T.I. Dodges LAPD Confrontation Conversation, Calls Paparazzi Snitches

T.I. refuses to speak on Supper Club brawl when questioned by paparazzi about the incident.

Following a standoff with the Los Angeles Police Department and later club security on Wednesday morning (April 30) at Supper Club, Atlanta rapper T.I. was questioned about the incident by a group of photographers outside of Mastro in Beverly Hills later that day.

When asked what went down at the Los Angeles club, T.I. asked photographers what fight they were referring to and even alluded to the Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana fight taking place this weekend.

“The fight’s tomorrow. What are you talking about? The fight is Saturday, man,” T.I. said to the group, which included a TMZ photog.

Despite T.I.’s refusal to speak on the Supper Club incident, photographers continued to question the Southern wordsmith about the incident, which also involved fellow artist Game. At one point, one photographer even asked T.I. if there should be concern about safety at Supper Club.

“I don’t know what the fuck you talking about,” the rapper said in response to questions about safety. “Let me tell you something. The police have a certain thing called the police academy. If you want to join…So, if you ain’t gonna join the police academy then stop fighting crime.”

Following the incident on Wednesday morning, Game has remained silent in the matter. The Compton rapper has sent various tweets from his Twitter account since the brawl, but has not addressed the incident in any way.

Yesterday, TMZ reported that T.I., Game, and their entourages were involved in a standoff with police and then Supper Club security after two of their associates were in a physical altercation with club security.

Video of T.I. responding to photographers can be found below.

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  • mapos

    TI calling someone else a snitch is the pot calling the kettle black

  • A-1

    Fucc all u incas who hating on tip, y'all don't like but he still winning but y'all praise pussy ass nicca like Gucci I don't understand the shit an live from lapd u been a bitch


      Gucci is pussy nigga. He still can't entry to central atlanta and he's scaring move to zone 1 (T.I.) and zone 3 (Jeezy). fucking fat pussy

  • 901DATSME

    T.I. iz a Trill one


    Like 50 said on G-Unit - You So Tough What's todays mathematics? shit ain't addin' up Get knocked with 10 machine guns only get 12 months Ooooh weee, don't talk to me, you talk to him, you talkin' to them I got the best lawyers money can buy They said they would've got me 10, or maybe 9 I said "How do you explain how homey breeeze?" They said keep ya mouth shut or you eatin' the cheese So don't talk that money can get you off bullshit a convicted felon caught with machine guns can not get off with a year without saying something

    • BAYAREA97

      Big Meech make money wit T.I. ? He also said that T.I. is 100% real dude. We don't have any paper on T.I.'s snitching... we don't have nothing. This police phoneline isn't work like you thinking

    • tellin tales

      all of them make money with tip. Look just accept he did some sort of deal he told people to snitch in the police phoneline commercial which is as bad as it gets don't get upset cause the trap boy ratted

    • A-TownGA

      and so ? please tell me what said about that Paul Wall, Bun B, Slimt Thug, Scarface, Jeezy, Young Buck, B.G., Lil Boosie and others ? All of them said "T.I. Real authentic dude".

  • Anonymous

    all u bitch ass lil kids calling TI a snitch dont know wtf u talking bout. TI got maddd $ for a bulldog lawyer thats how he got his sentence reduced, plus being a star and community service u get special treatment. wen u got money and status u can get out of almost anything. if he snitched then where the paperwork? huh? copies of that shit wuda been all over the internet if i was true. yall need to stfu and stop talkin bout shit u know nohing about. u 10-16 year olds that dont know shit about the world. keep ya mouth shut bitch niggas

    • lil_boosie

      Lil Boosie also said about crimestop when he relaesed from prison and what ? He's also snitch, fake etc ? This guys grown, they're adult and something must change

    • Anonymous

      he's an adult trying to make his city a safer place, thats what i'd call that

    • gloooocccckkkkk

      he did a tv commercial for the Police Snitch Line what the fuck do you call that???

    • bmf

      true. Big Meech said this same words. T.I. ain't snitch

  • Anonymous

    A snitch calling snitches snitches.

  • real nikka

    http://www.thisis50.com/profiles/blogs/bmf-s-big-meech-says-t-i-is-no-snitch-i-put-me-the-whole-b-m-f real dude big meech speaks on real dude t.i. gucci is fake and scared nigga, guwop can't entry on central and westside atlanta zone

  • Anonymous

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    hahahahahaha ahahahahahaha hahahahaha. This nigga has the nerve to call some1 else a snitch when he snitched to the feds to lower his gun charges. Big gucci will murk this nigga big gucci runs the streets he runs the jails he is the only true real nigga in rap

    • Anonymous

      ti got lawyer money... unlike big gucci spend it as soon as i get it the ruler

    • GucciGotRapedLOOOOOOOOL

      big gucci porlly got a big gucci in his ass! He doesnt run the jail, He dont run nothing but away lol

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    T.I. calling someone a snitch is like Rick Ross calling someone else fat.

  • Anonymous

    lol t.i. tries so hard

  • Anonymous

    Just defined irony by calling someone else a snitch

    • Anonymous

      Big Meech will co-sign anyone who's rich. He even gave Officer Ricky a pass for being a fraud and using his name in his fairytale coke raps.

    • chris

      right. because big meech is well known for covering for well known snitches. he has so much to lose by telling the truth. gtfo here troll.

  • Anonymous

    LAMO! T.I. is funny

  • Anonymous

    Now I know T.I. ain't calling someone else a snitch. Ol taking the stand and testyfin ass crime stopper commercial nicca...

  • TipIsIn

    I think what he's getting at, without really saying it, is fuck the paparazzi faggots. These people take real pride in running around videotaping people and then file lawsuits against people who stand up to them. I hope I never get that famous(fingers crossed lol), because Id be knocking the fuck out of people videotaping me and taking pictures of me trying to stir shit up Fuck that fat ass with the camera, I wish TI actually had a knife and ran up on that fucking chulch ass faggot... props to T for standing up for himself and not overreacting. If fatboy wants to fight crime, he should go be an officer and he can have a camera on him all fucking day, videotaping everything. but he probably wont.... makes you wonder


      Sorry to spoil your fantasy but the truth is t i isnt bout that life. Hes a snitch and a fraud like all the other rappers the only rapper who would do the things that you fantasize about in your little statement is BIG GUCCI


    A famous snitch calling out the paparazzi, who're paid to snitch? Now ain't that a snitch???

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