Eminem, Drake, Aesop Rock Among Artists In "Largest Vocabulary In Hip Hop" Chart

Data scientist Matt Daniels releases a chart studying the rappers with the most extensive vocabulary. Aesop Rock tops the list.

Matt Daniels, a New York City resident who describes himself as a data scientist and digital analyst, has created a series of charts that examine the number of unique words used for various rappers. Daniels has titled his project “The Largest Vocabulary In Hip Hop” and created his various charts using lyrics provided by the lyric-based website, Rap Genius.

He found New York emcee Aesop Rock to be the lyricist with the highest “# of unique words used within artist’s first 35,000 lyrics.” Aesop Rock was followed by GZA with 6,426 unique words used and Kool Keith with 6,238 unique words used.

Among the other artists featured in Daniels’ “The Largest Vocabulary In Hip Hop” study, which was inspired by the highly-celebrated vocabulary of William Shakespeare, are Eminem, Tupac Shakur, Drake, and members of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Daniels also took a closer look at the rappers, including Tupac and Lil Wayne, who were in the bottom 20 percent of his chart.

“While Lil Wayne has never been celebrated for the complexity of his word choices, I expected 2pac, Snoop, and Kanye to be well above average,” he said. “It's also worth noting that Drake, one of the most popular artists of late, is #83 on this list.”

Due to a “lack of recent data,” a number of newer artists, including Kendrick Lamar, were not included in Daniels’ chart, which uses data current to 2012.

Daniels’ “The Largest Vocabulary In Hip Hop” chart as well as a handful of other infographics from the data scientist’s project can be found below.

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  • 187

    Why no Kxng Crooked (f.k.a. Crooked I) and Rittz?

  • Anonymous

    Why is Fat Joe here, and not Big Pun? Joe had no lyrics

  • OldTennisShoes

    anyone else think this study is just really pointless and lightweight? anyone who's interested i've thrown up a blog post on why I don't think this study is really all that http://old-tennis-shoes.tumblr.com/post/85036390989/speakin-daggers-why-hip-hop-shakespeare-doesnt-add#notes

  • DJboutit

    K Rino got this locked down he is #1 I guess the person that put this together has never heard of him

    • rainbow

      i am a big fan of k-rino... but this is vocabulary... this isn't about creativity/imagination/story telling/truth... k-rino is up the top with others for that though... k-rino has a good vocab but definitely sits behind canibus

  • Anonymous

    What about Los i think he has an extensive vocabulary.


    Aesop Rock, Wu-Tang, & Canibus top largest vocabulary in hip hop chart.

  • Chance to dance with her and her Earth

    DOOM EL-P AESOP ROCK LUPE FIASCO C RAYZ WALLZ KOOL KEITH BLU.....come on man I think DOOM top them all...BUT AESOP did up his bar game on SKELETHON...ohhhh DAS RACIST gets busy too...POS from de la...damn man..the list goes on

  • Black annuaki

    Another perspective is the vocabulary of an artist the primary measure of their creativity or their musics quality tupac for example musically is ahead of most of these artist due to his ability to convey hope,fear,anger,love,hate,joy in one verse clearly concisely and effortlessly.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    DX loves to mislead with article titles, yes, Drake is in the chart, he is also 3rd to last on the entire list.

  • Black annuaki

    This is an interesting yet facious article to me which aesop rock does have very high verbiage,it is true that he does sacrife alot of meaning using such detailed and convuluted language.I for one minute do not believe anyone can understand him in one go.In addition to the subjective terms such as unique words well what are these unque words ten cents words,slang,arcane words and lexicon,particular use of diction,use of phraseology etc see the problem. In addition to this is the issue of omission of many other rappers with high verbiage such as busdriver,vakill,chino xl,k-rino,del the funky homospaien,T-rock,casual,gift of gab,black thought,talib kweli,common,mos def,wise intelligent,dead prez,immortal technique,aotp,for goodness sake where is el-p,saul williams,damn illogic who is better with words than (aesop really check him),ra the rugged man,qwel,juice and others eminem is definately not higher is unque words than the aforemention artists.

    • wellbeing

      Aesop had the support of his fans. Daniels (the guy who did the research) cites their response to his initial study as the reason he included Aes in the final graph. And you must not have looked into the original study, cause the majority of the people you listed are a part of the ranking. Aes is just far above them, so much so that his datapoint would literally be off the chart (Daniels' words, not mine).

    • aondoe

      Whoa! I love your list I almost forgot about those killers, but Black Thought was there, under the band name The Roots.

  • hygh

    Aesop rock and not asap rocky!!

  • Anonymous

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  • icer

    Andre 3000 is in front of Shakespeare. truly one of the greatest MCs ever

  • Gravaton

    Where in the hell is Pharoahe Monch? and Cee-Lo Green Should Be at the Very Top His Track Big Ol Words(Damn)alone would put Half these rappers To shame.Oh and Nas should be close to the front also,but Canibus That Rip The Jacker album with Stoup On the Beats Is Crazy especially The Track Levitabus, Respect to Jean Grae As Well as Lupe Fiasco.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, no rapper in any era, or ever has as extensive a vocabulary as DOOM.

  • Anonymous

    Canibus Rip the Jacker album alone has more multi syllable words then most people use in a lifetime.

  • Anonymous

    Where the hell is Canibus?? 15 albums from this man he's a walking encyclopedia britannica

  • Anonymous

    Canibus drops that wicked shit on Fait Accompli due out 6-10-14

  • Anonymous

    HHDX needs to get new writers, Very sloppy article.

  • Anonymous

    Werez da biggust bawzz rik rawzzze?

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see props for Canibus & Aesop Rock

  • awds

    im a 32 year old virgin white male in 4 year college and i only clicked this because it mentioned eminem.

  • Anonymous

    Aesop Rocky.. really, u must be kiddin? lol @ this lil rip off wigger. A$AP A$AP! FUCK THE FAKES! A$AP4EVER!

  • Anonymous

    Where's Masta Ace ???

  • DN

    TUPAC BEFORE AVERAGE....THANK YOU!!! Dude is so average is terms of skills, lyrics, vocab, rhyme patterns etc etc and I'm nowhere near the only non delusional who agrees with this

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, maybe so but he made great tracks, delivered them with passion & was quite possibly the most influential artist that this genre has ever seen.

  • Joojitsu

    Cool infographic...but is Daniels really capturing the size of vocab? Or is he tapping into the speed and style of emcee delivery? http://goo.gl/Ym9JR0

  • iLL

    U-God got more Mic time than GZA? learn something new each day

  • x's-ma

    Well its not surprise that crack head DMX knows thew fewer words..

  • Anonymous


  • Dewayne

    slip like freudian and itll be the first n last ticket to play yourself like accordion SOMETHING TO LOOK UP 4 ILLITERATE CUNTS THAT DON'T RESPECT DOOM AS A WORDSMITH...SMH

  • Red

    How the fuck you put Eminem and Drake in the same sentence as Aesop. If you can't tell... They are waaaaaay to the left of Aesop!

  • Champagne Papi Life

    Drake might have used few words early on in his career but he's still crazy with the wordplay. Also artists like Drake and 50 almost always have songs with hooks and they often sing their own hooks, so there is bound to be more repetition in terms of what they say. That's an OBVIOUS confound.

  • The Truth

    Aesop Rock is weak and corny. It doesn't matter what statistic his stans make for him. I will rate DMX, the lowest on that list over Aesop anyday. Oh and you dont need 3 white dudes in your headline for attention BTW

  • Not Impressed

    This is bullshit made by white people, so I don't believe it. Aesop Rock and Eminem have extremely simpistic, basic, vocabularies. They basically just talk in rhyme form. How is Redman so high? How is E-40 so high? I think this is not taking how many songs the artists have into consideration. Artists with more songs, will probably have more words used even if their rhymes are generally simplistic on average. I'm not impressed

    • Anonymous

      Eminem simplistic? you've obviously haven't listened to his entire catalog and I bet you're judging by his radio singles.

    • Not Impressed

      All of you motherfuckers can go straight to hell, okay? I am not having a good day. My fucking cat died, the mailman fucking spit on me when I complained that he was taking too long to deliver my package, my car got towed, my fucking girlfriend left me because I'm a one pump chump, and now my own mother is throwing me out of the house and I'm forced to sleep in my car. I'm not impressed.

    • Real Talk

      Have you even listened to Redman's first few albums? Newsflash: dude can spit.

    • uhhh

      aesop rock's vocabulary is simplistic? do you listen to yourself when you talk?

    • Anonymous

      Facts are facts. If you read the article the author stated the data isn't perfect but it's still telling. Of course someone who has more songs will have more words, that's why he used the first 35,000 words from each artist. Wah wah, white people, grow up.

    • Anonymous

      read the article before you talk shit on it fuck boi. they counted the first 35000 lyrics for all 85 artists studied.

  • Anonymous

    here we go with the A$ap Rocky clone again. #ASAPMOB

  • Anonymous

    Flop, just stick with 2Chainz and Gucci Mane and shut up.

  • Lupe is a bitch

    Where are all the Lupe dick riders at? Mobb Deep, Tyga, E-40 and Ludacris have a more complex vocabulary. Fuck Lupe's pretentious bullshit. I fuck with his first two albums, but Lasers is the most garbage hip-hop album ever made.

    • ETK

      I don't know where the dick riders are at but I have an idea where the butthurt Lupe haters who are still catching feelings over a label-disputed album from four years ago are at.

  • Aesop Flop

    Aesop rock is a hipster toy, and isn't even that lyrical, he just talks random shit and people assume it's some deep shit because they cant understand it. Well here is some news... NO ONE UNDERSTANDS IT. hip hop is meant to be the voice of the street not some random, arty, pretentious jibberish for hipster wannabe nerds to pretend to understand.

    • LOL


    • Anonymous

      op top of that aesop rocky is a A$AP MOB bitin wigger.

    • None

      Just because you don't understand something, does not mean it's gibberish. I understand everything Aes is saying. Next thing you'll be saying that Shakespeare is gibberish and maths is gibberish.

    • aesop flop

      I love pharoahe, he's one of my favourite mc's. I never said i had anything against complex rhymes, as long as they make sense and actually have meaning behind them at the end of the day. Even if it takes hours of studying and replaying. HOWEVER even when you do this with many of aesop's rhymes THEY STILL ARE COMPLETE BULLSHIT. now im not gonna front and pretend i dont fucks with some of aesop's stuff but overall he just pisses me off as it seems he goes out of his way to make his lyrics gibberish, and i don't view him as a true MC.

    • Real Talk

      Having a complex vocabulary doesn't make you a hipster and there is a place in hip-hop for people who are intelligent. Aesop isn't just gibberish, MF Doom and Kool Keith have way more nonsensical lyrics.

    • Anonymous

      word up son, fuk dem dikshury nikkas son

    • Anonymous

      So what, MCs should've stayed rhyming like Easy Mo Bee so they don't go over anyone's head? You don't think it's dope when you can listen to a Pharoahe Monch or a GFK record for the 15th time and find something you haven't heard before? Aesop's cool, I prefer his early Def Jux stuff, half the time I don't know what he's on about but it usually sounds dope, and just because he's putting out music doesn't mean you can't go rock a Diplomats or MMG record if you don't feel him.

  • HDC

    "DMX, Too $hort, Drake Among Artists In Largest Vocabulary In Hip Hop Chart"

  • g.alex-e

    Fuck you guys are a bunch of cock suckers.. Eminem and Drake shouldn't even be mentioned in title, why not put the one who was titled first as the first artist in the headline. Interesting that there is no Ill Bill, Ruggedman, Tech n9ne on the list.

  • Anonymous

    let's fuck some girls tonight my friend

  • the real article

    http://rappers.mdaniels.com.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/ the Complete list. Eminem scored right above average drake scored low...

  • Stans sister


  • MIO

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  • Anonymous

    title is misleading. This fucking website is unbelievable smh and of course Darke is low. hes average at best.

  • Fry

    1) The title says Drake scored high, but it is stated that he (Obviously) scored low because he's horseshit. 2) This obviously didn't include every rapper because Killah Priest, DOOM, or Canibus would have been top 5. 3) You ugly.

    • Fry

      Damn. I stand Corrected. I didn't see the full list and could barely see the little heads. Also, putting Drake in the headline after finishing 83rd out of 85 IS misleading. Seems like they just wanted to put an R & B chick on the list

    • J Fox

      DOOM and Killah Priest on the High part of the list too. Did you actually check the Infographic?

    • rahrahrah

      Killah Priest is #9...

    • HDC

      Canibus is top 5 in this research, at #4. Just a very sloppy article

    • what

      the title dont say drake scored high. it just says he a part of the list.

  • Anonymous

    Apathy should be number one on that list

  • Anonymous

    eminem loses one point for not saying "nigga"

  • son of anarchy

    I can't see Rakim... or Cube helllp!

  • Anonymous

    I really thought Lil Wayne would be at the bottom of that graphic

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    Puffy should be disqualified considering his output is the combined vocab of how many m.c.'s on pay roll?

  • Anonymous

    What about Earl Sweatshirt tho ?

    • dw

      he missed out on a few artist such as hopsin, im not sure if youd agree but oh well. there are also artists like joe budden and crooked i from slaughterhouse that dont seem to be there

  • anonymous

    How is Slick Rick the Ruler not included here

  • amir

    I hope im not the only one who thinks this is shoddy research. 1. what classifies as a unique word, is slang included? 2. what is the ratio between songs created and words used. Artist with a lager body of work have more opportunities to have so called unique words pop up. 3. Lyric websites, like Rap Genius are know to have incorrect words and lyrics, so the source of the data is not accurate. I know this is all in fun. I just wanted to say this before all the pointless debates on who should be and shouldn't be on the list begin. Take the chart for what it is but do take it to seriously.

    • DX Staff

      How is it our fault you bitch ass niggas have the IQ of a raisin and probably didn't make it past the third grade?

    • Anonymous

      Why not read the whole website instead of reading hiphopdx's shitty recount of it. The owner of the website answers most of your questions.

    • Anonymous

      ofc slang, Wu is on top because of their Shaolin slang

  • Kramer

    Yeah, not surprised about Aesop Rock at all. Hes a beast

  • Anonymous

    AESOP ROCK #1. If you're not familiar then you don't enjoy hip hop! Salute to the true underground! Knock em out the box AES!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The title is misleading. Drake was well below average. No shock about Aesop though.

    • Misled

      Did it say "DRAKE THE BEST OR TOP OF LIST?" Naaaah. Was he among artists on the list? YEEEEEEAAAAAH Makes sense then

    • Anonymous

      Definitely mislead by it too. Made it song like he was up there with Aesop Rock lol. Thought "no fucking way"

  • mapos

    I honestly expected Ghostface to be in the top 10 with how varied & imaginitive his raps are

  • Anonymous

    are we just going to forget about Del? Because he has more unique's than anyone listed here. Furthermore, I want to know who made this list and how accurate it is. Just saying.

  • Anonymous

    do ol dirty bastards crack fueled grunts count as vocab

  • drone killa

    largest vocabulary don't mean shit, aesop rock uses big words for no reason, doesn't make him a better rapper at all. i'm sure plenty of rappers have large vocabularies but don't use big words because they're trying to rock parties, not spelling bees.

  • Anonymous

    here we go with the A$ap Rocky clone again. #ASAPMOB

    • Anonymous

      You must be stupid! Aesop Rock has been around much longer and is 100 times more intelligent than you're pretty boy rapper. Big words separate me and you, that's how we establish each other in society you bottom feeder. Pick up a book that way you can start to translate Aesop's raps! ASAP clone hahaha. You're an ASAP clown.

    • Anonymous

      Aesop Rock has been doing hip=hop music and has been prominent much longer than A$AP Rocky. FOH.

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    My client will be taking legal action for leaving him off of this list. Everyone knows Rick Ross is a brilliant lyricist with a Shakespeare like gift for words. He would easily out rap anyone in Wu-tang.

    • Anonymous

      It's amazing to be alive when niggas want you to die Mad at every check you deposit, I see it all in their eyes I'mma stunt harder, I'mma shop more Black bell boy, Persian rugs at the door Giving niggas jobs, living like the mob A scotch in the soda anastasia.com People talking 'bout me, say I got a body Or are they mad at me that the house got a lobby? Big four-fifths spliffs at the boat split Tip toein' through the city, Alvin Ailey with a brick Settin' new milestones, gettin my style on Down in Coconut Grove where niggas don't smile long City full of barbarians, wet you like an aquarius Only beautiful bitches, they tell me the more the merrier Fascinatin' faces, now it's top jewelers Pina colada daiquiris Fontainebleau on a Tuesday Got the Desert Eagle up in Fred Segal Only fat nigga in vintage Moschino Attempted murder, I refuse to exile So it's club LIV til I'm exed out A gold casket my final request Bangin' at em like my child they want molest Therefore I pray I live a hundred years Be a crutch for my kids all through their wonder years Oil money fuck up a hundred mill That's just a yacht and a crib, nigga dying to live Champagne, spillin' the opulence Side bitches remain anonymous Got a condo on Collins, another on Sunny Isle Makin sure that you get around cause these niggas will gun you down Got my daughter a Fendi purse then I took her to Disney World All I give her is game, digesting my every word Tired and chartered a plane, oil money the game Classics stay on my feet, Double M on my chain {Maybach Music} All I think is about oil money These niggas barely gettin' tour money

  • Anonymous

    Damn, someone has a lot of time on their hands! Interesting though

  • wads

    dont you know black niggas cant read?



  • Surprising Artists Who Ranked Higher Than Drake On This Chart Of Vocabularies

    Lil B Gucci Mane Nicki Minaj Insane Clown Posse Salt n Pepa Puff Daddy 50 Cent Nelly The Game Lil Kim Tyga Wiz Khalifa Snoop Dogg Petey Pablo Master P

  • Anonymous

    I sure hope this was a school project or sumthing, can't imagine the time that took.

  • Anonymous

    Awww mane, they said Drake was a lower vocabulary than Fiddy.

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