Lord Jamar Reacts To Donald Sterling Remarks And Lifetime Ban From NBA

"How do we respond to this?" Lord Jamar said. "I think turning our jerseys inside out is a lame response."

Following Tuesday’s news that NBA commissioner Adam Silver issued a lifetime league ban against Clippers owner Donald Sterling, VladTV spoke with Lord Jamar about his reaction to Sterling’s comments, his support for a recent article by Homeboy Sandman, and his view on the league’s decision.

“I feel like that’s a dude that got caught saying what a lot of people think and practice but we’re not privy to the behind the scenes conversations,” Lord Jamar said of Sterling’s remarks. “Dude is definitely a racist. Dude definitely has the mentality of a slave master. But if we sit here and act like he’s the lone gunmen in all of this then we’re only fooling ourselves. He stated himself that this is part of a culture he’s dealing with. This is a culture. This isn’t something that he just made up. This is something that exists within the stratosphere and class that he moves around in. So the fact that he was caught saying it is unfortunate for him, but to me it’s a blessing in disguise because it now puts Black people in a certain position. Now that this man has been caught as being openly racist towards Black people—and I told ya’ll that we was guests in the house of NBA prior to this and ya’ll was talking to me like I was ridiculous—now here we have a White man telling you that you’re a guest in the house no matter how much money you’re making.”

Referencing the Clippers’ players recent protest of turning their practice jerseys inside out, Lord Jamar said that’s “a lame response.” The Brand Nubian rapper also voiced support for an article written by Homeboy Sandman titled "Black People Are Cowards" on the matter of Sterling’s comments and the team’s response.

“How do we respond to this?” Lord Jamar asked. “I think turning our jerseys inside out is a lame response. I read an article from Homeboy Sandman. Excellent article. He pointed out certain things that I thought was hilarious as far as that protest was in the revolutionary tradition of Kriss Kross—who turns their stuff inside out? This whole argument about, ‘We gotta feed our families so we still gotta go out there,’ if all of them decided to not play today, ain’t nobody’s family gonna starve tomorrow. None of them. I don’t care, the lowest paid player is getting what? $350,000 a year or some shit like that. Ain’t none of them motherfuckers gonna starve tomorrow, next week, or the week after that. So all this shit about they gotta feed their family, that’s just a code word for selling out. That’s just a code word for saying, ‘We’ll do anything in the name of money. We’ll take any indignity. We’ll ignore any attack against us in the name of making money.’ Where do we draw the line? This is my question with a lot of things. Where do we draw the line?

“Anybody who felt that this was wrong could’ve boycotted the whole system,” he added. “Hitting people in their pockets, with all the withdrawal of support, of sponsorship, that’s what these people really understand. I’m not one who's down for marching and holding up signs and all that, but something as simple as withdrawing your support from that team and that owner specifically, that’s not that hard to do. As far as the players go, like I said, nobody was gonna starve tomorrow if they didn’t do it. Just like the brother said in his article, struggle requires struggling. We so soft right now. Where everything is about the comfort. You know, ‘Well how dare I protest? If I do that then there’s the chance that I’m gonna run into some kind of inconvenience.’ That’s what revolution is all about. That’s what making change is all about. You’re gonna suffer some inconvenience during change. There’s gonna be some growing pains. That’s just how it is.”


  • MistahMan

    That line about "that protest was in the revolutionary tradition of Kriss Kross" would have been funnier if he had said "Another bad Creation" who wore their clothes inside out, instead of Kriss Kross who actually wore their clothes backwards and dissed ABC for wearing their clothes inside out. Also, there is some sort of irony in having Jamar, a well documented racist and homophobe having anything to say about this matter.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar is the biggest racist in HipHop. Fucking Hypocrit. I hope i gon' die on cancer.

  • Anonymous

    loool i ment *he :D

  • Anonymous

    Dude is drugged up. When we make comments to the world, should we have to be drug tested? 'cause this muthafucka is out of it.

  • Lord Jamar is a dick

    I thought everything he said was pretty valid up until the point about the NBA logo. Bob West? Lord Jamar is clearly an ignorant shit who is clueless about basketball. And Allen Iverson didn't have a "hip hop attitude", he was an asshole, which is why people didn't like him.

  • qqqqq

    ''But its okay to have a Russell Westbrook who dresses like a weirdo, some sort of sissy. Thats okay'' to end it off too funny lmaoo

  • QB

    Lord Jamar strikes again!! And you know what?.. he's right.

  • poper

    HHDX has a big hard on for this guy!

  • Anonymous

    Does Lord Jamar like anybody? He seems to call everyone gay at the moment. Way to stay obsessed.

  • Anonymous

    Oh the irony. A black supremacist talks about a white supremacist.

    • Anoymus

      Supremacist? How is he disenfranchising any white person? What does he run that excludes white people? What is he doing hurt white people econmically? He just runs his mouth about white people that does not equal supremacy, if he was responsible for anybody getting a job or held public office and was talking like that then you could say he's a black supremacist as if there's such thing anyways.

  • Afro Pick

    Fuck these white devils

  • Anonymus

    He has a point about the inside out jersey thing except for one thing, if they don't play it would be a breach of contract and they get sued and end up broke unless they have something set aside which I doubt. Plus what's a lifetime ban for 81yo? That could be a week for him, same for the fine that was the type of money he was trickin off he can make that back when he wakes up in the morning and if he sells the team he can at least make it back a million times over. Silver gave sterling a sweet deal and he did it before black people could do anything to him themselves (probably just woulda protested)but it looks more like Sterling won and black folks got played.

  • Anonymous

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  • Racist Jamar Strikes Again

    The funny thing is this guy is just as racist as Sterling. This guy should probably refrain from talking about the NBA. He doesn't even know who Jerry West is?? Know your history Jamar & stop disrespecting a sport 'your people' are a "GUEST" in.



  • NNX

    This guy stays droppin knowledge!

  • DONH

    U sound pretty racist yourself


    So Westbrook a sissy cuz of what he wears? And we supposed to take this nigga seriously? What he gotta be thugged out to 'keep it real'? Postedjust now

    • poss on sissys

      Westbrook is a fag

    • Anonymus

      So you automatically think thugged out means the opposite of what Russell Westbrook wears? I know women that like RW clothes for themselves. Button ups, suits, sweaters are masculine clothes too you know that right?

  • Lost In Atlanta

    I stopped visiting HHDX on a daily basis months ago simply because of the extreme overexposure and deference given to Lord Jamar, AKA Ole Dirty Has Been. And now I come back from hiatus and the first thing I see is his leathery mug. I give up. This man is not saying anything that thousands of others haven't said already. So why the headline? A racist black man dissecting the comments made by an equally racist white man; ironic maybe. Newsworthy? Hardly. Nothing to see here folks so keep it movin'.

  • Anonymous

    "Dude definitely has the mentality of a slave master" OH YEAH TOTALLY. SAME THING.

  • Anonymous

    Why does noone care about the fact he was Jewish, racist Jew are evrywhere from politics to hollywood

    • @colestar

      You don't sound like you disagree. You added a fact that helps make my point. Brothers that know what's up know Jackson, Sharpton, NAACP and liberal whites don't do shit for the black community.

    • Anon

      @colestar.. not true. They control the NAACP and used "civil rights" to benefit their community, not ours.

    • @colestar

      They help because they don't think we can do it ourselves and we look weak by letting them, hence they also see themselves as being better than us. You can't say you got black power and you got a non black helping you, that's like a bitch claiming to be independent but she on welfare, foodstamps, sec 8 and child support.

    • colestar

      You're being ignorant. Yeah, Sterling is Jewish, but so is Silver who gave him the lifetime ban. Of course some or even lots of Jews are racist, just like any other group. But if you look at the Civil Rights movement in the US, or the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, or the anti-racist movement in the UK, a disproportionately high number of the whites involved were Jewish. It's a shame that more black people don't realise this. Over time, Jewish people have been a better friend to us than a lot of other groups.

    • THE MAN

      So Westbrook a sissy cuz of what he wears? And we supposed to take this nigga seriously? What he gotta be thugged out to 'keep it real'?

  • TrueShit

    The Clippers not playing their next game could have been as significant as Rosa Parks not wanting to give up her seat. Except this time, the racists could have lost millions. A simple jersey flip isn't enough. PS. Key word is significant, you idiots. before you start wit the slandering comments. And just because LJ is right on this one. Doesn't mean that he's the voice of the black hip-hop community. VLAD TV and HHDX need to hop off his d*ck!

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe it. I actually agree with this jack ass.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar doesn't want white people getting to0 comfortable in the house of hip-hop blacks built, Sterling doesn't want black people in his house period unless they working for him.

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    It mostly are these powerfull white bosses that be in that slave owner mentality. But I do know enough good (white) people that aint down with that racist shit Knowledge reigns supreme over nearly everybody. Funny how cats hate on Lord Jamar without coming with real arguments, reacting angry is only when knowing its the truth but not being able to handle it.

  • The Duster

    I didnt read this. Or anything with this guys name in the title. Who the hell is Lord Jamar, does he work at hiphopdx? Every day he has a new story about what he thinks, like hes the lord of hiphop or something.

    • Anon

      Why comment then? You still clicked on the page and posted a comment. That means Lord Jamar articles are a winner for HHDX. Expect more of them.

  • Anonymous

    Shows how stupid most of y'all fucking fruits are on this site, almost everything Lord Jamar stated above is on point--- from these Kneegroes turning their jerseys inside out-I thought they were going to boycott their coming game-to the fact that Donald- black sperm sucking outta his girlfriend's pussy-Sterling just got caught and all that banning for life is just window dressing of a bigger problem. Dumb fruits.

  • Not Impressed

    You politically correct HHDX Sheeple be ware, once again Lord Jamar is 100% correct. Very Impressed.

    • Anonymous

      This the first time I ever seen this troll become impressed by something. Hell must be frozen way the fuck over.

    • Not Impressed

      You are correct, your comment is quite asinine in it's blatant and tomfoolery rhetoric. Not Impressed.

  • Anonymous

    Dear HHDX, As he'll be - let's put it this way - uplifted from his obligations as an NBA team owner soon, thus suddenly getting a lot of free time in his hands, you should get Donald Sterling as a regular commenter here. Just imagine how cool it would be! "Donald Sterling reacts to 50 Cent's new baby stroller product line" "Donald Sterling recalls listening to Illmatic for the first time" "Donald Sterling addresses why white people should use the N-word" "Donald Sterling breaks it down Kanye's New Slaves lyrics" Granted most articles would be like 3 sentences long, but if we include the roughly tripled amount of visitors and comments to the equation, I think it's well worth the hassle. Sincerely, Anonymous

    • Anonymous

      ^read his quotations. Just on that alone they would put anybody on this site. Wasn't there a Katy Perry article (because she talked about some rapper) not too long ago

    • Anonymous

      he has nothing to do with hip-hop

  • Anonymous

    Black racist comments on white racist, yawn

  • Anonymous

    People should make recordings of Jamar off the record. He's a fool on the record, who knows what he's goes on about off of it.


    I agree with LJ... Most people that jump on this site and respond are truly young and truly don't get it. That flipping the jerseys inside out was the worst corniest shit ever.... Sad... but that's what it is... I am a Lord J fan.. he was not the weakest on Brand Nubian...All three MC's were strong in their own way... And even if he was the weakest rapper of Brand Nubian...what does that have to do with him speaking what he feels now; which is very articulated... LORD JAMAL will live long...cause I give strong ....Lord J needs his own show on TV or radio.. He speaks his mind and has facts and feelings to back it up

  • Tek

    Lord Jamar is a fuckin' idiot lol.

    • Anonymous

      lord jamar is learned unlike these punks on this forum new slaves n white boys catching feelings

  • FHS

    Soooo if NBA is a WHITE house and sterling supports this then he is a racist. Lord Jamar says Hip Hop is a BLACK house and he suppoorts this....what does that say? In this scenario Jamar is basically Sterling sayin "dont bring White guests to the house".

  • white power

    as a white man i have to agree with lord jamar on this. He says to take the remarks and not bother doing anything about it because at the end of the day the white man still gives you nigs jobs and hands you your welfare checks.

    • Anon

      For how long though? The Mexican are coming, the Asians are coming and you white-eez don't produce enough babies so pretty soon you'll be outnumbered.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar is not relevant as an artist anymore. He was the weakest link in Brand Nubian, he was like Tony Yayo from G-Unit. Other than that, it's obvious that he has a lack of intelligence.

  • Tyler

    Brand Nubian were great,Lord Jamar is dope,but why do we care what he has to say about everything?why dont you guys get a more relevant rapper to speak his mind?

  • Anonymous

    Most niggas are too busy behaving like sambos and simps, many act like hyper-aggressive clowns, to protest or effect change in a meaningful manner. And you know what's truly fucked up about that? Niggas will fuck other niggas up over trivial materialism; scuffing a niggas shoes elicits more anger and action than Sterling's plantation style ownership, and the cultural norms (racism) motherfuckers in his peer group perpetuate.

  • Anonymous

    "I told yall that we was guests in the house of NBA prior to this and yall was talking to me like I was ridiculousnow here we have a White man telling you that youre a guest in the house no matter how much money youre making." Damn! Then you are a guest in hip hop, no matter how much money you're making. Oh, you are broke. lol

  • Greg

    How is Jamars stance on white people any different than Sterlings on Black People? Kinda like the Pot Calling the kettle black, don't chya Think?

  • Shade45

    The whole fuckin' Clippers team are clown ass hypocrites. The act of taking off their sweats and leaving them in the center of the court was corny as fuck! Chris Paul, knew this guy had a checkered past, what did Chris Paul do? Resigned to play for this guy. Yet, he now feels the need to be vocal and take a stand. Seriously? Coach fuckin' Doc Rivers came to coach this team knowing the lawsuits against Sterling. Now, he wants out. Give me a fuckin' break. Let's be fuckin' honest here. If those statements were made towards Asians, or people of Middle Eastern descent, no one will give two fucks about it. Chris Paul would not be so fuckin' vocal. LeBron's bitch ass would not come out to defend those minorities. The racist white owners and the coaches would not make one statement supporting those minorities. Let's keep it real.

  • BMIG

    You young idiots just too stupid to even know when you being duped. ANyone can have an Idea or Theory but Only white people can be racist and hold thousands of people back. Know your context and definitions not what they tell you the words mean. No Black man can EVER be a racist ....

  • Barrio 18, E'z up!

    Lord Jamar, once again, speaking that truth. Keep 'em coming.

  • Lord Jamar Is A Fag

    DJ Vlad is Lord Jamars slave master

    • Greg

      Other way around... Vlad Pays Jamar for his outlandish remarks... And Jamar aint got no income. so he creates spectacles and broadcasts via Vlad TV.... Vlad TV = TMZ OF HIP HOP

  • Anonymous

    this nigga a bitch no female

  • Anonymous

    Lord jamar is actually the best thing to ever happen on HHDX. take at some of the comments sections.

  • Al Sharpton was a rat

    I don't hate Jamar but god damn he is just a whiney bitch these days his only job is to talk shit and get exploited by Vlad and argue with people on twitter lmao.He just one them guys that life aint turned out as he wanted so he needs to blame it all on someone else most of the time he seems to find it easiest to blame white people

    • Anonymous

      "his only job is to talk shit and get exploited by Vlad and argue with people on twitter lmao." Sounds radical dude.

  • 50 Cent

    "if all of them decided to not play today, ain't nobody's family gonna starve tomorrow. None of them. I don't care, the lowest paid player is getting what? $350,000 a year or some shit like that. Ain't none of them motherfuckers gonna starve tomorrow, next week, or the week after that. So all this shit about they gotta feed their family, that's just a code word for selling out." The aggressive content of the actual words Lord Jamar has spoken for the general public about the changing demographics of the NBA is actually making sense.

    • Greg

      No Player is going to sit out a playoff game... PERIOD. That would be disrespectful to the grind/hard work they put in during the whole regular season.

  • realspit

    Sterling has been known to be a racist since Danny Manning days, probably before that. Now some sidepiece releases a tape and these people all pretend to be offended. Shit, he's done far worse in the past.

    • Cj

      meant elgin baylor.

    • Cj

      Truth Dude, Shit on people both in the NBA look at Elgin Brand, as well as in leasing agreements with his tenants. Difference was that shit was settled in the courts, and he can afford a good lawyer.

  • HipHopDX

    We have heard the many complaints regarding the excess posting of Lord Jamar related articles and it is for that reason that we would like to take this moment to ask you to SUCK DEEZ NUTZ!! If yall don't like the shit we posting then kick rocks niggas! - HipHopDX Staff

  • Anonymous

    If the players were to boycott the games, then when their contract comes up would they possibly not get signed? Why make this a player problem? It's not the dudes going to work, which is a sport and still supporting each other like a team does. A team coming together and standing together in the storm. That's why they are great, and this dude, is banned and out.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar is the next Ja Rule

  • Huffington Bush

    In my Dwayne Johnson voice (The Rock) Ahhmmmm FINALLY LORD JAMAR HAS COME BACK TO HHDX. Not once have I ever agreed with any LJ statement but this time around I cant front, I agree with him 100% in reference to this whole Donald Sterling shit. "We gotta feed our families so we still gotta go out there, if all of them decided to not play today, aint nobodys family gonna starve tomorrow. None of them. I dont care, the lowest paid player is getting what? $350,000 a year or some shit like that. Aint none of them motherfuckers gonna starve tomorrow, next week, or the week after that." BEST COMMENT I AGREE WITH

  • Anonymous

    Surprised to see him co-sign Sandman.

  • Anonymous

    finally, this is what we've all been waiting for.


    i want to suck donald sterling dick all day because im a kunta kinte man

  • Axz

    a racist complaining about another racist. Fuck Lame Jamar

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      No black man can EVER be racist in a white supremesist system... NEVER. But a white dude complaining on a hip hop commentboard about black man speaking out... extremely racist and hateful. Tsk tsk ya colors are showing esau. We (blacks and natives) are waking up to your bs and getting real tired, but we see your playing your position #ExposingYourHatredYourself

    • Anonymous

      major difference is one of those racists feeds a whole lot of minorities.

    • Willy

      My thoughts exactly, his argument don't have much merit when he himself is a racist.

  • Uncle Flocker

    OH I knew it, it was only a matter of time. By the way don't know much of LJ or Vlad, but what's the deal with these two always talking together. It seems like every time I hear some shit about Jamar it's from Vlad TV. They sucking each others dicks all night and day over there or they do a co-hosting gig together or what the fuck?

    • Anonymous

      Vlad has a website and a youtube channel so he makes his living off web traffic and views. When Lord Jamar says something it usually cause a little bit of controversy which is good for Vlad's business. Jamar is just happy someone cares enough about what he has to say.

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