaz crazy

    This shit bags.

  • Cam'ron

    Malcolm X tell the white bitch yo I want my toes sucked

  • ....

    lame and boring from the flow to the beats. The beats sound like something from an Enya album.

  • Mike

    WHY NO Hardcopies? I was going to BUY a hardcopy, now, not so sure...

  • Anonymous

    Nah, didn't like it... I'll keep on pumpin GKMC.

  • Real nigga lyrics

    Im walkin with my strap, I give a fuck a niggaAnnotate searchin Dont keep it in the car, I got that pistol on person You pissed Flocka Flame you dissed the fuckin wrong person Run up on Gucci Mane you be another dead person I toss em in the river now the whole city searchin The AK hit his ass and now that nigga need a surgeon Try me in this club then Im gon shut it down early Scene was so sick that the police start hurling

  • Not Impressed

    "Thanks you Steve Jobs" while carrying the cross of Christ. This nigga a straight up pseudo intellect. His raps sound like he's trying too hard to be intellectual. Not Impressed

  • G

    The rap battle in W.R.O.H thoughhh!

  • Anonymous

    great album, Soul & TDE keep winning

  • kai$oundz

    Feelin us is smooth as fuck

  • kai$oundz

    Sapiosexual stood out the most to me

  • G

    This is a very unique album. The sounds are so different. And Sapiosexual will literally mind fuck you. Like he'll have you thinking of a sexual word before the hook.

  • G

    Album is ok so far, but Kendrick BODY BAGGED the album with that verse on the interlude....If the end was a preview of K Dot's next album and he goes back to his section 80 ways....The game (not the rapper) is over...

  • Anonymous

    How can William Roberts call other people fake niggas in his rap when he has been exposed as the biggest fraud we've seen thus far in rap?

  • Anonymous

    great album to have your period to or get your menstruation on.

  • Anonymous

    Ross is winning again. Ab had to crawl over to him for relevancy. Ab gets laughed out of cities while Ricky gets welcomed.

    • Anonymous

      No one crawled to Ross for relevancy at all. Also, Ross did go to the venue, but he saw 100 people blocking the way. He got scared and left, fearing for his life..

    • Anonymous

      He didn't go to the venue. His team did and they advised him not to. He wanted to go to shoot them but they warned him of potential harm for innocents.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO niggas acting like Ross didnt just get ran outta Detroit by 100 goons scared for his life. I bet Ab Soul goes to any city including Detroit with no trouble. Top Dawg a real OG.

  • Ink B

    Ross had the best verse on the album and then Daylyt Wack Soul will flop once again and his album will go triple Copper oh and that broke nigga still hasn't paid the OG Rick Ross for that verse but Ross out here doing charity so it's all good MMG ALL DAY !!! Ross , Meek Millz , GunPlay we takin over !

    • Anonymous

      Ross had the vest verse? You fucking kidding me? He literally did not say anything. Had a great opportunity to say whatever the hell he wanted and wastes it with garbage bars. That talentless poser doesnt even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as ab-soul

    • Anonymous

      Ross had the worst verse of this album and he ain't doing charity.

    • Anonymous

      dick riding aint good for ya health


    Rick Ros rapping about fake niggas couldn't even save this album.

  • Xavier

    This nigga album sucks!!

  • kalee The Kid

    Kendrick And Soul interlude

  • Anonymous

    This negro is trolling us hard. Put's Rick Ross on a song and he's talking about fakes niggas.

  • supremethoughts

    I swear im tired of these fickled ass people that call themselves fans. everytime somebody drops something y'all are like "he shoulda did this, or got this feature, or made this song, or i like his shit from 2 years ago"... they are artists which means that they can do whatever the fuck they want. either enjoy or don't listen. And if you have a problem with the music being made then buy a mic and make some yourself. I bet it wont be half as good...

  • HHp

    6. Nevermind That (Feat. Rick Ross) FAIL Other than that, it should be a good album

  • Anonymous

    holy fucking shit that's a lot of features remember back in the 90s when there would be 1-2 features on an album and that's it them days are long gone

  • Anonymous

    I troll that loner kid.

  • french way out

    Dude is definitely going the French Montana way. So many other artists on his album, to masquerade his wack (or more like lack of) skills.

  • shh

    this is truly an album of the year contender..#THESE DAYS. 2014..TDE4LIFE

  • Dhz30

    niggas really need a verse from a cop pretending to be rich off coke n eatin wingstop on every fuckin album? i aint buying shit with officer ricky or lil wayne on it

  • Anonymous

    this clown thinks he's really Eazy E, perfect fit to have William Roberts on here who thinks he's someone else too.

  • For Those Complaining About The Features

    Know for sure that its a Top Dawg party, he added. Its definitely a Top Dawg party. I got all the homies from the campI definitely got my home team with me. My guy Soundwave, Tae Beast, Skyhe Hutch, Tommy Black, but its a few little special guests on there. I dont know if weI might have to come back and holla. I might have to come bring them. Now, you can't have a party without a bunch of guests, right?

    • FTCATF

      Whether it's wack or not is subjective. I'm referring to the number of features. Since Ab-Soul said that his album is a "party", I'm saying it makes sense that there is a lot of features.

    • Anonymous

      fuck outta here tracklist looks wack as fuck

  • Anonymous

    sounds like a complation album.

  • Anonymous

    why rick ross!?

    • Anonymous

      White folks ask Why Ross and ablack folks ask Why Mac Miller and Action Bronson. U Mad?

    • Anonymous

      Soulo likes to get his crack searched by an officer of the law, makes him feel like a real nigga like Pac and Eazy

    • dirty

      Cuz Officer Rick gotta a big followin of Lil ricky's...Buncha dumbshit lil kids that wanna be scarface.

  • Anonymous

    Presumably Ross recorded this feature at the same time he did the Mac Miller one...

  • Sham

    The snippets sound great and creative and unique, took some ideas from mac millers, and earl, with the abstract wordplay like MF doom. Really looking forward to this!!

  • Anonymous

    Feat. Rick Ross just no

  • Fred Beats

    NEGRO please you ain't Jesus. I like your music but I can't get with that cover please tell me this a bad joke....#niggapleaseaward IG Freddybeats7

    • anonymous

      If you cared to look into it at all, he clearly states that he didn't put that as the cover for people to think that he is Jesus.... "Soulo shared the central theme to the album. I know we see the Jesus cover, he said. I dont want anybody to think that I actually think Im Jesus in the flesh. "

  • Anonymous

    I wanna hear unit 6....not this water down shit (Judging off 4 songs i heard so far) i still had hopes but this track list looks like the same shit also i thought tree of life was off a mixtape LOL ITS Track 2!!! also if i hear more mac miller mumbling im tossing this out the window!!!!!! FTW Peace

  • Frogg

    Snippets on Amazon sounding kind of wack. Even Q's album is going to be better than this and he's by far the worst on TDE. Is it true that this guy stopped writing lyrics?

  • Troy Ave

    To those who keep bitching about features... You need to learn about the artists. 4 of the features are singers so they're most likely doing hooks or bridges. 1 of them is Mac Miller's weird alter ego who I doubt is rapping but more likely talking and acting as a hype man. I could be wrong but it's a guess. One of them is Kendrick doing an interlude. And since when has it been bad to have guests on your album? Hip-hop is one of the few genres this happens in and it's great to see artists collaborate and vibe off each other. Most of the guys featured fall under the category of "backpack rapper" anyways which I'd think most Ab-Soul fans are. Do you not like cyphers or groups like Wu-Tang or Slaughterhouse since that's more than one rapper performing together? Yal are a bunch of weirdos

  • Anonymous

    There better be a Jay Rock album after this before Kendrick's sophomore. Jay Rock was the first to get some mainstream recognition from TDE and being teamed with Strange is a great move. I'll be copping Soul's album and hopefully Rock's soon after...

    • jj

      Jay rock>>all of TDE

    • Anonymous

      GKMC is up there for me too but I agree Follow Me Home had tons of potential to blow up. There were so many good tracks with some big name guests and production. I feel like he gets overlooked by fans but like you said he's the truth. Just hope he gets the push and exposure the other 3 are getting from TDE

    • Kendrick better lyrcally but j rock the truth in the group

      Follow Me Home >>> every TDE/black hippy album too many bangers on that shit

  • Anonymous

    "Anonymous: cause 50 is wack and doesn't fit the vibe of Ab-Soul songs" We know how wack he is but he could sing a hook on one of the remixes.

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to hearing this album but I would be shocked if this lives up to Control System.

  • xo

    just listen to the music. if you like it - great! if you don't - don't listen to it again. fuck y'all for real.

  • POPE

    10 features on track. does anyone have anything to say?

  • Anonymous

    10 features on track. does anyone have anything to say?

  • Anonymous

    Where is the 50 feature?

  • Feechurs

    Damn. That's a ton of features. Like a Game album amount of features. I'm sure it'll still be good... but seriously out of the 15 tracks only a 1/3 is completely him. 2 others just for hooks and the other 8... I wonder what the split sheets look like.

  • Litton562

    Damn! You guys are stupid as fuck! Yall dont read or educate yall selves huh? Dont kno shit about religion or the truth about jesus. Stupid muthafuckas. Feel bad for yall when ur times up. soulo know! This will be album of the year

    • Anonymous

      Lol 2nd anon is fucked up but made me laugh. But 1st dude... C'mon son religion is all speculation and works off the idea of faith. You act like your beliefs are fact and you were alive 2000 years ago to witness shit firsthand. Headbutt a sword

    • Anonymous

      hail satan bro. just do it. 666

  • Anonymous

    4/15 songs with no features this trash looks like a DJ Khaled album. fuck this i'll wait for that new Weezy or Nicki album.

    • stfu crying bitch just enjoy the music

      Man shut the fuck up!!!!! All you motherfucka do is fucking complain! Enjoy the music and stfu.

  • Anon1

    Still not a huge fan of the cover but the tracklist looks promising. A lot of variety from the production aspect and some pretty solid features. That track with Nikki and Lupe hopefully lives up to my expectations! Lol @ both of Mac Miller's alter-egos being on there but no actual "Mac Miller" feature. And I've never heard of RaVaughn but her name just looks like a lazy way of writing Raheem DeVaughn. I'm ready to hear this though, it's a unique tracklist.

  • Anonymous

    AB-Soul has a nice mix of features: RaVaughn Nikki Jean SZA Kendrick Lamar Jay Rock Schoolboy Q Rick Ross Lupe Fiasco Assad Short Dawg Dany Brown JMSN Mac Miller Action Bronson The Black Lipped Bastid got a feature from every coast some sangers, some whites, some Indie and some mainstream....covered all bases. :)

    • Anonymous

      keep changing your name before you comment we can still tell its you old man

    • Ether Q

      Respect. I don't get why everyone is complaining about features. Like you said he's got a bunch of variety and some talented singers. I'm sure there's a lot of people just getting into Soulo because of Kendrick but Black Hippy always features the other members on their releases. I don't get why people assume an album is trash because there's a good amount of features. Especially a list as diverse as this one. Glad someone else on DX appreciates some good collaborations

  • Anonymous

    Why didnt Ab Soul get Fiddy to be on his album since they are both Independant?

  • Anonymous

    Why does Rick Ross have to be on everybody album? This nigga been on virtually every dope major label artist shit and its usually extremely weak and mediocre..... I just can't imagine him and Soul making a dope collaboration

    • Anonymous

      40 year old black nerd is pretending to be a white kid again, LULZ

    • Anonymous

      I am white and I agree that they must be doing it to make us mad, not me particularly but look at the other comments he caused them to make.

    • Anonymous

      I'm actually black but its funny to see this 40 year old troll guy is still here calling everyone who doesn't like Ross white. Some things never change I see.

    • Anonymous

      Not surprised Ab Soul said he recorded the whole album at Mac Miller's white jewish mansion that he bought with all his Rick Ross money, tied that nigga on Forbes last year like a real young jewish boss. I thought Ab Soul was a real nigga who didn't respect liars and cops who searched buttholes everyday for 18 months and then lied about it out of sheer embarrassment?

    • Godfather Fifty

      It's a win win because the artist gets to work with somebody they like and piss off white people at the same time. G G G G G G UNIT!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh god, praise the Lord for having only one J. Cole beat on this album. That's one too much, but it's better than if there was more than one.

  • Anonymous

    An Officer Rick Ross featured song produced by someone who called them self "The Kathy"... not looking forward to that.

    • Anonymous

      nah that songss siick. i listened to the snippets all songs sound ill

    • Anonymous

      Easy Mo Be is a million times better than The Kathy

    • Anonymous

      Do you really judge producers based on their names? Let's be honest Easy Mo Bee isn't the best name for a producer but you'd be missing out on some classics if you didn't listen to songs because of his name...

  • mapos

    looks like Ab-Soul's career just got the last nail hammered in it with that album cover lmao

  • m.black

    Would've been a very interesting cover minus the cross and the crown made of thorns...The religious thing is played out...Still gonna buy it when it drops tho. Should be interesting. Ab sounds like he focused and has much to prove. Can't wait to hear it.

  • Anonymous

    Ready for the album, niggas like this should stay indie...fuck mainstream


    ab will be kicked out of tde in no time. start riding kdots dick like Q or you're going nowhere homie

  • mariannerschrimsher

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  • Anonymous

    if this is controversy then the pictures up in the vatican are too because there ain't supposed to be any at all and bet the christians outraged wear crosses and have crucifix statues, that's why I laugh when a WalMart won't display this but will steal from their employees and break another commandment "in the name of the lord"

  • GTH

    Ugh. The Jesus thing again...

  • ja

    I really want to buy this album but this cover disgusts me.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga trying to compare his self to Jesus! WTF? SMH get this clown outta here!!

  • Anonymous

    Why do people care about the cover when they are going to download it for free any damn ways?

  • Anonymous

    I love Ab-SOul but this cover is a terrible idea. And it's been done to death. He should have done something more in line with his previous mixtape covers. Or maybe he's just looking to stir up some contreversy.

  • Verbal Tim

    one of the greatest covers of rap history

  • 666


  • Anonymous

    lol wow he fucked up already..why not do some shit like this for your next album when you're established. You're next up in this whole TDE media hype machine and you do some controversial cover for your FIRST big debut album? no way this album does Kendrick or Q numbers and it'll be over this album cover.

    • Tree'd

      K and Q's album were pushed by Interscope. Ab's won't be, so of course it won't do the same numbers.

    • Anonymous

      There's more to this world than just selling as many records as possible

    • richc

      Probably not Kendrick #'s, but should do better then Q, even though Q had a good album, better than 90% of the ish out. Ab Soul I believe will be in the game for a while.

    • Anonymous

      "no way this album does Kendrick or Q numbers" it's a shame cause ab-soul is probably the most talented member of the TDE roster don't get me wrong, kendrick, Q and rock are great too, but soul's lyrics are fuckin tricky since they have multiple meanings regarding the way soul writes it

  • ruvunja


  • Anonymous

    Chief Sosa > Ab-Soul Lil Durk > Ab-Soul Young Thug > Ab-Soul Lil Bibby > Ab-Soul this nigga boring

  • Anonymous

    shame on the majors who signed shitty artists like chief keef, french montana, trinidad james, etc. while some real artists like soul have no such deal and you wonder why hip-hop is gettin goofier every day

  • Lu

    soulo!! dope ass cover,so much imagery in it

  • Anonymous

    I'm the biggest Soul fan but I just dont know about this cover man.. I really need to understand all that stigmata thing.

  • curt mcgirt

    Hip hop dx has become such a site for trolls, lol! Soulo should stay indie as long as possible. A major label is not needed because TDE has a name and has been pushing indie units. Look at the these days cover... Target, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart WILL NOT put a CD with that image in stores! Stay indie and put the album you envision with full creative control, shoot videos, hit the road and sell merch... This is the new/old rules.


      OP, you're obviously gay

    • Anonymous

      other sites moderate the f-ckery hotnewhiphop don't moderate the f-ckery, you'll see the same f-ckboys here & there if you can read, they gotta sign in there

    • Anonymous

      They really should rename this site Troll DX, the comment section on this site is the worst out of all the hip hop sites. Shit's sad

    • Anonymous

      spot on.. not the final cover art tho my g.

  • Anonymous

    howcome dude ain't coming out on a major

  • Anonymous

    wow they only giving him 2 weeks to promote the new record

  • Anonymous

    Why this typing like a blood I thought he was Hoova

  • Anonymous

    i smell like caca

  • Anonymous

    The U-God Of TDE Announces "These Days..." Album

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    dude has said at least 3 other projects were coming out...I'll wait until it actually drops to believe him

  • Soul

    Should be a dope album.. I liked Control System and it had some excellent standout tracks, but I hope this album is better as a whole

  • Anonymous

    I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaSNK0pm4eY

  • Anonymous

    If people honestly think the comments made by Soul and Top Dawg isn't promotion then I'm guessing those same people think WWE is real


    I hate people.. ninjas who dont feel Ab are obviously SHEEP & dont have the mind set to appreciate legit lyricism. Control System was one of the illest mixapes ive heard. Dropped knowledge, sparked dope & relevant topics & most of all just bars bruh. Get ya life & stop feeding the machine...

    • Anonymous

      First off just because someone doesn't feel something does not mean they don't appreciate it. Secondly even though I still bump the album I can completely see how a real hip hop fans could not be interested in it. It's better as a whole instead of singles. Don't be so closed minded though. Not everyone that disagrees with you thinks the exact same way.

    • Anonymous

      Control System is an album, not a mixtape.

  • Ink B

    This nigga rapping about devils , witches , illuminati and what not in 2014 lmao nobody rockin with this nigga . His album will go 2x Copper.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is the Sheek Louch of TDE.

  • Anonymous

    top dawg g-checked soul lol... Thats why his tweet sounds so salty...After all the talk he been doing bout that album, all he says is "These Days...is the title"? daaaamn homie... Top Dawg truly is the TOP DAWG over there...lmao

  • g cHECKED

    Lost all credibility letting Dawg "double dare" them in public. Unless the album is about "how to compromise with your big homies" the content is irrelevant and falsified.

  • Sinista C Shot

    I'm So Icy Boi. I changed my stage name to Sinista C Shot aka Shady C Smack aka C Blunt Thump aka Professor Battle So S Slice. swag

  • Anonymous

    bum looking mofo, I'm droppin coins on this nicca if I ever see him on the street

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what the title is nicca, u the weakest one on your camp

    • nobodie

      Schoolboy Q IS DEF THE WEAKEST LINK!

    • cms

      if youre talking about the entire TDE camp you need to include Isaiah Rashad. I'd put Rashad at either #1 or 2 in TDE. Listen to Cilvia Demo or some of his songs on soundcloud, he is going to be big

    • Anonymous

      Jay Rock released "Follow Me Home" in 2010, and had one of the best songs from TDE, which was "Hood Gone Love It", and that was on GTA V, so idk why you're saying he's irrelevant even though he made good songs in the past.

    • Anonymous

      My personal favs: 1 Ab Soul, 2 Kendrick, 3 Schoolboy, 4 Jay Rock (far behind any of the others) Realistically speaking what I think their popularity is... obviously Kendrick first and Schoolboy second, they are both doing very well. Soul has a good underground following but isn't hitting the big time like the first 2. Jay Rock just sitting somewhere in the background I swear you just never hear about him at all these days

    • Anonymous

      Hell no, Jay Rock gets that title, homie is basic is fuck

    • Anonymous

      No, that would go to Schoolboy Q.

  • Jay Balfour

    Who cares Big Sean is the greatest rapper in the world. why HHDX talking about this album when they could cover Hall of Fame... smh

    • Anonymous

      You're right! Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever. Why even watch sports any more when we can just watch replays on youtube of him versus the Jazz. You opened my eyes to a whole new view on life.

    • Anonymous

      sean is weak!

    • Anonymous

      Because this is NEW and hall of fame has been around for a while

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