Puff Daddy Responds To Personality Criticisms

Puff Daddy calls Revolt TV "the new number one name in music," says the network is disrupting the industry.

For those who watched the former MTV reality show “Making The Band,” the scene in which Puff Daddy orders contestants to travel from midtown Manhattan to Brooklyn for cheesecake, may have been one of the most memorable scenes from the show’s second season. And well over a decade after that particular episode aired, the Bad Boy Records CEO has clarified that he’s “not really an asshole” and would never have those at the newly-launched Revolt TV walk to Brooklyn.

Puff playfully addressed his personality and other topics of conversation during an interview with Vlad TV while at an event held for Revolt last month.

“Nah, you ain’t gotta walk to Brooklyn to work for Revolt,” he said. “That was a TV show. I think a lot of people take it literally. I’m not really an asshole to make people walk to Brooklyn. I may just try to test you and see if you can run a marathon though. I’m really into more rigorous things, but I think people have taken the entertainment aspect and maybe think that’s how I am in real life, which I am a little bit though.”

The event held on behalf of Revolt was referred to as an “omnifront” by Puff and consisted of presentations and announcements about the future of the television network. Puff later commended the network for disrupting the industry and becoming “the new number one name in music.”

“This is our first—what we like to call ‘omnifront.’ We don’t wanna call it ‘upfronts’ anymore,” the Hip Hop entrepreneur said. “We’ve come to be disruptive to this industry. We’ve come to make noise. And we’ve come to be the new number one name in music. And this is one step closer to us achieving that goal. We’ve been in existence for five months and it’s beyond my wildest dreams. It’s a dream come true. It’s in New York. I’m a New York boy and man of color.”

First announced in early 2012, Revolt TV officially launched in October of last year. Prior to the launch of the network, Puff shared his plans for Revolt during an interview with New York radio station Power 105.1.

"They changed their business plan," Puff said when asked about BET and MTV. "Sometimes you've gotta stay focused and be one thing and do one thing great. That's what we're gonna do with music. Our whole thing is also having enough fearlessness to play what doesn't normally get played with all the different alternative artists."


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  • Hurrican Game

    I always wondered why Puff wasn't in that truck.

  • Anonymous

    Im really an elitist, prima donna, d*ck riding, two faced, metro sexual.

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    diddy aint no asshole he just like takin in the asshole.

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  • Anonymous

    Yes you are an asshole. Why: * you released 2 shitty BIG releases with not one original track. You destryed Biggie's legacy. * you dont care about hiphop * you cheat on all of your artists * all the former badboy artist are dea, broke, in jail etc. * you signed French Montana. The shame of NYC

    • Anonymous

      -remade "You're Nobody Til Somebody Kills You" with Rick Ross and French Montana of all people.

  • Anonymous

    Revolt TV actually plays good music videos instead of MTV which have instead chosen to BRAINWASH generations of youth to be foolish

  • BigNoct

    "I'm not really an asshole!" Things assholes say...



  • Anonymous

    man Puffy a college student, a party promoter

  • Anonymous

    Also to add, I'm sure his defense is people are haters due to his extreme wealth. I can't speak for everyone, but that is just not the case. People aren't into Puffy because he chose to acquire the majority of his wealth through exploiting and demeaning the value of his own culture. If he was really interested in the art of music and his culture he should've used such wealth to promote positive entertainment and social ventures not liquor brands and artists who have done nothing but publicly release music that makes his culture and his people to emersed in shallow ignorance.

  • Anonymous

    This dude needs to sign out. Signs French Montana, and buys his own artists album by the hundred thousands so it appears as though his lazy rap records are selling real units. And after just that one incident, not to mention the hundreds of other shotty displays of zero integrity this queer has produced, I guess he expects people to believe his mission behind Revolt TV is to give legit artists spotlight and airplay? I call bullshit, this is a desperate attempt to keep himself relevant by trying to control the genuine artists that typically want nothing to do with him. Obviously he's done some homework and noticed no one but him is buying the garbage material his artists are dropping.

  • Anonymous

    "Im not really an asshole to make people walk to Brooklyn. I may just try to test you and see if you can run a marathon though" What an asshole

  • Brief Breakdown Of Some Of The Black Lives Sean Combs Has Destroyed

    1991-Nine students at City College of New York killed during stampede from overbooked event 1995-Jake Robles killed in Atlanta at the Platinum House (Allegedly by Anthony Wolf Jones Puffs right hand man) 1996-2Pac allegedly killed by Southside Crips as revenge for a beating that was revenge for a Death Row chain being snatched for a Sean Combs bounty 1997-Notorious B.I.G. killed in Los Angeles as revenge for murders of Pac and Jake Robles 1998-After penning and recording several multi platinum hits attempts to pay The Lox with fresh pairs of matching Air Force 1s 1999-Steve Stoute brutally attacked with champagne bottles and turned from a stand up man into Mr. Scarf Hands 1999-Ma$e leaves label at peak of his popularity after repeated alleged homosexual advances and becomes a bootleg T.D. Jakes 2000-Multiple shooting at Club New York in Manhattan after throwing money in the face of gangsters. Black woman loses eye. 2001-Jamal Shyne Barrow sentenced to 10 years in prison for saving Puffys life. Would later be deported. 2002- MTV Making Da Band. The list of tragedies probably deserve its own thread *see Chopper Suit. 2003-Anthony Wolf Jones finally murdered in an Atlanta club, allegedly by members of BMF on orders from Big Meech for multiple transgressions (including being shot in the azz by Wolf) Forever changing the landscape of one Atlantas most affluent and diverse party districts. 2004-Co-Creates a Rap The Vote campaign to get c000ns to support John Kerry the weakest democratic candidate since Walter Mondale. Loses to George W. Bush. Months later Katrina happens. 2005-Loon departs Bad Boy records in dispute over unpaid royalties. Turns Muslim. 2006-Black Rob forced to turn back into a life of crime and become a jewel thief after being refused royalties for platinum smash Whoa. Sentenced to 7 years in prison. 2007-Partners with Ciroc, causing single mothers to neglect their children and Black men to skip child support p@yments in an endless chase to cop his high-priced Kool Aid 2008-Puffy stars as the lead in Raisin In The Sun, destroying the credibility of co-stars Phylicia Rashad, Audra McDonald and director Kenny Leon 2010-Broke and addicted to drugs G-Dep confesses to a murder he committed in 1993. sentenced to 15 years to life. 2011-Signs Machine Gun Kelley 2013-Muslim Loon convicted of drug trafficking in Germany. Sentenced to 14 years in prison 2014-One wounded, prominent DJ arrested after shooting at The Velvet Room in Atlanta following a Puffy Combs Rick Ross album release party. 2014 (yeah again)-Two shot and wounded at a crowded hotel party thrown by Sean Puffy Combs in Charlotte, NC following the CIAA Tournament . The shooting occurred in the gated off VIP area. Rumor has it Ciroc was flowing in abundance prior to shootings..

  • Anonymous

    I hope someone punches this faggot in the mouth one day. He should shut the fuck up, stay behind the scenes of his businesses, and stop being an attention whore.

  • Anonymous

    so he admits that he's an asshole

  • Anonymous

    puff takes it up the ass just ask la reid thats how he got to where he is

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