Skyzoo On Chris Paul: "I Wanted A Muhammad Ali Moment From Him"

Exclusive: The Brooklyn-emcee says that he hoped Chris Paul would have made a major statement against Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling.

Brooklyn-lyricist Skyzoo shares his reaction to the announcement that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver levied a lifetime ban against Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. In an exclusive conversation with HipHopDX, Skyzoo says that he hoped Clippers point guard, Chris Paul would have responded to Sterling’s racist comments with an “Ali moment.”



  • POPE

    We can all say what we would have done. honestly it's a touchy subject. i honestly dont know what i would you do. question for anyone with a regular 9-5. what would you do if your boss said that? no matter how much money you were making. what would YOU do? yes their money may be in the millions, but we dont know how many people rely on them. i can only imagine how many mortgages for ALL his family members.

  • Yup

    Easy to say what someone should do when it's not them. If he would have listened sky zoo (wack) would know that the remaining teams were NOT going to play if Sterling was allowed to stay. Second, LeBron didn't sign with LA b/c he knew of Sterlings past moves. It's not the 70's, 80's or 90's. No bigger statement could have been made than players not playing....especially during the playoffs. Good job Sky Zoo.

  • Anonymous

    it never got to that point though. the point is the nba acted before he had to do that.

  • Shade45

    Let me tell you why Chris Paul would have never pulled an "Ali" moment. Because Chris Paul is a fucking sambo ass nigga, an uncle tom ass clown and a fucking hypocrite. Before this incident, Chris Paul knew about Sterling's past, his racism and discrimination against minorities. What did Chris Paul do last summer? Yes, he fuckin' resigned for 5 additional years to play for the Clippers. Knowing Sterling's past didn't bother him enough from resigning for that additional 5 years. Why all of a sudden does it bother him now? Chris Paul and Doc Rivers are fuckin' uncle tom ass sambos!

  • Anonymous

    Nigga I want to see you have a legit RAP moment...nobody ass clown...

  • Anonymous

    decent opinion but "Skyzoo" is still a wack name and will be the top cause for no success in the future

  • Anonymous

    These players now a days are more concerned with money over morals. Not even the players but society in general. Someone will criticize Chris Paul for flopping, or traveling, or whatever and people will respond back by saying "Well at least he's a millionaire and he'll have more money then you ever will so fuck off. Don't nobody really care if Donald Sterling (Clippers owner) is racist. Its all in the moment. Nobody is talking about Riley Cooper for the Eagles anymore for saying the n word. Nobody is talking about Trayvon Martin. People only get mad when the media tells them to get mad. Muhammed Ali went to jail because he didn't want to go to war for America. Lebron James would never do anything like this. All he wants is money and praise.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck outta here with your ol nation of islam ass

    • Anonymous

      Blame big business cause they control the media. American media does actually brainwash and the general American public have very short term memories about human and society issues. we only care about very trivial, capitalistic and materialistic issues. Material things are easy distractions to real problems that effect life

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