CyHi The Prynce Says Kanye West Helps Hip Hop Cross Boundaries

"He's pushing it so we could have longevity in how this music could cross boundaries," CyHi The Prynce says.

Sitting down with AllHipHop for an exclusive interview, CyHi The Prynce offered his perspective on Kanye West’s direction and stance while making and touring his Yeezus album.

“A lot of people don’t understand,” he started. “A lot of these rappers don’t have no responsibility. I just feel like a lot of rappers could use the whole dictionary. They could kill a nigga on one bar. They can ride in a Lambo on the next bar. They could be in the G4 on the next bar. Then back at the club on the next bar. They just sold 20 bricks on this bar. I got a plethora of words and a plethora of imagination to work with. When you have a responsibility, all of that shrinks and you have to just work with these words. How Kanye can make these little bitty word bigger than all of the words that you [used].

“The thing is, really it’s about just real music,” he added. “That’s where he was at on that part and a lot of times there were certain things going on with him and fashion and in music that he wanted to get out as well. A lot of people don’t know, he’s pushing the culture—you gotta understand, Rap is only thirty or forty years old. That’s a fairly young man. The thing you gotta look at it as this, he’s pushing it so we could have longevity in how this music could cross boundaries, not just be in the hood. If you rapping to me about your hood story, you’re really just preaching to the choir. The same dope that’s on your corner is on my corner. But if you talk to a kid in Beverly Hills, that dope ain’t on their corner. Kids ain’t getting killed everyday in their neighborhood...So what he’s trying to do is take that music to other cultures. I think that was his biggest thing and I feel like he accomplished all those goals.”

Speaking about his own career and messaging, CyHi named other rappers he feels like are staying true to themselves.

“In a nutshell my message is it’s cool to be you,” he said. “I feel like more artists like Kanye, your Kendrick’s, your J. Cole’s, we’re getting to that. Joey Bada$$. Those type of artists still remember that. So, I feel like it’s fairly coming back to that now and that’s why I want to say “Okay, y’all playing basketball again. Y’all were playing football and all this other stuff. I was never really that good. Y’all dropping bars now? Oh, I can play. That’s where I'm really at right now.”

Earlier this year, CyHi The Prynce released his Black Hystori Project mixtape. Reviewed at the end of February, HipHopDX granted the release four out of five stars. “Black Hystori Project is a well thought-out piece of work that marks a distinctive change in CyHi The Prynce’s creative outlook,” DX wrote. "The flaws that previously hindered his progress have been addressed on this new mixtape, and if CyHi continues on this path, fans can raise their expectations for his debut album Hardway Musical.”

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  • Grease

    It appears that Big Sean is very intelligent and Cyhi being from the South is a the short bus side, he really can't articulate himself and it shows.. Many can rap but very few can make songs, sometimes to much rhyming ain't always good, Cyhi is almost to dope and it hurts him in a strange way, I like him but this game don't have room for him, especially if he's riding someone else coat tale, it sucks..

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