XXL 2014 Freshman List Revealed

Chance The Rapper and Rich Homie Quan are among the artists featured on XXL's 2014 Freshman Class.

XXL released its cover for its 2014 Freshman Class on BET’s 106 & Park today (May 5).

The artists featured on the cover are Chance The Rapper, Rich Homie Quan, Isaiah Rashad, Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Durk, Kevin Gates, Troy Ave, Vic Mensa, Lil Bibby, Jon Connor, Jarren Benton and August Alsina.

The publication dubbed the 2014 Freshman Class as “The Dirty Dozen” on its cover.

Other articles in the magazine’s June/July 2104 issue are “The Real Lil Boosie Story” and items on Migos, Iggy Azalea, Danny Brown and Meek Mill.

An Instagram of the XXL cover unveiling on 106 & Park and an image of the cover are as follows:

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  • Anonymous

    why da fuck young thug not on here

  • jorge

    Gotta love positivity in R&B http://smarturl.it/MMBeautifulVid

  • Anonymous

    No token white guy/ white girl? WTF?

  • Bahk

    Who cares, 98% of these young cats in Hip Hop are wack. Can't blame them though, they grew up listening to 50 Cent, Lil Wayne & Kanye West so what do you expect?

  • Anonymous

    Kevin gates yo yo

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I'm stoked Kevin Gates and Isaiah Rashad made it

  • Anonymous

    Gates is one of the realest niggaz ever. For the doubtors check this review of his project "By Any Means" http://bit.ly/Syz6An

  • Master Pee

    First off, not super relevant, i guess, but Jon Connor is like fucking 40 years old now. Anyway, the list is ass minus Chance, Isaiah, and Vic. Shouldve been them, Kirk Knight, Bodega Bamz, Vince Staples, A$ton Matthews, UA, Kembe X, and Alex Wiley. I mean ... whatthefuck? How are you gonna justify the XXL lineup by saying they need commerically viable acts, then ignore the huge talent on the bubble for some shit thats just a bunch ass Jeezy ripoffs and some misfires?

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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    The corniest sounding, most unlyrical MC's all on one cover. No, Cyphi Da Prince? Willie Da Kid? haha XXL stay losing

  • Bandidos

    Vic Mensa is gonna wipe the floor with these guys in the cypher

  • suspect dungaree's nigga what

    Kevin Gates n Jon Connor dope isaiah good as well. What the fuck is chance wearing ???? Troy ave looks 15 years older than everyone else


    Where dat riff raff nigga at I wanted to laugh at his goofy ass. His bars do be funny tho

  • Anonymous

    Could there be more Chicago rappers? Sheesh that city is just producing artists like crazy. Not saying it's good or bad before people catch feelings because I made a simple observation. I do feel like this is one of the weaker Freshman classes personally. There's a few emcees but most are pretty average in my book. And I don't get why the last 3 years they have someone like August (Roscoe & Kirko). It's funny too reminiscing on the year Macklemore was on the list and really nobody had heard of him and now he's bigger than the rest of the emcees that year. I don't see that happening with this list though except for maybe Chance the rest aren't capable of that huge mainstream status (whether you like or dislike Mack he achieved success).

  • Wack Hippy

    no king los?? lyrically he's better than all of these guys. he doesnt make the best songs tho and his beat selection is horrible but he deserves to be on the list

    • Anonymous

      "he doesnt make the best songs tho and his beat selection is horrible" now let's let this one marinate

  • Anonymus

    They say it takes 10 years to be an overnight sensation. Jon Connor shoulda been on the freshmen cover with Wiz Kalifa, Blue and Wale.

    • Anonymous

      Naah b so Wale, Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, and Asher Roth don't have classic mixtapes now? Kid Cudi's albums and mixtapes aren't classic? And we can't forget Charles Hamilton.. They are the pioneers who started this whole thing. If you go back and listen, they were on the cover cause their projects were great and deserved national recognition

    • Anonymus

      I was only refering about how long he been around not whether he deserved the cover or not, that's just an example that backs what I was saying, and the only 09 freshman with a classic is Blu, everybody else what good for a couple singles or are currently MIA.

    • Anonymous

      No he shouldn't have because they are good rappers who had timeless classics

  • Phamous

    XXL did not miss out on Young Thug... He didnt show up for the cover shoot. Check out The Breakfast Club w/ XXL Magazine. The Editor explains what happened... Drake, Nicki Minaj, Jay Electronica, Vado, A$AP Rocky & now Young Thug turned down the cover.

  • Anonymous

    Lil durk is a veteran in the game by now lol.... Troy Ave has a chance to be special though

  • Anonymous

    why do you idiots always say bringing hip hop back? why is everything bringing hip hop back just cause you like it? wasnt hip hop back the last time that one guy brought hip hop back? SHUT YOUR GOTDAMN MOUTH

    • Anonymous

      It's because that's how fans have become conditioned. Always want someone and something new and are always trying to discover that one artist before everyone else. Makes them feel special that they can say "I told you he was gonna be huge" before anyone else can. There's a very short attention span now in the average hip-hop fan (I'm not saying you guys either).

    • BP

      I agree. But sadly it's also because there's always some bitch nigga saying hip-hop is dead

  • anon

    You're an idiot. Worst rappers making hip-hop a joke

  • Anonymous

    kevin gates look like a dike

  • spcbnd

    You guys need to be a little more respectful, having Chance FINALLY featured, Vic - his brother from another, RHQ - who will put on tons of other south rappers, AND Ty Dolla$ who's already with Taylor Gang, this list is hyped as fuck. That means NEW music from these goons, smile about it! They're stupid for no Young Thug though, real stupid.

  • Anonymous

    1. Young Thug 2. Lil Durk 3. Chief Keef 4. Rick Ross 5. French Montana 6. Future 7. Kid Ink 8. Ty Dolla Sign 9. Wiz Khalifa 10. Lil Wayne #MY #TOP5 #BEStRAPPERS #AGE25

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a bunch a faggots with no skillz

  • fuckyouDX

    how is jon connor on the freshman list?? dude been around since 09 at least

    • Anonymous

      Lol first at your name as much as DX has gone to shit lately they aren't the ones making the list. And 2nd are you not familiar with the Freshman List? French was on it after like 10 years in the game lol

    • SamB

      he aint blew yet, but he will when people stop riding dick ross, wayne, future, chief keef.

  • Anonymous

    Even worse than last years, damn, RIP hiphop

    • Anonymous

      no ones bringing hip hop back cause hip hop has always been here. never left. stop saying it left just cause you don't like shit. not everything was made for your liking you entitled punk

    • SamB

      you're dumb. Troy Ave & Jon Connor are new guys with old school golden age flow, they're real, they're gonna bring back hiphop, away from the trash that it has become, thanks to fucks like rick ross, future, half of atlanta, and all these bubble gum ass fans supporting the shit

  • jonbcool

    wow all these mothafuckas ugly and wack

  • SkooterLondon

    WTF ??? They could of added one more person from Chicago to this list : shYce maYne His EP " Validation " was the best thing that came out this year SMH !

  • willy esco

    XXXL CAN GO TO HELL FOR THIS LAME ASS SHIT I mean the freshmen list dont even matter no more half these niggaz wont make it a semister

  • Anonymous

    Check out this song I did feat. IKE TURNER http://youtu.be/Y4pTDDbWnqA

  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    Maybe I am wrong but isn't August Alsina a singer?

  • Anonymous

    Would have thought Denzel Curry would be on this list. It's weird, the last 3 or so years when the list was announced, I knew basically 90% of them already very well. This year... meh, I just don't really give a shit. Chance and Benton are the only ones I even listen to. Not sure if I care less about hip-hop or there just aren't as many exciting up-and-comers anymore

  • Anonymous

    Where's a good place to start with Jon Conner's music?

  • So Icy Boi!

    Young Thug has the potential to be a hip hop superstar. XXL is scared of true talent. Yougn Thug is the Michael Jordan of hip hop. #RichGang #YMCMB #Swag

    • Anonymous

      Young thug is trash sounds like a rooster when he raps, baccckkaaaaaa. Rich homie quan is garbage too, can't wait to hear his and Ty dolla signs "freestyle" what a joke

    • spcbnd

      Ay, you deserve a smoke out for those words my nigga, squad!

  • Anonymous

    gates is good but he's been around since like 08



  • So Icy Boi!

    we need YOUNG THUGGA!!!! swag

    • Anonymous

      Actually, we don't need him. There are already enough of those bullshit pop-bubble gum-"rappers".

  • Royal

    Wow, Troy Ave on the freshman list? It was just so long ago that I saw my first Troy Ave video back when BET actually aired music, around 2006 or so. Then his debut album FINALLY gets released in 2013. "Rep it with my Heart" was the first time I heard him.

    • Anonymous

      I dont think Troy Ave was around in 2006 but I could be wrong. He must have been on some super underground shit back then... I first heard him around 2010 I believe.

    • Anonymous

      Macklemore had 10 years in the game before he was chosen to be a "Freshman".

  • TRE

    The only dudes on the list that can actually spit are Chance, Isaiah Rashad, Jon Connor, Jarren Benton & Troy Ave

  • Duke

    so all y'all are mad cause the usual trash ass popular kids didnt make the cut for once? maybe XXL is getting their shit together. Y'all still got Quan, Durk, August n whoever the fuck Bibby is on there. That should be a win right?

  • Anonymous

    This is the most boring list ever.

  • Anonymous

    Chance and Migos ain't no freshmen

    • Anonymous

      theres always someone on the list who has been around for years just not in the mainstream

    • Anonymous

      my bad, saw "Migos" @ the right of the cover and thought they were on the list lol but still, the list is wrong for the most part, like Ty Dolla Sign been around since 2010, maybe even earlier

    • Anonymous

      migos aren't, chance is according to this

  • Mdot

    Weak List... No Fat Trel No Migoos No M.Ez... NO Respect!!!

  • Anonymous

    jarren benton and jon conner can rhyme rest of these niggas garbage.

  • Anonymous

    Young Thug lost! Fat Trel lost!

  • Anonymous

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  • Gunplay's Chain

    Fuck my man Gunplay lost. I saw his name was on the nominees to vote for. Maybe they thought 35 with no release date for his first album wasn't a good look.

    • haha

      nobody knows who gunplay is, anyone eating the crumbs out of rick ross belly button cant be that good #MaybachSmokecrack #CCCwho?

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is Jarren Benton and where is Fat Trel?! DC always has to fight for respect

  • Dick in YO mouth

    I get that Justin Bieber is an established singer and all but I thought for damn sure that Bugatti Biebs would be the surprise token White guy this year! Can't wait for that Boosie and Bugatti Biebs song, two real niggas who don't back down from anything.

  • Anonymous

    Jon Connor and Chance the Rapper are great, the rest no

    • SaulTBalls

      Vic and Chance are like brothers they've been with each other since they started rapping their styles are gonna rub off on each other and Vic started rapping before Chance.

    • chris

      lol false...that nigga tries way too hard and now he's been jocking chances style HEAVY.

    • Real Talk

      Vic Mensa > Chance The Rapper.

  • XDropBOMBSLikeNagasaki

    Clashing with my opinion further endorses your sexuality. Faggot ass aids transporters, kill all your useless selves for ruining the world. Hip hop shit is a voice for the poor, fuck a priveledged white boy, fuck an uncle tom, fuck a white washed Mexican. Fuck anybody listening to these "artists" nowadays. Everybody, trolls included slit your wrists, sensitive bitch made queer fucks. On the 90's tip, crossing every fucking body out and putting a 'K!!!! West siiiide for life, fuck the soft shit, fuck all the gay shit. To the real, what it do!? To the fake, gobble a dick smeared in doo doo. Fuck anybody who came out in this rap shit after 2005, real shit! Fuck faggots, fuck faggot supporters, fuck anybody who replies with anything other than a co-sign. Oh yea, yo mommas want their pants back, bitches!

    • Die

      You can tell this comment is written by some fat ugly deluded american kid who thinks he's black (just like most of the other retarded comments on this stupid website), do humanity a favour and kill yourself before you reproduce please.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Looking at the picture and not the names I only recognized 5 of these guys. Troy Ave, Chance, Rich Homie Quan, Lil Durk and Isaiah Rashad. Jarren Benton is the only one I've never heard of before.

  • long kiss good night

    migos, young thug, rich homie quan, peewee longway, k camp

  • HUH?!

    Who are Jarren Benton and August Alsina?

  • XDropBOMBSLikeNagasaki

    All of them, but I mean all of them look like some straight fucking faggots. Not to mention I can only put one name to one of said faggots. Damn dog, for reals, this were the game at?????? Black hippy homos can eat a dick too, bunch of trannies running this shit now. Shit is embarrassing to tell dudes that you listen to rap nowadays. We went from the DMX's, timbos? Bomber jackets, the Scarfaces, basket ball jerseys, westside connection, khakis, bandanas and chucks, to this SHIT???? Fuck!!! Bunch of faggots, bunch of sluts, bunch of idiots, soft dick sucking retards. Macklemore's and Asher Roths, Mac millers, damn, why the fuck this?????????? Anyways, Imma keep mine strictly west coast 90's g shit, you faggots conform yourselves with homosexual shit. To all my real ones, like they do in the D, what up tho! To the faggots and privelrdged white boys, motherfucking die slow!!! WEST SIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      outside of tribe and Digable, no one you mentioned got any respect in the culture . Even though, they sold records , we lived in an era where money and profile in the pop world did not equal respect in the culture . those times are long gone._.

    • Anonymous

      Lol nigga please, don't act like the 90's was all gangsta shit, forgot about MC Hammer? Vanilla Ice? Digable Planets? Tribe Called Quest? That decade had its share of soft niggas as well

    • Anonymous

      Ur white opinion is irrelevant on this website, but I feel u

    • Anonymous

      ^^ serious closet case issues.

    • drizzy!

      The 90's is over. As someone born in 80's the 90's was my favourite era for hip-hop as well, BUT seriously times change...build a time machine or shut the fuck up!

    • Anonymous

      as a white man I don't endorse any of this shit. I think its pandering to people who buy albums in 2014, which is 14 year old kids with itunes gift cards. more often than not, white kids sure, but all races of our youth are down with this disgraceful shit, unfortunately.

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Troy Ave and Jon Connor aren't Freshman.

    • Anonymous

      macklemore wasnt a freshman either, i could go on and on...

    • sam snead

      neither is isiah now that he dropped, of course it's not based on age but I think it should not include people that have dropped an album on a major label

  • TaZzZ

    Check out Isaiah on freshman covers, posin' with lunch...

  • Chitown

    Where's the shitty white rapper of the year. They usually have one

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